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  1. brendondle

    Miscellaneous demos (part 5)

    Gateway to Shangri-La Map01 UV-Max in 25:48 shangril01m2548.zip
  2. I wanna quickly nominate @raddicted for most promising newcomer, since this year he has absolutely blown me away with the sheer quality of his maps. Although not everything he makes is public (he frequently sends maps in my discord server and I urge him to make them public lol), his ability to combine fun and engaging combat with jaw-droppingly beautiful visuals and insane amounts of detail makes him a mapper to look out for. Plus whatever style he goes for with his maps, he absolutely nails. His most recent release, Knaht, was one of the most charming maps I've played from this year. The fights are fun as all hell and combined with the ribbiksian map layout and autumn theme make this a very enjoyable experience. Not to mention the cryptic secrets are incredibly cute, as well as being super rewarding. He absolutely killed it with what he was going for, and the fact that he made this in around a week? I swear this guy cannot be stopped. Even his speedmaps are impressive. Although it's not publicly available yet, I made a video showcasing one of his speedmaps from his "Cramped Map Collection" (https://youtu.be/QlSJf38MbXs). I really dig raddicted's reuse of space throughout the map, and he makes every single enemy pull its weight. The amount of stuff he crams into such a small map is really impressive. Raddicted truly is the Ghoop (I have no idea what that means btw).
  3. brendondle

    Miscellaneous demos (part 5)

    Frozen Time Map01 UV-Max in 35:56 fr01m3556.zip
  4. brendondle

    Miscellaneous demos (part 5)

    The Event Horizon Map01 UV-Max in 47:39 ehorizon01m4739.zip https://youtu.be/f8mDHArRbw4
  5. brendondle

    Junk Food 2 Demos [-complevel 9]

    Map67 UV-Max in 11:14 jf267m1114.zip https://youtu.be/NM6bxOP7DPs Map68 UV-Max in 1:11 jf268m111.zip Map99 NoMo in 16:47 jf299o1647.zip
  6. brendondle

    1x1 [MBF21] (Final Release)

    Now on idgames! Gonna sound like a broken record but thank you to everyone who made this possible :) <3 Download: idgames
  7. brendondle

    1x1 [MBF21] (Final Release)

    RC4 is out! This should hopefully be the last version before uploading to idgames. If no one finds any issues in the next week or two then this should be final :) RC4 (link removed as of 9/28/2023)
  8. brendondle

    Junk Food 2 Demos [-complevel 9]

    Map99 UV-Max in 9:50:58 jf299m95058.zip
  9. brendondle

    Miscellaneous demos (part 4)

    Criticality Map01 UV-Max in 44:53 criticality01m4453.zip Darkest Room Map01 UV-Max in 23:40 droom01m2340.zip
  10. brendondle

    1x1 [MBF21] (Final Release)

    RC3 is out! Be sure to check the (laughably long) changelog in the OP! Once again, massive thank you to everyone who played the wad so far <3 <3 <3 RC3 (link removed as of 9/12/2023)
  11. brendondle

    Junk Food 2 Demos [-complevel 9]

    Map60 UV-Max in 4:48 jf260m448.zip https://youtu.be/rIkPDB6yFEo
  12. brendondle

    Bondleday! [-cl21]

    i love you guys so fucking much
  13. brendondle

    1x1 [MBF21] (Final Release)

    RC2 is out! With this comes a newly added map: Map32 - The Womb Etched into Time by @Xulgonoth Thanks to everyone who played the wad so far <3 <3 <3 RC2 (link removed as of 8/23/2023)
  14. The 1x1 Community Project 1x1 is an MBF21 (-complevel 21) community project hosted in my discord server. The concept is simple: the maps only use 1 texture and 1 flat, with the exception of a single switch texture and F_SKY (which was only allowed to be used if the texture was transferred to it!). The wad features 24 mbf21-compatible maps (01-21, 31-33) made by various authors, with difficulty ranging from around early Sunlust difficulty to absolutely batshit crazy, though difficulty settings are implemented. HMP is recommended for first playthroughs. Maps are ordered very roughly by difficulty. Pistol starts are intended but not required. Tested with DSDA-Doom 0.25.6+, but any version that supports mbf21 should work. GZDoom should work with most maps, but some maps (04, 13) are known not to work. Uses UMAPINFO Be sure to have translucency ON! Credits: @dashiefrickintyan for the M_DOOM, titlepic, interpic, and statbar @Rayziik for the DeHackEd @lunchlunch for making 10x10 Screenshots: Map list: Changelog: Download: idgames