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  1. Have you enabled Steam Play in the Settings of the Steam client? Greetings Funduke
  2. funduke

    Webcomic apreciation thread

    TRUMPET - Downfall of a President https://online.fliphtml5.com/mocew/viku/
  3. funduke

    Doom II 1.666 (files dated 9-20-94) Does it exist?

    https://doomwiki.org/wiki/DOOM2.WAD https://doomwiki.org/wiki/DOOM2.EXE Do these links help? Greetings Funduke Edit: Here is some more talk about it: https://doom.fandom.com/wiki/Talk:DOOM2.WAD
  4. Don't forget the PC (Steam and Bethesda.net) version! Greetings Funduke
  5. The with dosbox playable IWADS are the original uncensored 1.9 version of DooM II and the original version of Ultimate DooM. The crosses are red and the WW2 imagery unchanged. Greetings Funduke
  6. funduke


    This turns the game into a third-person shooter with a fox as the main actor. It also adds cool sound clips. I give it five stars, because turning the game into a third person shooter by just exchanging the weapon graphics is cool and works very good. It's not that i stay with it for a longer time, but it has my intellectual respect! Greetings Funduke
  7. ... And those, who live in germany and wish to have the 1.9 version in their Steam library, they can buy a key at the Humble Store: https://www.humblebundle.com/store/doom-ii Greetings from germany Funduke
  8. I started Doom II from Steam but i have not been able to reproduce that screenshot. Greetings Funduke
  9. funduke

    Possible super secret?

    Yes, that /classicwads subfolder with DOOM.WAD and DOOM2.WAD is now in both, not only the bethesda.net, but also the steam version of DooM Eternal available.
  10. funduke

    Possible super secret?

    Pills on the health and berserk packs, Zombies instead of Wolfenstein soldiers, classic Wolfenstein Wall deko simply ripped out (not eye-candy censored alternative graphics.) It looks like what you see in the DooM 3 BFG edition and the Iwads, that can be played with the Dos-executables via Dosbox, when you buy Ultimate Doom or Doom 2 from bethesda.net. Greetings Funduke Edit: In the DooM Eternal version, that i bought from Bethesda.net, there's a sub-folder, called 'classicwads' within the /base subfolder, that contains DOOM.WAD and DOOM2.WAD. That's from where i got my insight. I haven't tried the cheat yet. In the steam version i didn't see that subfolder with the Iwads. I don't know, why.
  11. funduke

    Doom 64 store page on Steam

    I tested it with steam on Ubuntu 18.04. And It plays fine. You have to activate Steam play in the Settings of your Steam client. Greetings Funduke
  12. funduke

    Nightdive Doom 64 Interview (new maps!)

    I've just noticed DooM 64 appeared in my steam library. :) Greetings Funduke
  13. funduke

    Doomguy vs. Nuts

    This is the doomguy battling vs. nuts. It is my contribution to Bethesdas Slayers Club fan art request for january: The goal was to show the space marine confronted with very many enemies and to gain inspiration from NUTS.wad. I took that into consideration and the above picture was the result. Greetings Funduke
  14. funduke

    DOOM BFA 1.2.7 (former Classic RBDOOM 3 BFG)

    @VGA : Did you copy the "base" -folder from the game into the source ports directory? It appears not to find the expected game files. @MadGuy : Thank you! The Linux precompiled build works now. :) Greetings Funduke
  15. funduke

    Doomguy vs. Nuts

    ... and here it comes to the final 'glory kill'! - Poor nut! It has to die, just because of the slayers club fan art theme of this month! :) Greetings Funduke
  16. funduke

    Doom and Doom II 2020 re-release

    I posted here: https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=232&t=52757&sid=1c3d3320bd838570e4a13148bb1b06c7&start=585#p1133839 some hints how to make a wadsmoosh package from the bethesda unity release wads. Greetings Funduke
  17. funduke

    Doom and Doom II 2020 re-release

    Related to my last post here, i have to add, that i found out, what i did, that solved the problem of the unplayable Unity versions of Ultimate DooM and DooM II. I wasn't aware of it, because i didn't do it with any problem-related intention: I have installed the GOG Galaxy software from gog.com and that solved the problem. I have reproduced the problem and it's solution on three other fresh windows 10 systems and it was always the same: before the installation of GOG Galaxy both Unity Ultimate DooM and Unity DooM II have been unplayable and after the installation of GOG Galaxy everything worked fine. You even don't have to Install games in the GOG Galaxy software. Just install it. Greetings Funduke
  18. funduke

    Doom and Doom II 2020 re-release

    The in that previous posting detailed problems are gone for no obvious reasons. I can play the new port, get the addons, etc. I don't know, what happened, but am pretty happy. :) Greetings Funduke
  19. funduke

    Doom and Doom II 2020 re-release

    Wolfenstein 3D (and Spear of Destiny) is no longer on the german index anymore, just like the US version of DooM II. Look here: https://www.schnittberichte.com/news.php?ID=15282 https://www.schnittberichte.com/svds.php?Page=Indizierungen&Kat=Streichungen#liste-aller-listenstreichungen Greetings Funduke
  20. funduke

    Doom and Doom II 2020 re-release

    Look here: https://www.schnittberichte.com/news.php?ID=15460 https://www.schnittberichte.com/svds.php?Page=Indizierungen&Kat=Streichungen#liste-aller-listenstreichungen
  21. funduke

    Doom and Doom II 2020 re-release

    DooM 2, even the uncensored US version, is not on the german index anymore. There shouldn't be any problem with it.
  22. funduke

    Doom and Doom II 2020 re-release

    I haven't been aware of that. Thanks for the info. Greetings Funduke
  23. funduke

    Doom and Doom II 2020 re-release

    - The unity version of DooM 3 is here: https://bethesda.net/en/store/product/DO3GNGPCBG01 - There is no demo loop, the possible interaction stops after the selection of the difficulty level. - It is 64bit. Greetings Funduke
  24. Yes i have problems, detailed in the pc version related thread here: https://www.doomworld.com/forum/post/2066157 Greetings funduke
  25. funduke

    Doom and Doom II 2020 re-release

    Hello! I have problems with the windows PC Unity version of Ultimate DooM and DooM II, bought with the bethesda.net launcher. The dosbox versions of both of them work. The unity version of DooM 3 is playable without problems. But the unity versions of Ultimate DooM and DooM II have problems. In both cases i can launch the game software, see the Bethesda and Nerve Logos, but when the Game Menue appears, i can not navigate with the up and down cursors on my keyboard in it, but can select the menue entries with the mouse cursor. I can enter the keyboard remapping menue in the options menue and change things there, but that does not matter. When i try to enter the game by selecting the episode and difficulty level, the game shows me the DMENUPIC screen and then is nothing any more possible. I can't go back to the menue but also don't enter the level. The same happens, when i select the entry "addons" in the main menue. When i select the menue entry "Bethesda.net", the skulls on the both sides of it stand for a moment in flames and then nothing happens, but i stay in the main menue. I wrote this to the Bethesda support and they recommended to update the hardware drivers and windows version, but that did not help. The unity version of DooM 3 is playable without problems by the way. Has anybody an idea, how to make the unity version play on pc? Greetins Funduke