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  1. HiMyNameIsChair

    2023 Cacowards

    How the hell can something as subjective as a list of songs be "incomplete"? It's not up to you to decide what should objectively be on someone else's list. Also, they're not excluding the DBP from all lists, just the Cacoaward, i.e: their own. So they rightfully have the final say. Other people can put them on their own lists, no one is gonna stop them. Your analogy makes no goddamn sense lol. Also, all the chuds complaining about Politics always seem to forget that all art, in some way is political: even Doom! They always forget the small detail that Doomguy got court-martialed for assaulting his superior after refusing an order to fire on unarmed protesters. Also, he literally has Nazi killing in his blood, it runs in the family. This ain't your game Nazi punks. Cry more.
  2. HiMyNameIsChair

    2023 Cacowards

    Fantastic work on all the write-ups, and congrats to all the winners~! God... what a lineup this year, we were spoiled for choice! Also, thank you as always for spotlighting RAMP! When I saw my map alongside the few that got highlighted, I was genuinely lost for words. It meant a lot, especially because of how many phenomenal maps got submitted this year! Even a passing mention feels like an honor, especially in a community with no shortage of incredible people. Here's to an incredible year of Doom, and to many more to come~!
  3. HiMyNameIsChair


    W H A T ?! DRAGONFLYYY YOU CAN'T JUST DROP THAT ON US!!! HOOOLY SHIT... Well, you just made my weekend.
  4. Yoooo this looks cool~! Underground City does sound tempting... but an episode closer in 3 weeks (especially right now) is definitely beyond my abilities. 😅 I will await its arrival with much excitement!
  5. HiMyNameIsChair

    What does bfg stand for?

    Big Fairy Gun.
  6. HiMyNameIsChair

    What are your creative crutches?

    Oh, i definitely know mine: Natural landscapes. I'd rather find a way for my map to take place in a cave or outside than have it be in a techbase lol. more specifically: when I think an area needs something: add slimefall/waterfall, without fail.
  7. Had a very sudden flash of inspiration. When I was brainstorming map ideas back in September, I saw the starry skybox and it immediately made me think of Epic 2. So, with the deadline extended, I started a 2nd map. Something quieter, lower energy, less ambitious, and where combat takes a backseat.
  8. Oh wow that's a huge extension! NGL... that basically just saved my map. October proved to be murderously busy (enough so that I had to axe my NaNoWadMo project). Seasonal and external stress almost threatened to axe my contribution for this as well, but now i can slowly get back to it. Might even be able to make that 2nd map I had an idea for.
  9. I have no fathomable idea how Myolden is so fast, but boy am I ready for this to hurt in all the right ways, I'm excited~!
  10. No guarantees since I'm also working on Paint it Doom, but yeah I'll give it a go! Good opportunity to maybe try speeding up my output.
  11. HiMyNameIsChair

    Mappers you wish to see make a comeback

    Oh that's a tough one.. so many names come to mine AtroNx I can remember the exact moment i said to myself years ago that I wanted to give mapping a try. It was 2020, and i was playing Eviternity for the first time, and stepped into MAP15: Cryonology. The sight of a grand wintery castle... Its ornate halls draped in shadow... snow gently falling outside... and hearing Stuart Rynn's uplifting, jazzy and inexplicably melancholic midi scoring it all. AtoNx's winter wonderland opened my eyes to what Doom could be as a tool for expression. it made me hungry to see as much of what the community had to offer as i possibly could. They sadly disappeared in recent years, and seeing their at the time in a development project: Eden, never see completion, only fueled my desire to see them return for one more map. B.P.R.D. An expected answer but one i absolutely have to include. The Mucus Flow influenced nearly 2 decades of slime-centric map design, and seeing him reprise that would be fascinating. That and Grove is one of the most unexplainably emotional Doom experiences I've ever had, so i would jump for joy if he ever made a return. Erik Alm Another easy answer, and one that I'm probably not alone in. Given Alm's far-reaching influence, seeing him return to reprise a school of mapping he is very much a figurehead of would be like Christmas in July. Casalli's God i want it. God i want it so bad. There is an entire family tree of influence and related schools of mapping that all trace their roots back to Plutonia. So seeing them come back for one more round would be incredible. Seeing how Dario Casalli has been active and playing through plenty of Doom on his Youtube channel, this one might be in the cards one day. Malcolm Sailor By far one of the most quietly influential combat designers of his era. His Chord series, especially Chord 3, was years ahead of its time, so seeing him return to the doom landscape he helped influence would be a sight to behold. Death-Destiny File this one under morbid curiosity. Disturbia is one of the most uncompromising, anxiety-inducing, and captivating maps I've ever played. Maybe it's the masochist in me talking, but part of me yearns to see just a little bit more... of Death Destiny's particular flavour of magic, as cold and twisted as it is. Sverre Kvernmo Easily one of the most influential mappers of the 90's in terms of creating atmosphere and setting, with Time Gate & Darkdome being hallmarks of the era. i'd kill to see what they'd do with modern tools. Iikka Keränen Keränen very much falls into the same camp as Kvernmo, being a highly influential figure of 90's mapping. Keränen definetly had some of the strongest visual chops of the era, and was a pioneer of Room over Room. Seeing them return with modern tools would be a treat. Azamael & Lainos These two are very much part of the same coin, being among Doom's Eastern European masters and former BoS members. I've always had a fascination with Lainos' command of atmosphere and setting, and Azamael produced some of the most abstract and experimental maps I've ever seen. so they're both easy picks. Quick lightning round of Honorable mentions or picks with an asterisk Darkwave: Seeing as he's influenced my own mapping enough that you'd swear he lives in my walls... it's not a surprise I'm picking him here. More an HM because it technically hasn't been that long since his 180 Minutes Pour Vivre contribution... so perhaps we haven't yet seen the end of the King of Slime? God, i hope so. Nanka Kurashiki: I adore Kurashiki's work, and she's very much up there on the list of mappers i want to see more from. She gets an asterisk next to her because... with JPCP 2 apparently in the works... we might see her sooner rather than later~! Time will tell. Eternal: Is anyone surprised he's on my list? probably not. Another technicality due to his PRCP 2 map, and the fact that Plutonia 3 is in development, and maybe when the great Russian master returns once more. Anders Johnsen: 21 years removed is a hell of a long time, but given Ola Björling's shocking return for Eviternity in 2018... you really can't count anyone out. Being an innovator of Slaughter/Slaughter-lite combat thanks to his AV contributions like Dark Dome and Lake Poison, he'd be someone i'd love to see make a return. Rex Claussen: probably very few people's pick I'd imagine. I have a fascination with Claussen's particular brand of scale and how he creates a sense of place, with his CC1 and Eternal Doom 4 maps being fixations of mine. Tom Mustaine: Revisiting Perditions gate has given me more of an appreciation for the professionalism of Mustane's work, so i'd definitely be interested to see him return. Dutch Devil: A staple of 00's mapping and someone i've come to appreciate a lot over the years. Another technicality as IIRC his PRCP collab with Joshy is an older remixed map from Miscellaneous Mayhem. Jodwin: His work for Clau1024 was already enough to make me interested in their return, but TBH.. it's Jade Earth that left me hungry for more. A Setting executed with such dedication, and unlike many maps i've ever seen. Anyways, apologies for this being a mile long, but I guess thats a compliment to Doom's expansive and rich legacy of fascinating creators. Simply too many to pick just a handful.
  12. omg one of my friends is literally nicknamed chair

  13. I guess I'll give this a shot, especially since I really enjoyed playing DIY. A bit out of my comfort zone, and idk if I can even pull it off, but yeah I'll start a submission for this, maybe even a second if I have time.
  14. HiMyNameIsChair

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Claustrophobia 1024

    MAP12: Spitshine by Fiend (Played on DSDA, UV Pistol-Start. 100% Kills / 100% Secrets. completion time: 4:29) I came into this one with no prior experience with Fiend's work, so imagine my surprise when Spitshine not only looks really good but even plays a little bit mean~! Spitshine starts with a scramble for a single barrel amid some hitscanners, and the realization that health is not plentiful in this techbase, so try to minimize unneeded wear & tear. I have to compliment Fiend on their layout, as it's nicely varied in shape and neatly drawn. In particular, the staircase spiraling around the central pillar looks fantastic. Fiend really tries to put the squeeze on you early, with a pair of revenants in a cramped tunnel, and making you push your way through some caco's to secure an SSG. Taking the lift up will bring you to maybe Spitshine's biggest blemish, an objectively awful and mean fight with two mancubi in a very cramped space. I try and save chaingun ammo specifically for this part, so I can hide behind one of the mancubi and pray for good pain chance rng. Observant players likely already found the green armor in a secret earlier, but I imagine more people found the second uh... 'secret' by finding a switch in the newly open metal tunnels, which is not very hidden. Fiend rewards you for finding their barely hidden secret with ... some armor bonuses and health vials..??? what is this? A map from the '90s? I typically save the plasma and extra ammo you get for it for the two bruiser brothers. After that, slow roll two arachnos, get right in the face of the obligatory exit archvile, and pain chance him to death with the SSG, and that's a wrap on the map. I find myself unsure where to rank Spitshine. it's handsomely made, and it has its moments... but I think it suffers from its combat being a bit too incidental, and monsters end up feeling more like beefy roadblocks than parts of larger, coordinated encounters. That said, its incidental nature doesn't devolve the map as much as it does in say Mudbath. The start is solid, and overall the map still offers a decent challenge. Spitshine is a perfectly fine map, but it definitely had the potential to be even better. Grade: B- Order of Preference This was a hard one to grade because it feels very padded by the fact that monsters feel more like time sinks than encounters, but ultimately, Spitshine is far too competent, and well-constructed to land a low score, so it just barely squeaks it's way to a B. Thankfully, I think our next map, will be much... MUCH more up my alley~!