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Everything posted by duncan

  1. duncan

    Try my DOOM quiz (Heretic uploaded)

    I got 98 I got all of Doom 2 and the majority of Doom. I got more TNT than Plutonia bizarrely, even though I play Plutonia far more. I remembered the bland names of TNT like 'Metal' as they were memorably boring names.
  2. duncan

    Interview with Doom II Artist Brom

    Interesting read, thanks for sharing
  3. duncan

    The /newstuff Chronicles #397

    I played through it and I have to say that I find the review was very fair. In fact, if I had reviewed it, it possibly would've been even more critical. The whole idea of a review isn't to receive fanfare, it's to receive a player's opinion on your work, whether that is positive or negative. If you can't handle the heat of that, don't submit your work for review...
  4. duncan

    Need some feedback on my maps...

    I played your maps and really enjoyed them. Texture issues here and there aside, it's blatantly obvious that you have mapping skills which are worth pursuing. And kudos to you for asking for brutal honesty and for working at your maps properly and not just chucking them together and uploading them to idgames.
  5. duncan

    Doom Missions

    Is this without ME destroying a single barrel, meaning that enemies can?
  6. duncan

    Do people care about title screens?

    It depends on the quality of the titlepic for me. If I open up a WAD and find a shoddy looking title picture that looks like it was thrown together in Paint, then I'd rather have had the Doom 2 title pic.
  7. duncan

    girls who play doom

    My girlfriend is a more prominent and skilled Doom player and mapper than I am, by far. She's often on Zdaemon or Skulltag and has loved it since she was a kid.
  8. duncan

    The /newstuff Chronicles #394

    Well, like I said in the review, I pretty much understand the exercise of making the maps...but there's no point hiding the fact that they are terrible maps and barely worth playing. I say barely now, because someone above said they enjoyed them so it is all subjective. They are terrible maps because they were made in 5 minutes, not because the authors are bad. There are thousands of mis-aligned, badly textured maps with null gameplay that have taken more effort than this, so anyone who fancies playing maps like that might want to give them a shot first
  9. duncan

    What are you playing now?

    Just played Lunatic; absolutely fantastic
  10. duncan


    I'm loving the amount of vanilla megawads emerging at the moment; long may it continue. Good luck with this project!
  11. Anyone who has the patience to make a map using DEU has my respect by default.
  12. duncan

    PSX Doom music wad

    Thanks for this.
  13. duncan

    The /newstuff Chronicles #393

    I found it difficult to be too hard on the mapset, I'm reluctant to verbally massacre something that has clearly taken, as you say, a lot of great time and effort. I wouldn't want to discourage such skilled mappers from producing further work, but they definitely need to work on the playability of their maps. At the end of the day, as I said in my review, beautiful maps are useless if you can't enjoy playing them.
  14. duncan

    The /newstuff Chronicles #393

    I played with ZDoom; would that have affected it? I clicked on all the walls available; I was very much stuck and had to IDCLIP my way out It wasn't that I never saw the blue bars (I did remember passing them); it was just finding my way back to them was an absolute impossibility. The problem I had regarding keys is that they were so so far away from what you use them on and when the level is so massive and has taken a long time to play through; it's not easy to remember where everything is. Perhaps it was just my own bad memory, but I found myself lost many times. I would be interested to know if anyone else experienced similar when playing it
  15. These screenshots look phenomenal. I'm really looking forward to playing this.
  16. duncan

    Doom II IWAD differences (map02 & 03)

    The backpack in Map03 is most interesting to me. I always thought that wall in the former sergeant ambush should have been a secret. This is the first time I knew that it originally was
  17. duncan

    Slaughterfest 2011

    Not true, I did really enjoy your map. The first arena is VERY reminiscent of HR which can only be a good thing in my book.The fights are great, I especially like the idea of the cage. The hell like arena (with all the Hell Knights) was my favourite; I'm a sucker for hell maps and this was well structured and designed. I couldn't beat past this yet (fairly) so I did IDDQD myself to take a look at the rest of the map. The only glitch I noticed was that there were some HOM effects in the windows of the third arena. Don't know if that's a ZDoom only problem as that is what I was using to play. I personally really enjoyed it though.
  18. I played it recently and I think that although the idea is decent enough (if not original), the map needs some work in terms of appearance. It's not very visually appealing and some of the fights are also a little repetitive (particularly all of those Cacos at the end as they are deaf; everytime I thought I was done there was more to kill!) I don't want to put you down at all, but maybe it would have been better to ask this question before releasing the map into /idgames as there are definite ways in which it could be improved.
  19. duncan

    Slaughterfest 2011

    I apologise for de-railing the thread; it certainly wasn't my intention. I'll be more careful where I post my opinions
  20. duncan

    Slaughterfest 2011

    No, I honestly think you've taken me completely wrong. Where have I berated someone? I thought that this was still in production stages and people were posting progress for feedback but I think I've misread the situation.
  21. duncan

    Slaughterfest 2011

    I think people on the board are intelligent enough to know that any post is an opinion. Also, I do say his advice seems off 'to me' (another way of saying in my opinion) and also 'don't ring true to me' So there are two blatant indications that it is my opinion and not an attempt to get anything over as blind fact. Therefore j4rio, my post is not 'wrong' as an opinion cannot be such. The point I was making is that a Slaughter map doesn't have to have thousands upon thousands of monsters to be a slaughter map. I have seen some very successful and challenging slaughter maps that have under 600 monsters in them...TO ME (thought I'd better alphabetise that in case dannebubinga misses it ;)) the structure of the map and placement of the monsters is more important than the quantity. I certainly wasn't trying to cause any offence or have an ulterior motive in posting; I was generally just trying to give a constructive opinion from somebody who genuinely does enjoy slaughter maps and would therefore be a someone who would take a keen interest in this project being a success.
  22. duncan

    Slaughterfest 2011

    Re: theSpazztikOne's screenshots These look promising in terms of appearance. often the mistake authors make with slaughter maps is forgetting to make the level look good. There is much more to slaughtermaps than making huge rooms and filling them with monsters (which seems to be what some of the screenshots from others hint) I know that the poster 'DoomHero85' is in the charge of the project so it is his prerogative what goes in the mapset I suppose, but some of his advice seems slightly off to me. His insistence that a map should have several more cyberdemons or have monster counts in the several thousands to be a true slaughter map just don't ring true with me. A good slaughtermap relies more on the level structure and monster placement rather than quantity. Having tens of thousands of monsters will make the level tedious at the best and unplayable at the worst. It's very easy to get a slaughtermap wrong...nobody will sit down and play 32 levels where it's map after map of endless hordes of thousands of monsters and no real structure.
  23. duncan

    The /newstuff Chronicles #392

    I'm half way through Vanguard at the moment (Map 07) Very impressive; great fun to play.
  24. duncan

    What are you playing now?

    Finished Doom Core recently incidentally; thoroughly enjoyed most of it. very old school. Far too much reliance on chaingunners though! Up to map 13 of Doom 2 Unleashed (mixed bag so far, mostly good) and have started playing Demons of Problematique which I've never played before. Very atmospheric
  25. duncan


    The title gave me a hope that it was a Cacodemon cake.