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  1. Berzerker

    Quakeworld uploads

    Jimmy I didn't see the harm in mentioning another id software game. I thought we all where gamers here and game lovers. I apologized for calling you the (A) word. Many a year I played both and still do.
  2. Berzerker

    Quakeworld uploads

    I wasn't aware Redneckerz that mentioning the (Q) word around here would make everyone go ape. It did say id games, did it not. No, I don't know who Xymph is other than reading his posts on here. I don't see where that has to do with being talk down to about mentioning another game. I came here for the mapping and Doom has the latest version of id mapping included in Doom. But it sounds like you can't talk about any other game on here other than Doom. Aren't Doom and (Q) related in what the theme of the game is (?) Player goes after hoard of monsters on a planet to save earth (?) Sounds awful similar to me. look I said I meant no disrespect already. It's just another game. Your all acting like saying the word was a crime. Jesus ...Ooops sorry probably a no, no too.
  3. Berzerker

    Quakeworld uploads

    And to me it was the way he put it to me. I took it just the way he meant it. So I responded. Go back and listen to the tone in his post. I know when it was released, I was there. It was condescending. It sounds like "Let me set you straight". I don't need to be set straight on anything.
  4. Berzerker

    Quakeworld uploads

    I didn't know Biodegradable that "Quake" was like a four letter word around here. When I talk about gaming I'll include all the games I like. I'm not just a one game gamer. Hell I like GTA 5, Mad Max, and plenty of other games. I've been a gamer since before Doom came out. To me gaming is gaming. As long as you like the game it's none of my business what that game is. But again I didn't deserve that.
  5. Berzerker

    Quakeworld uploads

    id games (software) includes Quake. So when I looked at your site I noticed it was missing. Look I get it, Your all Doom lovers and I am too. But to me it's like you left something out. When you speak of id software you have to know that Quake was also a very big game for them. It was also popular and still is. I place no preference on one over the other. When they come out I'll buy either. As I said Xymph and Jimmy I meant no disrespect but I also didn't deserve to be talked down to about liking both.
  6. Berzerker

    Quakeworld uploads

    Then it should have been named Doom uploads. I meant no disrespect towards Doom or you, the forum or anyone on the the forum. So I'm just going to be brutally honest towards you for a second. That was an uncalled for response and made you sound like an A$$HOLE! I know where I'm at! I know what this forum is for and does. I was only pointing out that Quake was also an id software game and it wasn't listed. It was only a suggestion to Xymph that's all. It's his site, he can do what he wants with it. I like both games, I play both games. I probably bought and played Doom long before you were even born. I preordered it in the 90's and had it in my hands before it became what it is today. That was just my opinion ...nothing more, nothing less. If you can't handle someone else's opinions in life your gonna have a tough time around others because I'm sure your gonna run across a lot worse than adding something to a list.
  7. Berzerker

    Quakeworld uploads

    Just to remind you that id software also made another game called (Quake). You can't leave out Quakers of which I'm one. I've been a Doom/Quake fan forever. Both are just as good as the other. My first id game was Doom but my heart belongs to Quake.
  8. Berzerker

    GOG Or Steam

    I'll give you a better reason, Steam sucks. I recently reinstalled HL2 and even though I bought the game, have the disc in my hand w/CD key and everything I still need their permission to play it. I install it only to be told my CD key is being used by another account. Fast forward about three weeks later is when I finally get it resolved by Steam. No other game company does this to their customers. They're so paranoid about someone stealing a game that's what 15 years old ? In order for it to install you have to have a Steam account...period. There is no put the disc in, install it, put the CD key in and enjoy. Oh no mommy bear is watching to see if you follow all the rules. The only reason I went through all that is it's my game, I bought it, I shouldn't need an account or their permission to install it and play it.
  9. I thought PUTA meant (Whore) or (Bitch) Big Fing whore 9000/Big Fing Bitch 9000 ....Naaah that don't sound right. Not saying they don't exist ...My ex was one!
  10. Berzerker

    Crazy Weapon Ideas?

    Tee shirt launcher: Covers the players face so they can't see for a few seconds. If it hits lower it wraps around your legs causing you to hop. You can't run only hop. Antigravity gun: lifts the player up in the air slowly rotating them in all directions for a few seconds. they can still fire though. Great moving target practice. Net launcher: Launches a net and restrains the player for a few seconds. Could be made to make them lay down on the ground helpless struggling to get free. P&P (Pull/Push gun) Pulls a player towards you till a certain distance and then pushes in the opposite direction very hard. If while being pushed they hit a wall they splatter. A combination of the Push/Pull in a gun. Could also be toggled between them so if another player is on a ledge above you could pull them down to their death by hitting the ground very hard or toggle it and push them off. Three guns in one. I also liked the hook in the Q2 WOD mod. Maybe this could be modified to pin them against the wall (?)
  11. Selection Button Selection Button: Drag Button: Drag Edges (E): Allows you to edit the shape of brushes by manipulating them from the edge of the brush. Drag Vertices (V): Allows you to edit the shape of brushes by manipulating them from the vertices. Clone (Space Bar): Makes a copy (Duplicate) of any brushes or entities you have selected in the current map. Deselect (Escape) (ESC): Deselects anything chosen in the current map you have selected (High lighted). Flip Button: Flip X: Flips selected objects in the X axis Flip Y: Flips selected objects in the Y axis Flip Z: Flips selected objects in the Z axis Rotate Button: Rotate X: Rotates selected objects in the X axis Rotate Y: Rotates selected objects in the Y axis Rotate Z: Rotates selected objects in the Z axis Scale: Scales selected objects larger or smaller from the original size. CSG: CSG Hollow: Hollows out solid brushes CSG Subtract: Subtracts brushes from one another (De-Attaches them) Removes parts of brushes from one another CSG Merge: Joins two or more brushes as one Select Button: My understanding of this is limited so I'll provide a tutorial that can do it better than me. 3D Buzz Doom 3 Tutorials: 7. Selections - YouTube Can be found also in the first post Clipper Button: Clipper works like a pair of scissors to a brush. Clip Selection (Return) (Enter): Clips/Cuts brushes in sections Split Selectedion (Shift-Return) (Shift-Enter): It splits a brush in one or more parts Note: Selectedion is not a real word at least in the dictionary I use (?) Flip Clip Orientation (Ctrl-Return) (Ctrl-Enter): Clips then flips the orientation of selected brush. Connect Entities (Ctrl-K): Connects two or more brushes to make one solid Ungroup Entity (Shift-G): detaches selected brushes from one another Make detail: To be honest I clicked this and nothing ever happens Make Structural: Same with this one Combine (Shift-K): combines selected entities/brushes Export: To OBJ: Exports selected objects as an solid object/entity To CM: (?) To be filled in later
  12. Berzerker

    What is your Specs?

    Alienware Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4820K 3.7 GHz Ram: 16 GB Video Card: Nvidia 2 GB GTX 680 Windows 10 Pro (20H2) Hard Drives Internal: (2) 2 TB, (1) 500 GB, (1) 250 GB Hard Drives External: (1) 8 TB
  13. Berzerker

    Doom 3 and Doom 3 editor problems

    Need a little help everyone. I've tried to look up what is the "cycle precision cursor" and found no useful information on it that explained it to me so I could explain it to someone else. Personally, I've never used it. Thanks
  14. View button View button: Lists what and how you view it. view: Toggle: Note: this box turns off and on panes of your editor. Center (End): Centers the cameras view. Up Floor (pageUp): Moves the camera up. Down Floor (PageDown): moves the camera down. Next (XY, YZ, XY) (Ctrl-Tab): Toggles though the Top, Front and side views Layout: Lets you you choose what view is displayed (Top, Front or side) Zoom: XY 100%: Zooms in 100% on X or Y axis. XY Zoom In (Delete): zooms in on Front or side view. XY Zoom Out (Insert): Zooms out on Front or side view. Z 100%: Zooms in 100% on the Z axis only. Z Zoom In (Ctrl-Delete): Zooms in on Z axis only. Z Zoom Out (Ctrl-Insert): Zooms out on Z axis only. Cubic Clipping Zoom In: Note: I clicked this and nothing happened (?) Cubic Clipping Zoom Out: note: I clicked this and nothing happened (?) Show: Gives a list of all Entities, Brushes, etc. you can choose to show in the current map. Hide: Hide Selected (H): Hides selected objects in current map. Note: If you find an object in your way you can select it and choose to hide it (Make it invisible). Just click "Show Hidden" (Shift-H) to make them visible again. Hide Not selected (Shift-Ctrl- H): Hides all objects in current map. Show Hidden (Shift-H): unhides all objects in current map. Cycle Precision Cursor (F 11): I have no idea what this does (?) View Entities as: Note: You can select to show your players or monsters in different styles by choosing one of the selected styles above. Cubic Clipping (Ctrl-\) Toggles Cubic Clipping off or on. Note: Cubic Clipping acts like a pair of scissors to a brush. Render Presets: Toggles Render modes off or on.
  15. Berzerker

    Doom 3 and Doom 3 editor problems

    Haven't been around in a few days, 10 acres don't cut itself. I found out Jasc isn't what I needed to do the things I wanted Lippeth so I downloaded GIMP. So I've been trying to find some tools that are free to add to my tutorials page. I haven't left but looking up resources to use and testing them out. Don't count me fragged yet.