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  1. Such a clean run, good job! I appreciate the video :). Map02 is coming soontm so hopefully you won't have too wait much longer to see the next one. I'm finding it really hard to place monsters in the map that you can kill during the "downtime" so I'm really bad at having any momentum in fights. (or in other words once a trap is triggered that's usually the only monsters you're going to have to deal with, I'm trying really hard to make the next maps have better run and gun/"regular combat".) PS. I appreciate you looking out for my health by playing very safely so I can breathe. ;P
  2. Dang this was so cool to watch. I made this wad with software lighting and only tested with dsda doom, so seeing this insane fidelity in doom is just crazy to me. With that said i think it looked really good even with that in mind. Thank you for playing the map, hope it was fun.
  3. Thanks lol, I spent a large amount of time making this first map. So you're just not seeing all of the times I created some massive monstrosity of a square or oddly shaped room, and then spent time shrinking and changing the shape of it into something that actually worked. (You should have seen the first red key room/trap, it was this giant square room with a pillar in the middle with a cyberdemon on it and it was just so fricking ugly and hard to work with so I scrapped it. I'm glad I did too because i like the current iteration a lot more.)
  4. Some teaser pictures of Map02. Starting to crank up the marble usage... (it's almost like its taking over or something)
  5. Follow up comment after having watched LadyMistDragon play the map with the demo she recorded. I held my breath for so long watching you get ABSOLUTELY SURROUNDED at the beginning of the demo with such low health and you survived! (It was only after I realized I was holding my breath for the last 30 seconds I started breathing again lmao.) I was sort of expecting more players to hopefully pickup on the different textures on certain walls as a big sign basically saying "Ok this is for sure going to lower/reveal something so maybe I should try and kill what I have on my plate before moving on" type of thing but I'm not sure if that is coming across like I had hoped. I ?think? I do a better job in the following maps of indicating where monsters are going to be coming from. After watching the stuff so far and seeing how people are running out of health a bit more than I was expecting I might punch up the health pickups in the following maps.. Or I could just get off my ass and implement difficulty settings and leave Ultraviolence as is. (In fact I pledge that before I release the next two maps I will implement the lower difficulties into all of them so that they can be a little bit more accessible. Because perhaps I'm underselling the difficulty.)
  6. This was such a pleasure to watch, the commentary, the gameplay, everything. Thank you so much for playing and recording a video of your playthrough. I'm not really sure what that strange issue was at around 14:16 in the video, ill take a look and see if something funky is going on in the map. Also to answer your question, no I'm not that Fuzzy you were talking about :) Aha thank you :). I cannot wait to watch it now. Seriously though, the videos and now this demo have been so so so worth making this map and I cant wait for you guys to see what follows. :> I cant confirm when exactly the second map will be finished, (I have maybe 40% of it blocked and textured out, and maybe 20% of that finished with thing placement.) However I'm getting close to releasing a few teaser images for it. (I might even throw in a teaser for map 03...)
  7. WOW! Thank you for playing my map! I'm happy that it was pretty fun for you :P. I can say that the following maps get maybe a little harder, but definitely bigger in scale. I'm sorry but I'm super new to this lmao, what is this file and how do i do something with it? (I know what a zip is lol, but what is the thing inside) I'm assuming it might be a demo or something but I don't know.
  8. I can say this right now, the second map is coming along nicely. HOWEVER the Diablo 4 open beta starts soon so I might not be mapping as much for a few days lol. I would give a few teaser pictures but its a bit early into the mapping so I don't have anything textured or polished yet.
  9. Thank you so much for playing the map! :) I see you found some texture problems lol, I didn't notice those in testing because I wasn't playing with mouselook. Those archviles were the part I was referencing when I said barring one fight lmao sorry (notsorry). I hope it wasn't too mean or rough for a first map. Ill fix those texture errors when i update the wad with the second map, also I totally forgot to mess with the automap settings so it just looks nicer so ill do that too.
  10. Stone & Rock - Also Marble Hey everyone! I've been playing classic doom for a little over three years now, and in that time have always wanted to make my own map. So I started this project around 3 weeks ago, It includes one map for right now with 2 more to come. The first level is very linear and shouldn't be too hard for most people (barring one fight lol). Designed for Doom II Complevel 9 (boom) Tested with DSDA-doom (v0.25.6) Credit to Ribbiks for the midi stonenrock.zip Story I don't play this game for a story but here goes. You were captured by the demons (OH NO!) and brought to this underground base built into the Stone & Rock - Also Marble. You are tasked with escaping, but to do that you must delve deeper into the depths of the cave. Who knows what you'll find down there..... Screenies