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  1. Sneezy McGlassFace

    0%ing Doom: Is It Possible?

    Oh, right. I keep forgetting what is and isn't counted. In that case, it's just the infighting. I don't know whether there are some forced pickups
  2. Sneezy McGlassFace

    0%ing Doom: Is It Possible?

    The medkits at end of levels suddenly become a problem, I imagine. And infighting. What would we call it? UV-MIN?
  3. Sneezy McGlassFace

    *** The "ask a miscellaneous editing question" thread ***

    When I try to convert 64x64 image to Doom Flat, it becomes 4.00kb but type "unknown". No icon, no preview. Does it mean it's corrupted?
  4. Sneezy McGlassFace

    Most influential ZDoom maps?

    I can't speak for the community as a whole but for me personally it's 2008's Psychophobia. That made me ask "hold on, Doom can do this?!" New campaign, and a metric crap-ton of new monsters and weapons.
  5. Sneezy McGlassFace

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

    Mind me asking where I could get the foliage? Looks jawdropping
  6. Sneezy McGlassFace

    Most frustrating gameplay moment in Doom

    It's easy to complain about 80 DMG rev rockets ending runs. It's easy to forget how many times 10 DMG rev ball saved you. How many times 8 DMG baron ball saved you. We really ought to show some gratitude to RNGsus. Pray for good rolls. Sacrifice a lamb once in a while.
  7. Sneezy McGlassFace

    What's your preferred way of implementing skill levels?

    You know what, I like that. This way you'd have nightmare made from the easy difficulty, that sounds interesting. That could make nightmare beatable by mere mortals, and relatively easy to implement. Edit: also, skill 1 would be the hard difficulty, except with half damage and double pickups...
  8. Sneezy McGlassFace

    One random Arch-Vile in older maps?

    I think it's due to majority of players were keyboard only at that time, and the skill of doom play increased dramatically over the decades. How's it with cyberdemons in those wads? How rare are they compared to viles?
  9. Sneezy McGlassFace

    What's your preferred way of implementing skill levels?

    I'm not sure I understand. Are you saying to put UV into place of HNTR and then rename HNTR to UV?
  10. Sneezy McGlassFace

    What's your preferred way of implementing skill levels?

    If I remember correctly, Ribbiks talked about this on the Evening with Nirvana podcast. Because he's got a beef with UV being the default for majority of the community. And he said that making UV not being the actual UV is one way to deter people from going for UV without thinking. But that would badly mess with the players who don't know. You get beaten on UV so you step it down to HMP and get beaten even harder. And you can explain everything in BIG LETTERS in the textfile but who reads those.. MajorArlene also said (when talking to Bridge at some point) that she made very clear in a forum post that her wad intended experience is HMP and still got tons of messages saying that UV is too hard.
  11. Sneezy McGlassFace

    What is your favorite texture from classic doom?

    I really like SKINFACE The box art of Master Levels is cool as heck.
  12. Sneezy McGlassFace

    Dumb question from wannabe Doom-tuber

    What kind of footage are you looking for? The wad playing in background kinda depends on what the video is about. Doesn't really make sense to ask for recommendations when you give no specifics at all. But to answer your question, here's some random wads from the top of my head. In no order and for no reason. Going Down, BTSX, Ancient Aliens, Auger;Zenith, Rush, Jade Earth. Throw 1d6 to choose.
  13. What's your baseline difficulty, and how do you go about balancing the others? Is it enough to place more health and ammo for lower skills? Do you remove done monsters? Or replace them with other, less threatening ones? What is your idea of how each difficulty should feel? For example, I like to make old school run-and-gun gameplay but encourage the player to move during encounters. I'm starting with UV because most players go for that without even thinking about it, so I make that as rough as I like. When that's thoroughly tested, I go for HNTR, and play with trackpoint instead of mouse. That's the little red nub on thinkpads. It's much harder to play with that, so I have to get a bunch more health and ammo around, and change the monsters around. Couple imps instead of a hell knight in incidental scenario. If there's a cliff with sniping revs on UV, it'll be probably a whole lot of imps or a couple HKs. It always needs to be tested. Even as a separate segment to see what's more fun. Maybe revs are the right call but less of them. Maybe you get an extra armour to deal with it. And HMP is something in between. With HMP, I prefer to give more health than on UV, instead of changing monsters around. So, how do you go about it?
  14. Which then causes a visplane overflow and requires the devs to take another month to fix that map, thus setting back the release date.