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  1. After the sudden death of Robotmonk rocked the IRC channels, I'm curious as to whether or not there's going to be another one.

    I got bored and played with the Thresher module for C#, and in about ten minutes I had a bot up that could join a channel and give actions. I'd flesh it out, but, as I'm so fond of reminding everyone, I have no idea about anything related to IRC. I know which buttons produce which letters. Somehow, I learned about the /me command. Beyond that, it's magic to me.


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    2. Doom-Child


      Heh. Riiiiiiiiiiight. Because I'm all about renderers, or whatever the hell hasn't been finished.

      Robotmonk was a bot that was in one of the IRC channels. He spontaneously died about a month ago, and life has lost all meaning since then.

      I'd actually like to (as I said before) turn this into a fully fledged bot, I just don't know enough about the internal workings. I assume there's a parsing scheme involved, but I've no idea what to key off of (that is, how do you differentiate between a sentence about someone and a sentence to someone?).


    3. Ralphis


      Come to #unidoom and play with baron! irc.oftc.net

    4. rf`


      What did you say ralphjis? I couldn't hear you. :P