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  1. And some info? How many maps in wad etc?
  2. @Jaska how many maps are in this wad?
  3. tom3kb

    Final Carnage v0.1A

    Just finished this wad with Project Brutality, very good work. Im waiting for 2nd episode ☺️
  4. tom3kb

    Final Carnage v0.1A

    Just started playing, very cool looking wad with good soundtrack :)
  5. Maybe new released total conversion Batman Rogue City. 8 big maps, many enemies, boss fights etc. Link to version 1.0: CLICK Mod topic on moddb: CLICK
  6. tom3kb

    Zombie Base: 5 map DOOM2 WAD

    Very nice not to long wad. For me the best was map 4 and 5. Played whole thing with Project Brutality, didnt have any problems. Good work.
  7. tom3kb

    Can't Get Brutal Wolfenstein To Work

    @Werge download new version of Brutal Wolfenstein 6.0 with all 6 episodes ;)
  8. I dont know if this could count for 2022 Cacowards (mod was oryginally released in 2014) but in 2022 Brutal Wolfenstein was totally reworked, all 6 episodes. New maps, enemies, weapons, gameplay changes, bugfixes etc. Link to Brutal Wolfenstein on moddb: Click Ps. There will be one more update with bonus episode.
  9. tom3kb

    Looking for short WADs for YouTube projects.

    @EduardoAndFriendsAlmost all stuff from Doomer Board Project, most have ~10 maps, new textures, new monsters etc.
  10. I think i found today something good. HYDRA a sci-fi total conversion with new story, textures, monsters and weapons. 3 episodes, 15 maps. In this mod we have even storytelling ;) player can check terminals for new informations etc. Short gameplay from demo version: Full version of mod you can download from moddb: HYDRA. Ps. I finished only first few maps and im playing with Project Brutality so i dont have enemies etc like in vanilla wad but its still fun :)
  11. Just finished v1 of this wad. First two maps was fun, small tight rooms, small fights. 3rd map was bigger and lagging as hell on my old potato PC :)
  12. Just finished this wad, took me ~1hour. Played with brutal doom. Nice short, fast wad, on map 1-2 i was low on ammo and health but maybe it was my playstyle ;). Nice work. Maybe i would add some end screen with some text or something like that.
  13. tom3kb

    Are there any HR Giger inspired wads/mods?

    Maybe becose ;)
  14. tom3kb

    What Remains | Now on idgames!

    "finished" this wad right now, first 4 maps was really fun, not to big, not to many monsters etc and after this we have final map. For me it was too big and to long. I was happy when i opened door with Exit :) but it wasnt the end, and we have big slaughter fight :( didnt like the final. But liked 80% of the mappack ;)
  15. Played first 3 maps, not to big maps but they looking good, dint'n like the fights so far, small rooms, to many monsters for me. So far i pass this wad.