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  1. kane

    US brings "Terror to Terrorists"

    Grendowing, I admire your principles against fighting except to save your own life. But suppose someone grabbed your wife or little kid and did something bad to them? Or even, killed them? What would you do then? Just curious, this ain't a flame.
  2. kane

    US brings "Terror to Terrorists"

    The 3rd attack today just ended, one pilot said he was glad to kill the scum who were protecting the terrorists who killed our US citizens. Maybe, he had someone who died there. One of the attacks caught a bunch of Taliban troops and tanks that were getting ready to ambush the guerrillas (who are supporting the US). When our guys finished, the scumbag Taliban terrorist troops were just red meat, and the tanks were burning hulks. Well done.
  3. kane

    US brings "Terror to Terrorists"

    gangsta, I don't know what I did, never bothered to ask.
  4. Glad to see British and US jet fighters and cruise missiles are finally bringing "terror to the terrorists". We're giving the filthy murdering scum, a taste of their own Terror. Now the bastards are finding out what it's like to be on the RECEIVING end! Go, US !! Go, Brits !!
  5. kane

    Need help with Wad Author...

    azure.... I believe you must first make sure you have Doom2 v1.9 Otherwise you won't get anywhere, period. You can download it. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
  6. kane

    Deep/S and Wad/A

    deep, thanks for the reply...... "It is possible to do some of the things mentioned - but on a much smaller scale. One of things on the someday "to do" list:)" I sure hope you do and soon. Deepsea is slowly becoming the "Swiss Army Knife" of Editors. (Able to do everything!!!)
  7. kane

    Deep/S and Wad/A

    Thanks for the reply, Pming, it's appreciated. I don't know enough about the coding, to comment.
  8. kane

    Deep/S and Wad/A

    "that's easy. save the file and load it through the source port it's designed for. no need to close it all of the time." Yes, that's what we do now.... (1)Save your newly-edited file. (2)Load it into your source port. (3)Walk around, and look at what you did. What I had in mind was a Feature that eliminates 1 and 2. (i.e. "while you're editing your map, you see what you're building even as you build it"). Maybe something like a "Live View" button in your editor. You click on it, and a window opens showing the new Door (or wall, window, etc.) you just built. No need, to (1) save map (2)load port ---in order to see it. Perhaps it can't be done, or would require a lot of coding. That's why I'm asked for Opinions here. As for D3 allowing in-game editing, I saw it months ago in news item, no details, never saw it mentioned elsewhere. Thanks for Reply.
  9. kane

    Deep/S and Wad/A

    A "Suggestion" about two superb Editors. Comments requested, Pro n' Con..... I have WadAuthor Editor, someday will get DeepSea Editor too. I want both, for different features, way of doing things. I already paid for WadAuthor, but would gladly pay again for a "major" new W/A upgrade. Ditto for DeepSea. IMO (not to start flame war, just my opinion) we pay those 2 guys slave-wages to build us Editors. Maybe 40cents an hour (if even that much) when you consider how much time, sweat, effort these two professional Coders put into designing/building them and consider value of these Editors that let you make all kinds of fancy Doom maps. So it has to be a labor of love that makes Coders (who's time is money) do these time-consuming jobs for peanuts. Why not encourage them, More? Then in return maybe we'll get more, and sooner. I suggest this...... We should seriously consider "voluntarily-paying" for each new MAJOR Upgrade. It's not only fair, but we'll get big benefits from it. How so? It would very likely encourage Jack n'Phileo to sweat even more, and crank out even better, more advanced Editors sooner. For example.... (1) Maybe, like putting into W/A and D/S Editors a feature that lets you do "in-game" Editing, right IN game itself. I think Carmack says Doom3 editor will be able to do it (err, hopefully there'll be no Enemy around while you're editing). (2) Or, an Editor feature that lets you actually SEE what you are building WHILE you are building it (without having to exit the editor, fire up game and go look to see what the fancy new Lights you just built look like, or the new Door looks like, or the new Room, etc.). Imagine what a "Plus" it would be to be able to instantly-see if you eliminated a HOM, or if a Wall lines up OK, or if Bldg-texture looks messy, or if clipping is gone, etc. (I think Serious Sam game has Editor with this "See It As You Build" feature). Anyone have opinions?---Or better ideas?
  10. kane

    Phileosophus replies

    Thanks for the info Rex.