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  1. AN7

    Hud icon

    Yeah but the game will be so realistic that you wont be able to distinguish a "usable" item from part of the game environment so easily as older games. But thats a very good thing imo, makes the game feel more "alive" :) anyway, i never looked at that icon through the whole game - its useless...
  2. AN7

    New Kreed Video

    I would check it out if the links worked :( but from what i've seen this is quite an impressive engine. does it beat Unreal 2 tho, thats the question...
  3. AN7

    stupid cloaknt engine

    Damn, there can only be a few light sources :( i would have thought to improve perforamnce they could use some sort of "portal" technology with the lights so that only certain light sources are calculated at one time... but i take it there can still be loads of "static" lights mixed in aswell?
  4. AN7

    What GFX will power DooM ??

    but i like to play games @ 1600x1200 i guess this card wont deliver enogh power for that res tho, but nevermind theres still time (and lots of it) I want to see more features aswell as brute force, tho you need alot of power for high resolutions (the 700mhz mem should help :) ) no DirectX 9 support if it comes out in january i bet...
  5. AN7

    What GFX will power DooM ??

    GeForce INFO! I think that little beauty should do the trick, dont you?
  6. AN7

    if D3test is released ,what would you like to see?

    (sorry, i am a newbie to how this works and have to get my head around this stuff) So, i guess, this means that a compatibility app could be made very early on in development after the rendering code is completed - but a run-around-and-shoot-stuff test will only be made when all/most of the modules are complete? Hmmmm where did i hear carmack say that a Test will appear later in development that Q3 Test was released? - il have a look...
  7. AN7

    if D3test is released ,what would you like to see?

    If it's simply a "drool maker" :) or compatibility app - could you possibily pridict any kind of rough relese date (in light of the recent interviews) ? so if "the DOOM technology isn't far enough along for them to work with it independently" - this could mean the engine is nearly done - if they CAN work with it WITH assistance from id...
  8. AN7

    RtCW feature I'd like to see in "Doom 3"

    Good point, when i think about it, its so dark you wont exaclty be able to see down the whole coridoor. Anyway i think when shooting and leaning (if it's included) that you should be wobbling a bit and un-accurate maybe - then you have a choice. 1. Lean around the corner - disguised but un-accurate 2. Walk around the corner - out in the open but an accurate shot. at the end of the day i dont think it's too important as a feature - but could be effective if the game is designed with this in mind.
  9. AN7

    To make DOOM 3 suck...

    I like the fourum but i have to admit that it was SHIT here when every single topic was turned off-topic then eventually into a flame-war. Its much better here now though. I think some of the "newbies" here are presenting good point and convosation - whereas in *some* cases the old-timers are just fucking arguing! oh, and before you flame me about spelling and grammar ect.. i realise its shit (and i'm doing A-Level Languale - wonder if i'l pass?) :)
  10. AN7

    RtCW feature I'd like to see in "Doom 3"

    That lean feature is also usefull to listen in on convorsations in RTCW. But i cant imagine too many zombies will be chatting to one anoter in DOOM :) But it would be cool to look around corners to see Demons chewing on the Janitor's and so on. I dont think you should be able to shoot while leaning - that would turn DOOM into some kind of sniper fest - where you sneak around slowly 'peaking' then killing. -- Ofcourse this wouldnt be a problem when you on the defencive, only when your attacking...
  11. I want the system requirements to be rediculously high. Thats what i like about Id, they are always rasing the bar in Games Engines and System requirements. I think you WILL (realistically(?))need a Pentium IV or AMD Athlon. or if you want it smooth, an overclocked Athlon XP 1800+ with Ti 500, or something... :) i upgrade more than i should, so this game will make me feel its worth it :)
  12. AN7

    GeForce 3

    Good 2 hear that!! :p hmm the new GeForce 3 Ti500 is out now and the Radeon R8500 is out soon i think. The R8500 is real sweet, in most reviews the R8500 kicks the Ti500's ass. and the R8500's driver will improove aswell. huraaah :)
  13. AN7

    GeForce 3

    /me hides from dumbass flame war... ...but back to the topic. when carmack said DooM III would run at 30fps on a GF3 with most eye candy on... i wonder what resolution he was refering to. 1024x768 would be the standard i would have thought. so if you turn the res down a bit maybee it will run like 40-60fps? if carmack meant it runs at 30fps in 640x480 were all doomed! heh :p
  14. AN7

    GeForce 3

    I wonder what would be missing if you use a GF2. Is it just enviroment-bump-mapping?? i would like to be able to turn most things on in DOOM3 with my GF2 and run it in 640x480 or something...
  15. AN7

    Doom 3 Bathroom Scene Screenshot

    so if yer eye motion blurs everything, why does it not blur the frames on a monitor. it has to travel through yer eye ya know.