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  1. Berzerker

    What is your Specs?

    Alienware Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4820K 3.7 GHz Ram: 16 GB Video Card: Nvidia 2 GB GTX 680 Windows 10 Pro (20H2) Hard Drives Internal: (2) 2 TB, (1) 500 GB, (1) 250 GB Hard Drives External: (1) 8 TB
  2. Berzerker

    Doom 3 and Doom 3 editor problems

    Need a little help everyone. I've tried to look up what is the "cycle precision cursor" and found no useful information on it that explained it to me so I could explain it to someone else. Personally, I've never used it. Thanks
  3. View button View button: Lists what and how you view it. view: Toggle: Note: this box turns off and on panes of your editor. Center (End): Centers the cameras view. Up Floor (pageUp): Moves the camera up. Down Floor (PageDown): moves the camera down. Next (XY, YZ, XY) (Ctrl-Tab): Toggles though the Top, Front and side views Layout: Lets you you choose what view is displayed (Top, Front or side) Zoom: XY 100%: Zooms in 100% on X or Y axis. XY Zoom In (Delete): zooms in on Front or side view. XY Zoom Out (Insert): Zooms out on Front or side view. Z 100%: Zooms in 100% on the Z axis only. Z Zoom In (Ctrl-Delete): Zooms in on Z axis only. Z Zoom Out (Ctrl-Insert): Zooms out on Z axis only. Cubic Clipping Zoom In: Note: I clicked this and nothing happened (?) Cubic Clipping Zoom Out: note: I clicked this and nothing happened (?) Show: Gives a list of all Entities, Brushes, etc. you can choose to show in the current map. Hide: Hide Selected (H): Hides selected objects in current map. Note: If you find an object in your way you can select it and choose to hide it (Make it invisible). Just click "Show Hidden" (Shift-H) to make them visible again. Hide Not selected (Shift-Ctrl- H): Hides all objects in current map. Show Hidden (Shift-H): unhides all objects in current map. Cycle Precision Cursor (F 11): I have no idea what this does (?) View Entities as: Note: You can select to show your players or monsters in different styles by choosing one of the selected styles above. Cubic Clipping (Ctrl-\) Toggles Cubic Clipping off or on. Note: Cubic Clipping acts like a pair of scissors to a brush. Render Presets: Toggles Render modes off or on.
  4. Berzerker

    Doom 3 and Doom 3 editor problems

    Haven't been around in a few days, 10 acres don't cut itself. I found out Jasc isn't what I needed to do the things I wanted Lippeth so I downloaded GIMP. So I've been trying to find some tools that are free to add to my tutorials page. I haven't left but looking up resources to use and testing them out. Don't count me fragged yet.
  5. Berzerker

    Doom 3 and Doom 3 editor problems

    Yeah I've got Audacity, Jasc Paintshop pro and animation shop.
  6. Berzerker

    Doom 3 and Doom 3 editor problems

    Yeah Boi https://imgur.com/dZklb1B Forgot to move the klaxon back up to the top but it worked. Took me forever to find what he was using. Can you save this as a prefab and just change colors and rotation ?
  7. Berzerker

    Doom 3 and Doom 3 editor problems

    Yeah but it keeps closing the editor when I try to BSP the map It gives me this: There isn't even a map named map.map I got it I think it was the brush I was using. There are so many new ones I don't know what you can use for what.
  8. Edit Button Edit Button: Undo (Ctrl-Z) undoes your last action in the map. This can be used multiple times. Copy (Ctrl-C): Copies any objects you have selected in the map. Paste (Ctrl-V): Pastes any objects you have selected in the map. Delete (Backspace) Deletes any objects you have selected in the map. Map info: Displays a box that tells you how many brushes and Entities you have in the current map Entity info: Opens the Entities box that tells you the number of entities you have in the current map. Brush Scripts: Scripts you have written for brushes. Load Prefab: Opens the open box to load Prefabs you have or have downloaded. Save selected as Prefab: Opens the "save in" box. Note: you will probably need to create a folder to store these in. Preferences: Opens the Preferences box.
  9. Berzerker

    Doom 3 and Doom 3 editor problems

    Ran into another problem right off the bat. I was wanting a break from doing the tutorials and wanted to try my hand at making the rotating light Lippeth hooked me up with. So I go in my test map and all heck breaks loose. First it keep telling it couldn't create the func_rotating and when I finally got it to create it, it was like it was stuck. Couldn't edit the size or anything. So I delete and make another map called "test". Just to make sure everythings OK I went ahead and tried to BSP it and get this: What's going wrong ? Everything was find just a few days ago was the last time I changed anything and it was working then. And why is it saying "bak" This is a new map shouldn't that be a "map" file ?
  10. Berzerker

    Doom 3 and Doom 3 editor problems

    I've been at it again but it appears the internet doesn't have the answers to what I'm asking. I was trying to find some tutorials on other things you use when building maps like making skins. If I remember correct there was a program named (Wally) for quake II skin making. Is there any programs out there to do these kinda things ? Other things would be making your own guns like in Q2 (Again) in the WOD mods (weapons of destruction). What are some of the programs you all use to do this ? And can you import monsters. prefabs and other things from Q4 into D3 to use them in your map ?
  11. D3Radiant file menu bar D3Radiant has several toolbars to let you be able to do a wide variety of things on the fly. The first one you will see at the top left I call the "file menu bar" This tutorial only covers the first in the list: "File" File menu bar: When clicked you get a drop down menu. Note: "Open, save as" go to this location: : "C:\program files (86)\Doom 3\base\maps" or where yours is installed. So you can open and save in the same folder. Whereas "load project" is stored in the "C:\program files (86)\Doom 3\base\maps\games" folder Open Drop down menu: List of drop down menu and what they do: New map: This will open a new map if you a currently in a map you will be prompted to save it or not. Note: Make sure your project settings are set to whatever time you desire between saves this is very important. Load: Pretty much another open map button. Save: saves the map so you will keep any progress that you've added at that time (no drop down appears). Note: I will still hit this from time to time even though I have my save to every 5 minutes. Save as: This will give your map a name so that you can load it quickly. The maps should be in your Doom game folder under the drive letter you used, the folder name where you installed it, then base, then maps Example of my location: C:\program files (86)\Doom 3\base\maps Save selected: Opens the "save as" box. Load project: Opens the projects file path to load a recent project you're working on or a current project you're working on My project path: "C:\program files (86)\Doom 3\base\maps\games" folder Project settings: This pulls up a menu where you can change the project setting of the editor You can change the base path, maps path, entity path, texture path so you can load different things (sources) from other files or sources or get resources from other games. Pointfile: This will be very important to you as your maps get bigger and more is added to them. If a map fails to BSP (build the map) this will show you all the problems that are stopping it from compiling (building it so it can function as a playable map). Last maps opened: This is located right below Pointfile. As you make more maps there will be a list of recently opened maps located here for quick opening. This list will grow as you add more maps or other files you’ve opening such as prefabs. Exit: Closes the Editor and if a map is open you will be prompted to save or not. Next up "Edit"
  12. Berzerker

    Doom 3 and Doom 3 editor problems

    Thanks Lippeth I've watched that one before but I still need to add some of his tutorials to my list. Working on ten things. I added your comment also
  13. A quick overview of the D3Radiant window Editor Window Cam window: Lets you view your map in real time to see how the placement of brushes, textures, monsters and Players will look while you’re building your map. 2D view: Views the map brushes, textures, monsters and Players placed in a 2D view You can select for them to be shown in bounding box, wireframe, selected wireframe, selected skinned, skinned and skinned and boxed Entity and Texture window: Allows you to edit entity class, insert textures and the console displays map information. Note: You can double click on any of the buttons at the bottom (Entity, Media, Textures and Console) and it will bring up that specific window). To close just click the (X) button. Your last selection will now be first in the list. Entity button: Let’s you change values of entities you have placed in the map. Example: The value of a light (the brightness or colors…etc.) Media button: Lets you choose what is inserted into your map such as textures, sounds, materials …etc. Texture button: Displays a window of textures your have loaded into the editor. Console button: Displays map information that’s being used in the map and will show compiling errors when BSP is used. Shift, scale and rotate bar: Allows you to shift, scale and rotate brushes and textures. Curser location: Displays mouse curser location according to its location within the map. Brush Size bar: Lets you know the X,Y and Z size (brush dimensions) of the brush your currently working with. Z bar: This toolbar allows you to move or resize the brushes you have selected within the editor in the Z axis only. To move click inside the red objects in this field and move up or down. To resize click outside the red objects in this field and move up or down. If I've misrepresented something or got it wrong let me know here: Doom 3 and Doom 3 editor problems Then I will remove this Thanks
  14. Berzerker

    Doom 3 and Doom 3 editor problems

    Thanks Mr.Rocket I'll look into it. I also pulled out my old QeRadiant tutorials I had in the back closet. I would think some things still work the same but I know some things have changed. For example I once tried to put a revolving light in a QeRadiant Quake2 map. The tutorial said you could but the editor said different. I followed the instructions by the letter but it failed. Years later sitting back I thought was I suppose to use a func_rotating with it (?) But the tutorial never said to do that. I think revolving lights are in D3 but I'll look into that when I get to lights and lighting. I think it will be one of the first I try to tackle. Lighting is very important. I'm still working on the tutorials and have a couple of more I'm fixing to add but I want to clean up some things first. I don't want to take up huge space on the site and I want to keep the flow going from start to finish. Meaning starting from opening the editor to editor overviews till I get to the parts I don't understand or have forgotten how to do and ask for help so others can be helped and find everything in one place which I haven't found as of yet. (Hope that made sense ?) The next one I'll be posting is an overview of the editor windows and what they do. It won't go into great detail it's just to get new mappers acquainted with the editors windows that they'll be using. Putting things together on my computer right now. I'd like to ask for help now before I post it and say if I represent something wrong or don't get it right or you think something should be added so that others that might want to use it, let me know here.....Please! I wouldn't want to mislead anybody, on anything...I want it right.
  15. Opening the editor There are two ways this can be done. The first is to start Doom 3 and once in the start screen hold "Ctrl+Atl+~" this will bring down the console and type "editor" and hit enter on your keyboard but this is a little long on waiting. The other way is to edit a shortcut for it. To make a shortcut is by right clicking on your Doom 3 icon and click create shortcut. Note: "You might be presented with a box that says can not place shortcut here do you want place one on your desktop instead" Say "Yes". Mine did not it just placed two icons on my desktop. Now there should be two icons on your desktop that are named Doom 3. Right click on the Doom 3 shortcut you just made and scroll down to "Properties" and click it. Once there you will see a popup that looks like this: In the "target field" you will find something like this depending on where you installed your base doom 3 game folders: I placed mine where the disc suggested and it looks like this: "C:\Program Files (x86)\DOOM 3\Doom3.exe". Notice the quotation marks around the text in this field, Do not edit anything within these two brackets. Instead click behind the end quotation mark and add one space by hitting the space bar. Here's where it gets a little tricky. There are so many sites that you can go to and the all have different opinions for what to place behind the ".exe" Another shout out to Lippeth for giving me this but it did not work just right for me. He said place this behind the ".exe" After Doom3.exe: +set fs_game base +set r_fullscreen 0 +set r_brightness 0 +set r_gamma 0 +set r_multiSamples 0 +vid_restart +editor He might be using a monitor to need the: (+set fs_game base +set r_brightness 0 +set r_gamma 0) parts It is true that to get yours to work properly you will use some or all of these. If your lucky all you will have to place is: "+editor" (Without the quotation marks) Note: After the ".exe" there will be no more quotation marks used that I know of. When I first opened the editor I got this: Notice you can't read the Tool Icons below the File menu on the top row. This is because my computer resolution was set too high. I'm setting mine up n a 65" TV screen and all of this was not needed for my setup. Ohers I found where: D3 Buzz Doom 3 Tutorials: +set r_fullscreen 0 +editor +com_allowconsole 1 moddb.com: +set r_fullscreen 0 +set r_multiSamples 0 +wait +wait +wait +editor (I never used the "+wait" in mine or haven't seen it anywhere else yet) What worked for me: "C:\Program Files (x86)\DOOM 3\Doom3.exe" +set r_fullscreen 0 +set r_multiSamples 0 +vid_restart +editor +com_allowconsole 1 Note the: "+com_allowconsole 1" allows you to no longer have to hold "Ctrl+Alt+~" to open the console you just hit the "~" key and this will open the console. Note: If you are using a TV as a monitor you will probably have to lower your resolution on your computer till you get the right resolution for it to be displayed correctly on your screen. Even then you might have to resize your editor windows and move them around to get how you want your editor to look. Once I finished: Once it is looking the way you want another tip is to open the preference box by clicking on "Edit" in the editor and it will bring up the preference dialog box that looks like this: And check the patch toolbar to add the patch toolbar your layout like this if it doesn't have it already. Editor restart required Note: The "Use +setgame for run" and "Run game after QBSP3" are no longer used and can not be checked. Thanks again to Lippeth for letting me know this it was about to drive me crazy. Lippeth added: I will be adding a printable version to this later in case someone wants to keep it handy. If I made any mistakes please let me know here: Doom 3 and Doom 3 editor problems so I can correct them before I make the printable version. If you don't like having the same icons for your game and editor I made some here: Doom 1 and 2 Icons Some are for doom 1&2 but there are some for D3 and ROE also.