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Everything posted by tom3kb

  1. Ok, so its probably my old GZdoom for Win 7 (32bit) making problems ;) Thx for info.
  2. I started playing v1.5.4 and i think there is bug with machine pistol with drum magazine (ppsh) and the Luger pistol. It has unlimited ammo? On hud there are 200 bullets but you can shoot and shoot, no ammo is dropping down. The same with normal shootgun, no ammo dropping down when shooting. Playing with gzdoom.
  3. tom3kb

    The Shadow Episode FINAL BUILD

    Maybe few screenshots?
  4. Today i finished first two wads from this series. Im playing with Project Brutality and didnt have any bigger problems (in Totlm3 i have strange glitch with PB, very big icons of ammo for all weapons on maps 🤣 but its not a big problem for me). I really like the Doom+Unreal vibe in this mods, nice maps with low enemy count. Great work.
  5. tom3kb

    DBP61: Tempest Enterprise

    First part of wad was fun, later we have slaughter with hundreds monsters on maps, not my cup of tea.
  6. tom3kb

    HEAD TRAUMA - (Now on IDgames)

    File size 6,66Mb nice, its fits for Doom ☺️ Downloading.
  7. And some info? How many maps in wad etc?
  8. @Jaska how many maps are in this wad?
  9. tom3kb

    Final Carnage v0.1A

    Just finished this wad with Project Brutality, very good work. Im waiting for 2nd episode ☺️
  10. tom3kb

    Final Carnage v0.1A

    Just started playing, very cool looking wad with good soundtrack :)
  11. Maybe new released total conversion Batman Rogue City. 8 big maps, many enemies, boss fights etc. Link to version 1.0: CLICK Mod topic on moddb: CLICK
  12. tom3kb

    Zombie Base: 5 map DOOM2 WAD

    Very nice not to long wad. For me the best was map 4 and 5. Played whole thing with Project Brutality, didnt have any problems. Good work.
  13. tom3kb

    Can't Get Brutal Wolfenstein To Work

    @Werge download new version of Brutal Wolfenstein 6.0 with all 6 episodes ;)
  14. I dont know if this could count for 2022 Cacowards (mod was oryginally released in 2014) but in 2022 Brutal Wolfenstein was totally reworked, all 6 episodes. New maps, enemies, weapons, gameplay changes, bugfixes etc. Link to Brutal Wolfenstein on moddb: Click Ps. There will be one more update with bonus episode.
  15. tom3kb

    Looking for short WADs for YouTube projects.

    @EduardoAndFriendsAlmost all stuff from Doomer Board Project, most have ~10 maps, new textures, new monsters etc.
  16. I think i found today something good. HYDRA a sci-fi total conversion with new story, textures, monsters and weapons. 3 episodes, 15 maps. In this mod we have even storytelling ;) player can check terminals for new informations etc. Short gameplay from demo version: Full version of mod you can download from moddb: HYDRA. Ps. I finished only first few maps and im playing with Project Brutality so i dont have enemies etc like in vanilla wad but its still fun :)
  17. Just finished v1 of this wad. First two maps was fun, small tight rooms, small fights. 3rd map was bigger and lagging as hell on my old potato PC :)
  18. Just finished this wad, took me ~1hour. Played with brutal doom. Nice short, fast wad, on map 1-2 i was low on ammo and health but maybe it was my playstyle ;). Nice work. Maybe i would add some end screen with some text or something like that.
  19. tom3kb

    Are there any HR Giger inspired wads/mods?

    Maybe becose ;)
  20. tom3kb

    What Remains | Now on idgames!

    "finished" this wad right now, first 4 maps was really fun, not to big, not to many monsters etc and after this we have final map. For me it was too big and to long. I was happy when i opened door with Exit :) but it wasnt the end, and we have big slaughter fight :( didnt like the final. But liked 80% of the mappack ;)
  21. Played first 3 maps, not to big maps but they looking good, dint'n like the fights so far, small rooms, to many monsters for me. So far i pass this wad.
  22. I like green color so i tried this wad. ;) Nice not to long map pack, i liked first and 3rd map the most. 3rd map is little dark in few places so i bump brightnes in options. Even slaughter fights was not so bad. :) Played whole thing with Project Brutality.
  23. Just finished this wad. Map design is great, loved all maps 10/10. Gameplay mmm on first 6 maps was great maps with many small rooms, small fast fights. Maps 7-10 are a lot bigger, we have more monsters and we have more slaugterish fights. Map 11, o shit this one is big :D on difficulty easy i was having ~400 monsters to kill and ~300 of kills my potato PC started making slide show on this map. But somehow i finished this wad Summary: i loved the maps but im scared what we will see in episode 2 and 3, fights with 1000 monsters :D Played whole wad with project brutality.
  24. And for this you have to make new topic? You made few threads about your wad, and now another one.
  25. Finished this one few minutes ago. I dont like slaughter fight wads and this one is first that i finished :D It was hard for me but somehow i beat him. What i liked are the texture pack that you used. Arena style maps are not in my taste so maybe i will not judge ;) Wad is well made just not in my taste. Anyway, thanks for sharing. Played with Project Brutality.