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  1. LeevanCleef12

    List of every Western/Wild West Mod

    Please do. That would be amazing
  2. LeevanCleef12

    List of every Western/Wild West Mod

    I made this list because I've seen others asking for western themed doom wads. I'd also like to give a plea for ScubaSteve to release the Raynor's Tale beta once and for all. It's been around 17 years since the project was abandoned. Nearly 20 years since the last development update from Tomi on his old website. "Raynor's Tale may just be the greatest Doom project that vanished from the face of the earth" 2006 "I played through the Beta of Raynor's Tale recently and realized just how amazing it was. I have the beta but I have reservations about releasing it since the project is not mine." - ScubaSteve 2008 "What I would love to see are some talented mappers... who would play through it and try to finish it. Raynor's Tale still needed beta testing and some of the puzzles are very obscure and difficult" Please release it. I beg you. Weapons Only: Cowboys vs Demons (cowboys.pk3) Gunfighter (gunfighter.pk3) High Noon Drifter (HighNoonDrifter-v1.2c.pk3) (SOP-AddOn_v0.7.pk3) Boot Hill Weapons (bhsp.wad) Bastards UC Beta 3: (bastenh.wad) Rivithewarlock WDM (WesternDM 0.0.3.pk3) Weapons and Enemies: GunSlinger 1.0/2.0 (Gunslinger.pk3) Western Doom Mod (WesternV14.1.pk3) Enemies Only: The Western Patch (WesternPatchV2.0.pk3) Outlaws Enemies (OutlawBaddies.pk3) Deathmatch Map Pack: Boothill (bh.wad) Wild West Deathmatch (wwdm.wad) Dynamite Deathmatch 1.1 (dynamite.wad) Retting's Western DM (dm1.wad) Egg Boy's WesternDM (westerndm+u8.wad) Deathmatch Map: Mark Berry's Western DM (western.wad) Wild Wild West (wwwest.wad) Tombstone Deathmatch (parc_002c.wad): (oldwest.wad) (demiless.wad) and (westgrfx.wad) with enemies Pueblo (pueblo.wad) (slaughterwest_v2.wad) with enemies Unorthodox Western Fight (box11.wad) ScootsDMV1.0 (sdm1.wad) MAP10: Fistful of Frags The Last Resort (last.wad) MAP01 Cowboys From Hell (dmwest.wad) E3M9 Map Pack (with weapons and enemies): Fistful of Doom (fistful.wad) The Magnificent Five (dbp30.wad) Bastardos Ep.1 (prboom.wad) Bastards (bastards.wad) Ultimate Conversion bastbeta3 (bastmaps.wad) Map: Satanic Doomers - Going Nowhere Fast (SuXe_170317.wad, badreligion.wad) MAP08/MAP10 Jading Tsunami TicTacToe/Time Lord (timelord.wad) holodeck.wad (Map03/04 Boothill maps with enemies) westfort.wad ghosttown.wad unforgiv.wad Map Packs with a Western Level: The Golden Souls 2 (GoldenSouls2_1.4.pk3) MAP07: The Land with No Name Discharge (discharge.wad) MAP03: Cowboys From Hell VooDoo Guns (vg.wad) MAP02: Ghost Village Negative One (Negativeone_v5_75.wad) MAP15: Carnivorous Cavern Evil Journey Plan A (EvilJPA.wad) MAP03: Sleeping Village Invasion 2 (invasio.wad) MAP02 Maps that work with Western Gun Mods: Compatibility patch with High Noon Drifter: Strange Aeons (strangeaeonsexp.pk3) Pirate Doom (pirates!.wad): especially MAP47: Booty Bay Recommended by the creator of Gunslinger 2.0 Preacher (preacher.wad) Khorus (khorus.wad) Epic 2 (epic2.wad) Evil Egypt (DBP_23_v2.wad) Doom Raider (dr1-lite.wad) You Dig v1.7 (youdig.wad) Unknown: EttingGrinder's The Loneliest Outpost map for Hexen Unreleased: Raynor's Tale Kama Sutra 2 (ksutra2.pk3) MAP11 is wild west themed according to Gusta Ral-Doom: MAP02 Golden Horseshoe Saloon Tom Smother's Fistful of Doom Expansion Pack Eggboy's Western Themed DM Pack Eternal's Untitled Western Project Meowmeowrulez123's Western Project WildWeasal's Unnamed Wild West TC Desperados Wanted Missing: Astroman9991's Wild West Level If there's something I missed please let me know.
  3. LeevanCleef12

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    Discharge.wad Original creator is MIA and all the links are down :(