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  1. $SOLID$ Necro

    Phantasm TC Mod (1970's "Cult" movie classic!)

    The 17 ghosts looks intresting, but I hope you plan on using some custom monsters, leaving the stock Doom 3 ones would be kinda lame. Phantasm Beyond...the trailer is certainly just a teaser! I am looking forward to playing it, I realy enjoyed the first one.
  2. The BALL is BACK! I did a search of the forums, and did not find any mention of this... For those of us who caught the movie, you will realy enjoy this single player mod. It's alot tougher then I thought it would be...especially towards the end, and will be very hard if you are not familiar with the movie. You will get a chance to battle with the "Tall Man" and even get a ride in the classic Hemi Cuda! Killing those Silver "Ball" dealio's are tricky at first, as they are very small and fast, just relax and time your shots carefully when they are close up, or if you can get them from behind or the side before they see you at midrange is even better...the shotgun will be your best friend! Links: http://www.doomwadstation.com/doom3tc/phantasm/ or http://doom3.filefront.com/file/Phantasm_D3;72040 Phantasm movie site: http://www.phantasm.com/ PS..in case you also missed the "Shamblers Castle" TC Mod somehow, fellow Quake 1 fans will love it! http://doom3.filefront.com/file/Shamblers_Castle;78540 or http://www.map-factory.org/1-doom-3/6-single-player/713-quake-mod-shambler-s-castle
  3. $SOLID$ Necro

    Doom 4?

    I'll tell ya what DOOM 4 needs to bring old fans back, and new ones in... THE REMERO http://romero.smugmug.com/popular/1/12524879_K2jT2#12524879_K2jT2 Though Carmack may have had the tech know how to make the games work, it was the other "John" who made the game FUN. He had the inspiration and ability to create/bring to life what was in his twisted mind, Carmack just gave him the means to do it. If you go to his site and read some of his notes/interviews about the early days of ID, you can see he was the driving force behind some of the truely innovative aspects/artwork in the game...no one can ever make a game level like him! Since he left, his world has been riddled with failures, he thought he was "The Shiz" and could go it on his own (Ion Storm and the inspired but poorly made Diaktana) I am not trying to take anything away from Carmack or any of the team involved, but it's like that Beatles reunion without Lennon (Each of the Beatles have had some level of success, but never like they did together) Unfortunately... I am doubtfull this would ever happen, I think there are too many hurt feelings and ego's in the way..but bringing these two guys, along with as many of the original team back together would truely give the fans what we all crave.
  4. $SOLID$ Necro

    Help me upgrade my computer

    I would upgrade all of the above, If you want buttery smooth gameplay, You mention that it has SDRAM, wich is quite a bit slower than DDR memory. Couple that with a low end video card, and 800x600 with everything turned off will look rotten, but should still be playable. And another area that wasn't covered is the Hard Drive,if it's an older slower model, the levels in DOOM 3 will load like a hamster is powering your rig. There is a great article about some testing of ATI and Nvidia video cards at [H]ard OCP if you serach for Doom 3 in the review section. http://www.hardocp.com/article.html?art=NDc0LDE= "While we can't be specfic on content, we can share with you some things about the hardware aspects that we encountered. Throughout our entire testing, we did not encounter one visual anomoly. Our DOOM 3 "test2" benchmark ran flawless on all cards tested, including a GeForceFX 5200 series card. This is something that I can't say for some mature benchmarks we run" I am a member of PimpRig.com, we focus on Overclocking/Modding/Gaming systems. If you are mainly building this for DOOM 3, I would suggest sticking with NVIDIA, it seems to run better for this game than ATI. If you are considering playing other games too, such as half life 2, ATI will typically run better on games based on that technology. My current system specs: AMD Mobile 2500+@ 2.6GHZ (1.83 stock) (88$) Geil PC4400@520FSB CAS 2.5-3-3-7 (150$) DFI LAN PARTY Rev B (142$) Thermalright SP-97 HSF (55$+10$ 92mm fan) Western Digital 36GIG 10,00RPM Raptor H.D. (110$) Antec 550 watt True Control Power Supply (115$) ATI 9600XT (550MHZ Core 700MHZ Memory)(165$) Pimped/Modified Generic Case 35$ AS-5 Thermal paste 10$ Total Cost: 748$ I think it will play it pretty well, I will be getting the brand new X800 Pro when the price drops a bit (400$now!) and availablity is better. When using Overclocked settings it will get 15,500 on 3DMARK 01, 4400 on 3DMARK 03,4600 Points on PCMARK 04, and 36,000 in AQUAMARK Switching to a 9700Pro (A friends) raised my scores to 5400 Points during a quick test, and I am expecting to see over 10,000 points In 3DMARK 03, after I get the X800Pro The point of my listing the scores, is to give you an idea of what a typical gaming system should get that will run Doom 3 very well. I looked up systems close to yours on the ORB, and found the highest score to be 8,000 points on 3DMARK 01 (a DX 8.1 Benchmark), when overclocked to the max!A more typical score is around 6,00 points. When moving to a Direct X 9 benchmark, wich is what Doom 3 uses, the best score listed was 1500 points Overclocked, and around 1,000 Points at stock settings. Now some hypothetical research: If you change CPU's to a 2.8GHZ, but still use your Nvidia FX5200, the top score listed is a WHOPPING 2027 points in 3DMARK 03 Overclocked to within an inch of it's life. A more averages score is around 1400 points. We are looking at gain of around 400 points by upgrading the CPU. By switching your video card to a regular Nvidia 5900 or ATI 9800, but keeping the 1.8GHZ CPU, the score jumps to 5000-6000 Points!!!! A 400$ X-800Pro will net you a sweet 10,000 points using a little old 2.4GHZ CPU BTW!!! For your system, assuming you still want to stay NVIDIA, I would grab the new regular 6800 for 300$ (Check Pricewatch.com) and worry about upgrading the rest of the sytem down the road. They get similar numbers to the X800 By ATI,and support Pixel shader 3.0 (A patch for Far Cry will use it!) wich ATI will not. I think it's pretty clear that you can have a slow CPU with a fast Video Card, and it will perform 10 times better than a fast CPU and a slow Video Card. Here is how I would "estimate" playable performance in Doom 3 using 3DMARK 03 scores as a GENERAL guideline, that is the best you can do until it hits the shelves. Under 1000 points- Slide Show (Unplayable) 1000-3000 Points- Low Resolution no AA or AF 3000-5000 Points- 1024x768 2x AA no AF 5000-7000 Points- 1024x768 4x AA, AF on medium settings Over 10,000 points, High Resolution, 8x AA, AF on high settings I hope this guide helps, you can also stop by and see us at PimpRig if you want to get more guidance in your specific parts selection, there are a lot of people with tons of hardware experience, most of us are gamers too!
  5. $SOLID$ Necro

    release date?

    I think you guys should pay attention to that date!! Think about it, something I've suspected for a long time... QuakeCon! You have to have the game out in time for it, or people would be severely disapaointed for the millionth time. It seems to be all over the net now, Kyle from HardOCP even posted it on his front page, so I think it's a go guys.
  6. $SOLID$ Necro

    Any1 know where doom3 videos are?

    There are at least 5 different videos here, are you sure you didn't miss some of them? Look again here :D >>>http://www.doomworld.com/doom3/movies/ Also check out the official Doom 3 websight >>>http://www.doom3.com/
  7. Well, You probably figured this one was going to happen, since ATi went with Half-Life 2 voucher, Nvida is now rumored to be adding a Voucher for Doom 3 soon! Check it out over at TheInquirer