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  1. Daniel, the NCR Veteran

    Zone 400 demos [-complevel 2]

    Episode 1 NoMo in 5:00 (Yes. I know.) z4ep1o500.zip MAP11 NoMo in 0:45.60 z411o04560.zip MAP12 NoMo in 0:31.29 z412o03129.zip MAP13 NoMo in 0:35.51 z413o03551.zip
  2. Daniel, the NCR Veteran

    Akeldama demos [-complevel 2]

    I lied. Episode 1 NoMo in 10:57, taken from my D2All using -recordfromto, this d2all is also provided in the zip akep1o1057.zip Episode 2 NoMo in 14:43 akep2o1443.zip Episode 3 NoMo in 18:03 akep3o1803.zip
  3. Daniel, the NCR Veteran

    Zone 400 demos [-complevel 2]

    MAP06 NoMo in 0:27.86 z406o02786.zip MAP08 NoMo in 0:35.66 z408o03566.zip MAP09 NoMo in 0:32.77 z409o03277.zip MAP10 NoMo in 0:36.74 z410o03674.zip
  4. Daniel, the NCR Veteran

    Zone 400 demos [-complevel 2]

    MAP01 NoMo in 0:26.34 z401o02634.zip MAP02 NoMo in 0:25.40 z402o02540.zip MAP04 NoMo in 0:40.57 z404o04057.zip MAP05 NoMo in 0:29.86 z405o02986.zip
  5. Daniel, the NCR Veteran

    Valiant + Sawdust demos [-complevel 11]

    MAP04 NoMo in 0:30.37 va04o030.zip Might pick up the undone levels of this wad later. Until then, I'm dealing with the disappointment that MAP30 makes the NoMo D2All impossible.
  6. Daniel, the NCR Veteran

    Invasion UAC Demos [ZDoom 2.8.1]

    MAP31: Virtual Reality UV-Max in 25:55 iu31-2555.zip
  7. Daniel, the NCR Veteran

    Akeldama demos [-complevel 2]

    NoMo D2All in 43:19 ak2allo4319.zip Never again.
  8. Daniel, the NCR Veteran

    dsda-doom endoom support [split]

    I probably shouldn't add to the derailment of the thread into an "sourceport-focused discussion", but you have more than several things wrong: 1. There's barely anybody doing any runs using (g)zdoom, I'm one of them occasinoally and I saw like a person or two participating in doing Lilith.pk3/Invasion UAC runs along with me but 2-3 people doesn't constitute an active (g)zdoom runnerbase. Also, using (g)zdoom is generally only allowed for (g)zdoom-specific wads only, otherwise the runs aren't valid. And yes, you also see "speedruns" of people using (g)zdoom ports but most of them don't play on UV + they don't provide a demo + they likely just spam e1m1 and expect the run to be valid :). And how come you talk about DSDA-Doom being so removed from the original game when (G)Zdoom is 10 million times worse in that regard??? Not to mention demo compatibility is basically busted since you have to make sure you have the corresponding version of (G)Zdoom to playback a demo that was done on that version. 2. How do you expect us to use Doom2.exe or Chocolate Doom to run complevel 9 (Boom), 11 (MBF) and 21 (MBF21)/limit-removing wads? [Doom Retro supports these but oh no, does it stray a bit too far too by supporting these complevels?] 3. DSDA-Doom. It's literally a port made for speedrunners by a speedrunner. Of course, anyone can use any port they want to speedrun, but DSDA-Doom is made to have convienent and nice-to-have QoL improvements towards the demo recording/on-the-fly TASing experience, sublime demo compatibility and pretty fast support for new things like -complevel 21 and hexen-in-doom format. Yes, it isn't exactly a 1:1 replica of the original game, but otherwise how do you expect it to keep up with new complevels and such? Or attend to those that just like playing on OpenGL to have more than 1 FPS on 1920x1080 or any higher res than that? It caters to every doom speedrunner's needs that you can think of except maybe those that wanna do (G)Zdoom wads, since demo compatibility doesn't work in a (G)ZDoom environment if you want to, god forbid, update the sourceport, or those that want a completely vanilla experience like you, I suppose (Xit Vono is the only runner I know that still uses Doom2.exe to this day, but that's just one, and it's because he wants to.). And to add to the actual thread at hand: ENDOOM does nothing but add an extra screen to exit on, and since not a lot of people use DSDA-Doom for casual playthroughs (although I've seen some that do because of the QoL changes), it makes complete sense for its removal (not to mention the extra keypress at the end which for people like me, it just throws me off.) 4. "The port doesn't represent speed runners or speed running in Doom". You've done a singular doom2 Map15s Pacifist co-op demo back in 2001 (if my sources are right about you being Kim Hauge). I'm not exactly known for my long history in speedrunning neither but you don't speak for the rest of us, especially when you just have 1 old demo. 2001 is 21 years ago, a lot of speedrunners have come and go, and speedrunning itself as a hobby has changed significantly.
  9. Daniel, the NCR Veteran

    Beat .00/:00 Demos Month

    Cydonia MAP18 NoMo in 0:53.51 cy18o053.zip Mappers... please speedproof and foolproof your linedefs. I've skipped every important teleporter and wall-opening linedef for this run atleast once in my attempts.
  10. Daniel, the NCR Veteran

    Beat .00/:00 Demos Month

    Community Chest 3 MAP22 NoMo in 0:59.57 c322o059.zip
  11. Daniel, the NCR Veteran

    Beat .00/:00 Demos Month

    Had to eliminate my own .00 and :00's. Might chase the runs of others in the NoMo category now. Akeldama MAP06 NoMo 100S in 2:51.89 ak06os251.zip MAP10 NoMo 100S in 1:56.57 ak10os156.zip MAP27 NoMo in 1:52.69 ak27o152.zip Judgment MAP08 NoMo in 0:59.77 judg08o059.zip
  12. Daniel, the NCR Veteran

    Xerxesia - Derailed in 3 Posts

    Until you try speedrunning. Then GZDoom is actually pretty crappy: - No ability to viddump - Gotta use the exact GZDoom version that the demo was recorded in, as using a different one means desync - So inaccurate to the original doom games that it's actually mind boggling. Each port has its use, and GZDoom is possibly the worst one to have as a "jack of all trades" when it completely flunks it on multiple trades. The best way to do it is to have multiple sourceports like Thanos' infinity stones. - DSDA-Doom for demo recording, viddumping, support for the latest features (MBF21) (It's also my personal choice over PRBoom+ and I use it for casual play aswell) - GZDoom/ZDoom for Hexen in Doom format/ZDoom wads and .pk3s - Zandronum for ZDoom wad/.pk3 multiplayer - Woof for co-op, both casual and demo recording. - Crispy Doom for the ultimate vanilla experience. As for errors, well, these different ports aren't pick up and play like GZdoom/ZDoom/Zandronum, sure, but all you need is to just read/watch some tutorials (dsda-doom has a literal thread dedicated on how to use it) and you're good to go. DSDA-Doom in particular has a third party launcher called the DSDA-Launcher where you have it all in GUI form and it'll do commandlines for you like setting up the proper complevel (certain wads need certain complevels to be set by you, the player). With ports like Woof, Crispy and PRBoom+, you will have to use a batch file with commands to start up what you want.
  13. Daniel, the NCR Veteran

    Invasion UAC Demos [ZDoom 2.8.1]

    MAP30: Hell Assault UV-Max in 4:53 iu30-453.zip As said in the .txt description, big thank you's to Billa for letting me know how a BFG should be properly used, and thanks to a1s for his video since billa linked me it :)
  14. Daniel, the NCR Veteran

    Invasion UAC Demos [ZDoom 2.8.1]

    MAP01: Unusual Day NoMo in 1:25 iu01o125.zip MAP02: The Stage is Set NoMo in 1:00 iu02o100.zip
  15. Daniel, the NCR Veteran

    Invasion UAC Demos [ZDoom 2.8.1]

    MAP06: Invasion By Night NoMo in 1:52. As my description in the txt says: "With mouselook. gross gross gross gross gross but it's so much faster :(" iu06o152.zip NoMo 100S in 0:46. Takes the secret exit + cannot be done without mouselook so yeah, it's another mouselook run. iu06os046.zip