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  1. Alaxzandarz

    What is your favorite texture from classic doom?

    DORED from TNT is one of my favourites. Very evil looking.
  2. Alaxzandarz

    Ask me something about one of these maps...

    About Speed of Doom map06: "Dreamscape" Why do you think this kind of aesthetic (nukage, silver, rock, darkness) has become so popular? There is the fact that there are some really well regarded maps in this style (people get inspired and make their own) and the style is possible to achieve with vanilla resourses (and the style isn't explored in IWADs so it sticks out). But is that all? I don't think there is another visual style that is this common (and recognizable) that doesn't come from Iwads. And why are there so many good maps in this style? Also how do you feel about this map being the last map in the set with this style? Would you have preferred to see more maps like this or is SoDs diversity in style more interesting? I myself sorta founded it disapointing, but I do like a lot of the later levels.
  3. Alaxzandarz

    90s wads

    Dystopia 3 is definitely worth playing. Very nice looking maps that play pretty well for the time.
  4. Alaxzandarz

    NaNoWADMo 2022 - The month-long mapping challenge!

    Hey, @scwiba I'd like to join this year again. Maybe I get something done this time.
  5. Alaxzandarz

    Favorite exploration/puzzle maps?

    Old Still Life It mixes engaging exploration and obscure progression with some nice puzzles, really good combat and really nice visuals. 11 maps. Great set.
  6. I'm playing on Seeking Validation with pistol starts on Crispy Doom.  Map 04: Surf's up in Nuketown Super fun open sandboxy style of map. The layout is super open and allows you to run around really freely. The map gives you enough of cells to really liberally use the cell cannon and absolutely pulverise the demons. I really like that you leave the map on a surfboard.
  7. I'm playing on Seeking Validation with pistol starts on Crispy Doom. Map 02: Ossuary of the Hula Imps I like the sorta egyptian vibe of this map. The outdoors area and the lighting indoors are both very nice. I had massive trouble finding the yellow key on my previous runs, but this time it wasn't a problem. The high amount of weak enemies you can gun down easily is great. A fun short map. Map 03: Beachside Bookworms This map introduces the cell cannon, a super fast rocket launcher that uses cells as ammo. It's really fun to use. The map has two very different areas, the large open outside area and the more confined indoors area. I like the contrast between these two. The Slyor (the fire bug enemy) is used very nicely in this map. Archviles are quite a bit less scary in this set bacause of you increased firepower. The red key really annoys me, the wall just lowering when you aproach it feels very illogical. A very nice map.
  8. I played quite a bit of an older version of Ray Mohawk 2 and I have been meaning to replay the set and finish it for a long time. Super fun set for what maps I have played. I'm playing on Seeking Validation with pistol starts on Crispy Doom. Map 01: Back Ashore! A fun map with quite a bit meat on it's bones. The start is very charming with the monsters being too focused on their card game to notice your presence. The pistol is a super fast shotgun, really fun to use to demolish weak enemies. The shotgun somehow feels less satisfying than the pistol, but is still nice. Berserk is again very strong. Tysoning maps in this set should be fun. The new fire bug enemy is a cool addition. The map has quite a few distinct areas and there's a nice feeling of progression. The map throws many high tier enemies at you, which shows the power of the new weapons very well. The small appartements, with the posters and Doomcute interiors sorta grounds the maps and are really nice on their own. I like them a lot. The final fight is in a more open area and has more enemies, ends the level quite well. A truly fun map and a really good opening map.
  9. I'm playing on Seeking Validation with pistol starts on Crispy Doom. Map 06: The Maw of Industry Nice simple last map. The first secret is a bit overkill and the last fight feels hyperbolic compared to the rest of the wad. Otherwise it's the same stuff as the previous levels. I do wish it was a bit longer, it's on the shorter side of the set. The final fight does feel climatic and the ending sequence where you walk to IoS's mouth is nice. I really like the set overall. It's short, punchy and can be played through in an hour. I feel this kind of sets are a bit underrated. brb gonna go play the first map in the sequel
  10. I'm playing on Seeking Validation with pistol starts on Crispy Doom. Map 04: Little Oasis The spiciest map in the set. Lots of hitscanners in areas with not that much cover so you are forced to play a little slower. I like the blind and deaf Archvile as the receptionist. I don't really know why, but I really enjoyed this map. Map 05: Big Room with Baddies I like how large and open the techbases have been in this set. This map too is very nice, it still has a lot of hitscan, but also more projectile monsters. The relatively large amount of cells for the plasma is great and allows you to quite painlessly run through the map. The AV ambush is fun. Really nice map again.
  11. Played through the first three maps, absolute greatness
  12. I'm playing on Seeking Validation with pistol starts on Crispy Doom. Map 03: We love pollution Probably my least favourite map in the set. It's not bad, it just doesn't really stand out that much. Chaingunning enemies is fun, but there are quite a few higher tier enemies around and not that many rockets, so the lack of SSG is starting to sting a bit. Fights are otherwise nice and I like how large the scale is in this map. I didn't really enjoy the midi in the same way as in the previous maps. It's a decent map. Edit: I didn't find the berserk, it would have made the level more fun for me
  13. I went to check what the song was because of your comment. Funnily enough I have been listening to the Revolting Cocks cover of it a lot recently and I didn't recognize it at all. I definitely agree with you about the bassline.
  14. I'm playing on Seeking Validation with pistol starts on Crispy Doom. Map 02: The Bridge Visually a bit less interesting than the first map, but the watery canyon looks nice. The combat is pretty much the same as in the first map, just some stronger enemies in the mix. Berserked knife is super fun, I killed pretty much all Imps, Cacos and Revs with it. Secrets were easy and fun to find. Really nothing bad to say, very enjoyable map.
  15. I have played Ray Mohawk 1 fully before and I have played about half of an old verson of Ray Mohawk 2. Super fun sets and I'm happy to replay them. I hope that I can keep up with the club this month. Fortunately I have more time in my hands now. I played on Seeking Validation with pistol starts on Crispy Doom. Map 01: House by the Bay Fun opener. This map has a lot of hitscan which is in line with the whole set. The map is fairly open and you are given enough ammo to play fast and loose. I really like the increased base damage of the fist/dagger. The look of this set is great with the imps, palm trees and posters.