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  1. BloodyBlink1982

    Share Your Sprites!

  2. BloodyBlink1982

    REKKR - V1.16

    Nice Mod
  3. BloodyBlink1982

    Rather Simple, a HRII Style Map!

    Good Job
  4. BloodyBlink1982

    Doom Shinobi Release!

    Damn bro is Fucking Amazing!
  5. BloodyBlink1982

    ZDS #757 - Realm of Insanity

  6. BloodyBlink1982

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

    If you are wondering what mod I was using, they are screenshots of my mod that is still in development
  7. BloodyBlink1982

    Nugget Doom 2.1.0 (September 1st, '23)

  8. BloodyBlink1982

    Run Doom95 on Windows 10!

    Nasheee! This is very interesting what I just saw
  9. BloodyBlink1982

    Empanada slayer

    En lado de Wads & Mods encontraras todo lo que este Relacionado con Modificaciones, Cada Post Tiene cualquier link de Descarga
  10. BloodyBlink1982

    Share Your Sprites!

    A sprite I made in 2020 and it's the first sprite that turned out great
  11. BloodyBlink1982

    Share Your Sprites!

  12. BloodyBlink1982

    Brutal CTF Progress

    Nice, I'll play it in a while
  13. Mouse: Lenrue Keyboard: Razer BlackWidow V3 Monitor:AOC e2250swd 22 – inch Widescreen LED Monitor HD Headphones: BENGOO G9000