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  1. Metal_Sonic


    I started to use Doomsday because you could play it over modem. Then I got hooked on all the extras that are for it.
  2. It's a pitty people call doomsday, jdoom. when jdoom is only a part of doomsday.
  3. Metal_Sonic

    Voxels (are they the future?)

    can i get a copy of the paper thin imp? I would like to try make him more 3d
  4. Metal_Sonic

    DoomBuilder feature requests: Part 2

    Someone told me that doomsday has the option of an object being placed above the ground. e.g. chosing a lamp to be in mid air So I would like to be able to set the start hieght of the object in doombuilder.
  5. Metal_Sonic

    MP on mac OS X

    ive tried playing multiplayer with legacy on mac. It dosn't work. Doomsday might thoe. But you do have to compile it first http://forums.newdoom.com/showthread.php?t=24782
  6. Metal_Sonic

    Duke NUkem 3d for Zdoom

    why not just play duke 3d? There are source ports for it if you need them. like jonoF's jDuke3d
  7. Metal_Sonic

    Doom 2 retexturing with Jdoom

    you should get version 1.8.2 it fixes the small bugs that poped up in 1.8.1
  8. Metal_Sonic

    Doom 2 retexturing with Jdoom

    thats because of with the jdtp you dont need to have a textures folder.
  9. Metal_Sonic

    Doomsday Textures

    all you have to do is make the textures folder.
  10. Metal_Sonic

    Doomsday 1.8.2 Released

    get it here http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/deng/deng-inst-1.8.2.exe?download
  11. Metal_Sonic

    Doomsday 1.8.1 Released

    it includes bugfixes like: dosn't crash anymore when exiting from multiplayer games Mouse lag is fixed for thoes who had lag get it here http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/deng/deng-inst-1.8.1.exe?download
  12. Metal_Sonic

    Problem about Doomsday host console...

    has he disabled music in the sound tab in kickstart? is the music volume turned off in the game?
  13. Metal_Sonic

    Problem about Doomsday host console...

    yes make sure you open the doomsday default port 13209. I dont have a router so i cat tell you how to do it.
  14. Metal_Sonic

    Problem about Doomsday host console...

    do you have a router? do you have a NAT connection type? can you post the doomsday.out file up here. try with version 1.8.1. try having his game registered on the doomsday master server. make sure you allow the default port 13209 to have access on both tcp and udp.
  15. Metal_Sonic

    Doomsday 1.8.1 Released

    1.8 was released a while ago 1.8.1 has just been released.
  16. Metal_Sonic

    Read all about it, source ports!

    why dont you just list all the source ports? rather then promoting your choosen port?
  17. Metal_Sonic

    Where can I get the Jdoom environment pack?

    i just tried the link then and its working
  18. Metal_Sonic

    Can Anyone tell me where to find servers for jdoom?

    most people dont use doom connector to play jdoom th just do it using the multiplaye menu inside jdoom you can see what doomsday servers ae running here http://www.doomsdayhq.com/master.php
  19. Metal_Sonic

    Doomsday multiplayer pics

    here goes some pics i just took while playing co-op with predatorx and rawrg on the Doomsday engine on my 56k modem triumphant over the beast http://ddayql.d-nation.org/pics/copic1.jpg we're off to kill hitler http://ddayql.d-nation.org/pics/copic2.jpg u guys ready http://ddayql.d-nation.org/pics/copic3.jpg
  20. Metal_Sonic

    Is zdoom the most popular port?

    I'm Wondering is zdoom realy the most popular port? according to sourceforge its not. a search for doom (at the time of this post)on sourceforge comes up with 1st Doomsday 2nd the edge project 3rd Doom legacy 6th zdoomgl 8th prboom 9th vavoom 12th zdoom on 22nd july doomsday had 1,007 downloads Legacy had 598 downloads the edge had 52 downloads vavoom had 49 downloads prboom had 78 downloads zdoomgl had 98 downloads zdoom had 4 downloads or am i missing something?
  21. Metal_Sonic

    Is zdoom the most popular port?

    dont get of topic smack face. this is about if zdoom is the most popula not what ports suck.
  22. Metal_Sonic

    Is zdoom the most popular port?

    are you sure over at newdoom legacy is more popular than doomsday? legacy may have more post but that is because the incident over at newdoom, legacy had backups of its threads, doomsday didnt. And do you see how many people are in the doomsday forum compared to the legacy forum. right now 11 people viewing dday forum and 8 viewing legacy. but most of the dday forum visitors dont join newdoom the edge project is a very good port pitty ot to may people have it
  23. Metal_Sonic

    Is zdoom the most popular port?

    well im off to bed i look forward to the interesting conversation in here.
  24. Metal_Sonic

    Is zdoom the most popular port?

    dosn't zdoom upgrade alot too?
  25. Metal_Sonic

    Is zdoom the most popular port?

    the good non engine related stuff arnt found on sourceforge either. find the links to them here jdql.tk