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  1. wowsuchname

    Magic related wads?

    Now that I played it a bit more extensively, yeah WOC is definetly what I was looking for. Very varied magical systems, lots of ways to play, extremely fun. Thanks buddy.
  2. wowsuchname

    Magic related wads?

    I decided to give it a fair shot for once. Thats basically what Im looking for! There are many magical systems of different kinds to specialize in and its not super linear or boring. I dont play doom to grind so I bumped up the EXP multiplier to the max and I think its pretty ok. Thanks for telling me about it.
  3. wowsuchname

    Magic related wads?

    This is a lot closer to what I am looking for, it was definetly fun, but still not exactly what I imagined. I found a mod called HexArcana 3.0 that, if not for the repetitiveness of the rooster of weapons it would had been perfect. I also found another mod called SCHISM, which is some form of branch of Brutal Doom that includes a paladin and mage class. Its alright but still not quite it. Honestly the closest I seen so far to what Im looking for in a doom wad with magic would be the Arcanum mod for Hideous Destructor. But by all means, if anyone knows of a cool occult themed mod out there let us know.
  4. wowsuchname

    Magic related wads?

    Yeah, maybe it would had helped to clarify that Im looking for a gzdoom gameplay mod with an occult theme. I know of Guncaster, I thought it was fun, though for me it was very over the top and not exactly my cup of tea. It reminds me a bit of High Noon Drifter, although not fully a wad about occult magic, or at least not as much as Guncaster was, there were definetly some elements there. I know of the gameplay mod "Psychic" as well. Its closer to what Im looking for, but I wasn't too much of a fan of how it handled the magical system in itself. Thanks nonetheless.
  5. wowsuchname

    Magic related wads?

    I played a little bit of it. Thought it was fun! Though not exactly what Im looking for. Thank you nonetheless.
  6. wowsuchname

    Magic related wads?

    I am aware of Heretic and Hexen. I did not like its gameplay very much. Its just, doom but with a magic themed reskin as far as I played it. Some folk might disagree but it just wasnt very appealing to me. I would prefer reccomendations of wads with magical systems in it as part of the gameplay, or at least doom wads that had a magical theme going on and the person reccomending it thought it was fun.
  7. wowsuchname

    Magic related wads?

    Hello, this is my first post on this website. I'd like to ask if anyone knows of good "magic" slash "occult" themed mods. Lately I found out a mod for Hideous Destructor called Arcanum where you get a spellbook that can do all kinds of fun stuff and I was wondering if there were mods entirely dedicated to that rather than a submod for a mod. Much obliged.