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  1. Sneezy McGlassFace

    What is actually the "essence" of doom?

    By all means, defend the concept all you like. Just keep in mind it is a concept.
  2. Sneezy McGlassFace

    [boom] Garden of Plagues

    Thank you all for playing, and your feedback! Thank you @Maribo and @ryiron for the demos, unfortunately I can't seem to get them to play at the moment. Issues updating dsda but I'll get to them asap, don't worry about it. @jacnowak I'm very glad you persevered, even though the map is tough. Your video was very helpful. I have now released an updated version RC3, changelog: If you have more reports, I'm all ears.
  3. Sneezy McGlassFace

    What is actually the "essence" of doom?

    See, I don't think there is such a thing as a pure essence. In doom or in anything else. There's no one or any number of attributes that would unmistakably include all the doom games and exclude all the non-doom ones. If you say that the essence of doom is a lone marine shooting demons in space, well plenty other games do that. Like the recent boltgun. Maybe it also has to be made by id. But plenty official doom games are not made by id. So it's not the engine either. Because there's plenty official doom games on different engines, and plenty non-doom games on the doom engine. Maybe shooting demons in space AND it's an fps format AND with the official doom logo. But doom rpg on the old phones is a thing. (It's really good btw, you should check it out) Maybe it's the logo alone giving it the identity of uniquely doom? But freedoom exists, which is functionally all doom except the trademark. Maybe it's a completely abstract feeling that cannot be put into words but you just know it's doom when you play it. But if you play doom with a an overhaul mod like hideous destructor, it's the same game but feels entirely different. Names like this are just a simplified representation of real things we can all more or less agree on, when we talk about them. But they're not the real thing itself. Looking for an essence is trying to fit the concept perfectly onto the real thing, and it just doesn't work, in my opinion. It's fool's errand.
  4. Sneezy McGlassFace

    The philosophy that goes into making a good map

    Find a list of things mappers should avoid, bad mapping practices and concepts. And then do that. For example, List: doom platforming is bad because you can't see where you're going. You: Make a map that's mostly platforming where you can't see where you're going. But here's the twist - think about a way to make it a fun challenge. I guarantee there is a way.
  5. Sneezy McGlassFace

    [boom] Garden of Plagues

    MAP01 Doom 2 (complevel 9) 30 minutes-ish par time Mucus Flow-inspired Exploration-focused, with multiple paths, oppressive atmosphere Designed for punishing UV experience. HMP and HNTR have more forgiveness Tested in nugget-doom, dsda-doom, gzdoom Special thanks to @SoBad, @Portponky and @Biodegradable for testing. And @Snaxalotl for the haunting Abscission midi. Story: Screenshots: Download: Good luck, have fun, Sneezy :)
  6. Okay, sign me up! I had this dumb idea so it's a good time to go through with it. A level (or more) of Heretic using one of the 90s DOS editors. So either HEU or DETH. Curious how it'll go edit: I also have a couple maps for CPs that I should get finished. So I'll do those first, Heretic can wait. 90s aren't going anywhere anytime soon.
  7. Sneezy McGlassFace

    Freedoom needs more attention

    In my eyes, the biggest strength is the legality like Scypek2 and OpenRift said. There's been a few threads regarding development of entirely new doom game that isn't based on gzdoom you may wanna look up if interested. The doom engine is open sourced but the doom art assets aren't. So having the freedoom iwad as a base to work with is really nice. This is not a legal advice. Do your own research.
  8. Sneezy McGlassFace

    The Dean of Doom series (companion thread)

    I think that the absence of vertical mouse aim is a great strength of doom, not a hindrance. A lot of shooter games have location based damage, and aiming very precisely is essential. Without vertical aim, doom gunplay is entirely focused on who you decide to shoot, not how well you can shoot them. It's strategy vs precision. Of course it's not black and white but the point remains. That every other fps does it doesn't mean it's the best solution. Even without location based damage. In doom, I don't need to worry too much about hitting a caco, if there's nobody in front, the autoaim will sort it out. If I don't need to look up to hit it, I can still keep track of what's going on below. The enemies are sprites, and with free look, the illusion you're fighting actual enemies shatters. Maybe it's just me but seeing that they're all just cardboard cutouts really breaks my enjoyment of the game. And the level design is also very particular when you're bound to only see what's in front of you. All the important and cool things need to be at certain height. That affects geometry, and shapes of the encounters within.
  9. Sneezy McGlassFace


    The music there is just in case you wanted to keep it separate. It's yours now, do with it as you see fit
  10. Too many supershotguns has some good ones, my favourite was the tall one stacked like twenty-high so you can't see over it. Certified hood classic.
  11. Sneezy McGlassFace

    Nihal's Pallette Collection - [Update 6.2] CGA Palettes!

    Fam, I love the palettes but the yellow skull does still show as magenta. Also the locked door marker. The key card is fine, though. It's worth either changing or mentioning it in the short description, mappers beware. edit: this is regarding M4P1
  12. Sneezy McGlassFace

    Box Doom - Community Project [19 SLOTS OPEN]

    Sorry, I won't actually be making a map/room for this in the end
  13. Sneezy McGlassFace

    Doom II in episodic format.

    How could I forget my favourite episode! Shame on me
  14. Sneezy McGlassFace

    Doom II in episodic format.

    I'd simply/boringly go by the sky changes just like the original Doom. Episode 1: Starport (map01 - map12 map11) Episode 2: City (map13 map12 - map20) Episode 3: Hell (map21 - map32) And no 4th episode. Doomwiki:
  15. Two came to mind: The shed in Overboard MAP02 with fuel canister for your boat And Rush MAP04, the red-key cabin.