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  1. I definitely should be done by then.
  2. Still working on my map, sorry about the delay.
  3. Anarkzie

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Operation: BIOWAR & Equinox

    Equinox map 1 The establishing shot of the Equanox building is really beautiful. Fantastic architecture. The texture work inside the building is also really well done, I know how easy it is to make levels that use a lot of silver look really bad so kudos. The fights themselves were not all that much fun but they were not terrible. The level layout although doing a great job of appearing like a real place is not that interesting from a player stand point. Level 2 It was while playing this level where it really hit me just how professional this all feels. The custom textures are fantastic. I really like the planet hologram. The level ended very abruptly. Level 3 Jumping out of the teleporter and taking out a few zombies, I'm meet with a cool rain effect. In fact I spent most of the level marveling at how good it looked, the cracks in the base exposing the rocky natural terrain that the site was built into, lifts that look like they actually belong in a mine, the beautiful stair case leading to a sinister lab and the cool looking wooden bridge over a lava pit. The only part of this level that I actually disliked were the tunnels with the Pinkies, the concept was boring, it was too dark and went on too long. Overall thought this was a fantastic level and I loved the environmental story telling, I don't know were this wad is going but I felt genuinely intrigued as I was going through the level, especially that final lab. To achieve this sort of result with the doom engine shows great mapping skills. Level 4 OK, I'm impressed with the doors swinging open at the start. Heading into the main hall, I was surprised by how basic the set up was but then started having a lot of fun with it, you standing at the choke point unloading into low tier grunts with your double chaingun is a lot of fun, the Arcantrons showing up like they were scripted. I loved the atmospheric reveal of the monsters in their bio chambers. It's ironic that the author was so convinced that Doom 3 was going to blow classic Doom out of the water while he achieved a far more cinematic feel than that game did with it's corpses flying out of vents every five minutes. The Bio subject that had been grown from the aborted fetus turned out to be just a regular Cyberdemon guarding an annoying lift. I wished he could have use a custom enemy in its place. I was really impressed with this rooms upper gallery section that you went past to get to hear, it looked like something from a classic sci-fi film. The final blowing up of all the bio weapons was extremely cool. This for me was a perfect level, I had nothing to grumble about. Reading other people's reviews I see that this was done by the the same guy that did Mucus Flow, I think this wad so far has many of that maps good points, like it's great visuals without the bad enemy placement. Level 5 OK we are back at level 2 but with more damage around the base and added chaingunners. I started with low health and this very short level was actually quite challenging for me. Fun was had still.
  4. Wow, that was phenomenal. I have had this map saved on my phone for god knows how long, but I finally played it today. Visual were stunning, with great architecture and the midi was a great fit. The fight design was what really impressed me though, each section really made me strategiese. Really impressed, kudos.
  5. Still working on mine, sorry for the long wait. It's getting there.
  6. I'm not yet finished but I'm getting there.
  7. OK, I think I've added a midi correctly, here goes: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rJvoJb-krJCaMKhnJ3aZzisLWvTkCHMZ/view?usp=drivesdk The track is "Technoparchment" from the TNT midi pack.
  8. I'm still working on it, hopefully not to long.
  9. Hello, I've added some armour(not having any in the level was an oversight more than an artistic choice) and added a little more health. I added a secret with goodies as well because the level did not really have any other than the s.exit. I'm still a bit of a noob, how do I find the linedefs? Also if there are any sections that you think still need more pick ups I'm fine with you added or removing them. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZV824LjGLmnJ0sOprk50rX9xf7_C23a2/view?usp=sharing
  10. Still working on it, it will take awhile but it is coming.
  11. Map name: Hydroponics Lab Map author: anarkzie Intended mapslot: 15 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NTO0ZzJ37SG6zMUZchu6NFiljhRCo9Iz/view?usp=drive_link
  12. Not quite finished yet. I'll be working on it today so I'll let you know how I get on.
  13. Hey Janiform, it is coming along.
  14. Here's an almost finished preview of my map: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OYbYIBGJlUJLeip6FEtIiyoHT4e3KkiE/view?usp=drivesdk Just need to refine some stuff etc.
  15. I'll give slot 16 a try and let you know how I get along.
  16. @janiform ah no hard feelings, I've got nothing that will work for a city map. Look forward to seeing how the project turns out though.
  17. Sorry I'm just seeing this now, did not mean to blank you. If the slot has not been taken i will contact you tomorrow with a progress update.
  18. Anarkzie

    Freedoom needs more attention

    I actually use it on my phone simply because it's better than the official Android app both in terms of control and flexibility. The levels themselves are also really good once you get past the first 5 or so maps.
  19. Anarkzie

    What's your favorite WAD and why?

    Alien Vendetta Going Down Sigil
  20. Make all the Zombie guys more zombie like. Being able to shoot body parts off, getting back up after being knocked down etc. Imps would be partially on fire. I saw this cool art work of this and its the first time that I've ever thought that they looked good. Also faster projectiles, they're too slow. Demons, I think are fine but I would fix their height, when they're in front of the player they look like they're maybe 4ft tall but next to a zombie man, they look as big as a bear. Doom 2 did a better job at making heights look consistent. Pain Elementals and Lost Souls, Doom 64 fixed them both. Revenant, I think Brutal Doom fixed these guys. I would give them better crawling animation though. Hell knights and Barons, faster projectiles and also a more varied more set. I would have them being able to smash through some walls. Also make them look bigger Cacodemons, give them more attacks. Mancubus, more animation frames and random attack spread. Master mind, make her Chaingun more like Brutal Doom, have her move more like a spider and have the telekinesis that was cut.
  21. I would love them to release a version of Daikatana with all its issues sorted out. I've not played it but heard that as bad as it is the concept was good but suffered from poor execution. The Turok and Hexan games remade with modern graphics.
  22. Thinking about it, there are two soft locks that I'll need to address. 1. You can fall into the water in front of the building near the start and not get back up. 2. And I've not yet changed a really silly lift after a cyberdemon fight that if you fall off you have to idclip your way out of. I'll send over the promts later. The lighting is a bit shit and I can probably add more enemies. I need to add energy barriers to the Icon of Sin fight. The only thing I added that was my own non chat gpt ideas are a series of teleporters to help you get around the level because it's huge, and people would have a hard time moving around apart from that it's all me trying to figure out what it was asking for.