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  1. brendondle

    Vanguard demos [-complevel 9]

    Map13 UV-Max in 1:22.57 vg13m12257.zip
  2. brendondle

    YUM demos [-complevel 21]

    Map04 UV-Max in 39.71 yum04m039.zip
  3. brendondle

    Failed demo attempts

    Poogers Map28 failed max attempt poog28fuckmylife.zip fuck
  4. brendondle

    YUM demos [-complevel 21]

    Map01 UV-Max in 0:36 yum01m036.zip https://youtu.be/3eD916H7-eg Map02 UV-Max in 0:55 yum02m055.zip https://youtu.be/xiVoLkXN05c Map03 UV-Max in 1:22 yum03m122.zip https://youtu.be/ADh9eKczojQ Map04 UV-Max in 0:40 (also reality) yum04m040.zip https://youtu.be/aCXkPUqMr3c Map05 UV-Max in 0:38 yum05m038.zip https://youtu.be/1iTtydXv9ng Map06 UV-Max in 0:51 yum06m051.zip https://youtu.be/ecR-BS8mWl4 Map07 UV-Max in 0:27 yum07m027.zip https://youtu.be/2bWsZb4xbpU Map08 UV-Max in 1:37 yum08m137.zip https://youtu.be/sUT8_GHhDTg Map31 UV-Max in 1:40 yum31m140.zip https://youtu.be/KAe5JtvaHy4 and last but not least Map32 UV-Max in 3:06 yum32m306.zip https://youtu.be/uU9gZG0xW9s ty meowgi for making this <3
  5. brendondle

    Dance on the Water demos (-complevel 9)

    Map07 UV-Speed in 5:11 dotw07-511.zip https://youtu.be/ebSALA1Turo
  6. brendondle

    Dance on the Water demos (-complevel 9)

    Map05 UV-Max in 24:25 dotw05m2425.zip https://youtu.be/ta2gk-lmr2o
  7. brendondle

    Fractured Worlds demos [-complevel 9]

    Map31 UV-Max in 15:23 fw31m1523.zip
  8. brendondle

    Dance on the Water demos (-complevel 9)

    Map04 UV-Max in 2:04 dotw04m204.zip
  9. brendondle

    Dance on the Water demos (-complevel 9)

    Map02 UV-Max in 6:54 dotw02m654.zip
  10. brendondle

    Miscellaneous demos (part 4)

    The Egg of Human Endeavors Map01 UV-Max in 22:52 humanegg01m2252.zip
  11. brendondle

    Dance on the Water demos (-complevel 9)

    Map06 UV-Max in 1:11:52 dotw06m7152.zip goes for 100% items as well https://youtu.be/MwMz-jG5OSc
  12. 10 - Jumpwad 1 - Hell Revealed my bad, sorry about that
  13. 10 - Poogers 10 - Capybara (it's not final, don't know if that'll disqualify it) 10 - 10x10 might use the rest of my points later
  14. brendondle

    POOGERS.wad Demos [-complevel 9]

    Map25 UV-Max in 7:47 poog25m747.zip