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  1. BGrieber

    Discussion about the Fallout games

    How much of Shamus’ writings/videos did you watch prior to a few hours ago?
  2. BGrieber

    Discussion about the Fallout games

    3 has its issues and I’m not a fan of all its writing but its far from bad. It can just be hard to go back into if you’ve been spoiled by some of New Vegas’ changes. If you haven’t played NV yet then this isn’t a big concern, and if you want to play it with NV’s improvements you can get some “port grease” ready and combine both New Vegas’ world and Fallout 3’s into one mod.
  3. BGrieber

    Discussion about the Fallout games

    Can’t speak for H. Bomber but that does not apply to Shamus. His concerns lie with how they handle their writing and world-building, something he was particularly passionate about with Skyrim as well.
  4. BGrieber

    Discussion about the Fallout games

    I put NV above 3 mainly for the gameplay, NPCs, and their interactions. The character and build development is much more varied and interesting with New Vegas. I’m only personally dismissive of Fallout 3’s story, some of the characters, and writing in general. It’s not to say NV is a masterpiece but it certainly clicks with me more, and it’s kind of hard to choose one when I can choose both through the Two Wastelands mod…even if it doesn’t make much sense. ”Why are others dismissive of 3”? Can’t say precisely since I’ve seen as many trolls easily dismiss NV as well, but some of the more legitimate and interesting concerns has been with how Bethesda could be interpreting the setting. Not an article but this time a video from the late and great Shamus Young that may provide some legitimacy to those concerns. What’s ironic is that 76 may have expanded on the setting in ways he prefers, things that Fallout 3 and 4 did not. Sadly I don’t have much interest in that “always online” Fallout game.
  5. BGrieber

    When did Old School FPS fans turn around on Halo?

    Speaking only on behalf of the second, the online for it was delightful. Looked great for the time, heavy and fun gunplay, classes to choose and customize, but they sealed the deal with dedicated servers supporting up to 32 players - and all for a console FPS! Killzone 3 would get rid of lots of this as well as join the “quick and easy melee kill” bandwagon that was popular for shooters for a time.
  6. Most of my WoW experience was weird because it was as a "casual tank". I never got into the hardcore raiding scenes or guilds, mostly just dungeon and heroic queues. Most if not all of the people I played with were often happy enough just to have a tank show up. But one weird thing I found myself doing was looking up boss fights and encounters well in advance. Especially if it's a mechanic that could wipe the party, it was very beneficial for me to basically "spoil" myself of every upcoming encounter. That's the exact opposite of what I want out of a video game, and one of many things that started pushing me away from playing WoW and other similar games. I'm more of the "disillusioned" end regarding online gaming with random people, though it probably varies from game to game. Online gaming with homies and best friends, though? That's not going away for me anytime soon. Regarding min-maxing and classes between Dark Souls and Diablo 3, D3 is much more strict with skills and such. The Souls games let you develop your characters however you'd want since the starting "classes" are more about what equipment and stat spreads you start with, it's simple but fluid and unrestricted - all the moreso if it's a Souls-styled game with respecs. Still though, some playstyles will benefit more from what classes you want to start with: If you play Dark Souls and say "I want to be a fireball throwing murderhobo" there's no clearer choice than the Pyromancer, which is just a great choice in general for that game.
  7. BGrieber

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

    My goodness, I’d love to explore these in particular.
  8. Another thing I’ve noticed is that the shotguns shoot really fast, making it even more difficult to justify more “proper” reload animations at the time. I think they still look fun, and the updated models from Nightdive’s touching up are lovely.
  9. BGrieber

    When did Old School FPS fans turn around on Halo?

    Oh boy, this recent matchmaking discussion is giving me “Not Balanced For Lean” PTSD… Reach is also when they implemented a sprint so you weren’t always so “early/mid 2000s shooter” slow.
  10. BGrieber

    What are you guys buying for Steam Autumn Sale 2022?

    I might grab some more Total Warhammer armies if they’re on sale. I’m actually more waiting on things to release than things to go on sale, like that Elevator Action release and the inevitable Dwarf Fortress. Also grabbed Ghostsong recently so I’d thoroughly recommend that to Metroid fans if it’s on sale. Update: Ended up grabbing Forgive Me Father. It’s alright! Nothing too groundbreaking but fun, and I love weird weapons.
  11. BGrieber

    When did Old School FPS fans turn around on Halo?

    That seems like an odd thing for these nebulous “grumpy gamers” to be petty about. If I was one of them, I’d just make it simple and hate all linear FPS games - arrrrgh! If anything, I would think those grumps to be upset with Halo being a “console first” shooter.
  12. BGrieber

    What the hell is going on with fandom

    That’s a huuuuge reason I prefer DoomWiki.org, or nearly every alternative to a Fandom site. Scrolling down a wiki entry only to have it turn into a video ad is fairly disgusting.
  13. BGrieber

    When did Old School FPS fans turn around on Halo?

    It was a series I initially grew up with but lost interest in with 4. I only ever played Reach online, and I was more into Perfect Dark than Halo 1 at the time. That middle school coop playthrough was lots of fun at the time, though, as were a few system link parties. I went through Halo 1 and a chunk of 2 not too long ago with a friend. There was some fun to be had but we got bored nearly halfway into the sequel. For both of these campaigns, it started feeling like we were running into the “bad” type of repetitive, the “padding” kind. We might skip straight to 3 or Reach at some point. Or we’ll just keep playing Deep Rock. Also I’m still looking for a way into the alternate reality where Halo wasn’t turned into an FPS and Bungie kept it as an RTS like a futuristic Myth. If anyone knows a way into that timeline please let me know, thanks!
  14. Lmao now you got me chucklin’, man! I’m genuinely hoping to see more Quakestuff, Wolfstuff, and heck even more Ragestuff, but it seems to me - from my silly biased bootie - that IdSoft may feel safer having people like Machine Games handle those IPs while the main team keeps it “safe” with Doom. (More classic Quake content from Machine Games would be fantastic, by the way. Wallet’s ready, ya’ll!)
  15. BGrieber

    CRPG conversations

    I put a similar amount of time into Skyrim during it’s initial heyday. Now I can barely manage a few minutes of it. This is unlike when I want to mess around with a new Daggerfall or Morrowind character where I’m like “I’ll just try this real quick” - and suddenly a few hours of my time will disappear; I can still get some fun out of their gameplay mechanics and character development. Most of my fun with Skyrim arose from the aesthetics, and I just no longer get the same “hit” when seeing my guy don Nordic plate while swinging a longsword. I think if the style of the game looks cool and you really like Jeremy Soule’s music and pretty winter auroras, you may get some milage out of Skyrim. If there’s one thing I thought was “kind of cool” regarding its RPG mechanics, it was the armor cap. I kind of liked the idea that you can become so good in your preferred armor type that you can make a set of reinforced iron perform as well as a suit of daedric gear. Regarding quest design: I thoroughly recommend reading this article by Shamus Young regarding the Thieves Guild quest. It’s sort of spoiler heavy but epitomizes my concerns towards Bethesda’s writing and overall design. He also mentions a ‘jail break’ quest that’s also fairly concerning. (He was also a prolific Doomer who sadly passed away earlier this year, may he rest in peace.)