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  1. CrocMagnum

    Video games with your favorite sound design?

    Vampire the Masquerade Redemption (2000) pleases me in every aspect of its sound design. The soundtrack by Kevin Manthei was exceptional, it still gives me the chills: Main Theme, Anezka Theme. The Voice Acting was memorable too. The actors tried to mimic Old English. It wasn't perfect but it added so much to the Medieval/Ghotic atmosphere. The Sound Effects created by Nick Peck were so polished that I still remember them to this day: The footsteps, the potions, the weapons clashing in the inventory, the vampiric powers or the cue when you gained a level. Finally Vampire Redemption had EAX sound, it was such a joy to play this game. Edit: while doing my search I learned two things: 1- Vampire Redemption was developed by an American studio. Damn, I always thought Nihilistic were from Eastern countries. 2- the voice actress who dubbed Anezka (Maggie Beard) also voiced Samara in Mass Effect 2! I would never have thought.
  2. CrocMagnum

    Freedoom 0.13.0 was released

    Congrats on v0.13.0 release. Updates for Freedoom are always full of suprises: I mean there's a lot of changes between versions. The gunplay is starting to feel satisfying. I like the better pistol and the new shotgun for instance. Same deal for the music, I like the variety and the compositions. Especially the tracks from Phase 2. Freedoom is finally starting to feel like his own thing. Can't wait for further updates.
  3. Winter's Fury (Anniversary Edition) is worth a quality fanfic, I believe. "You follow the story of TAO soldier Sergeant Elliott Morse, assigned to clean-up duty by the UAC at Baphomet's crypt. Traversing the frozen technological wasteland outside Mount Baphomet, Elliott discovers things better left to the unknown." I still remember looking for those hidden text logs to understand its singular story. Besides these optional logs, they're conversations to advance the main story; you can skip them with action key. Edit: when you find a hidden text log you can read it by pressing the console, tilde key (~). Took me some time to get that. ^^
  4. @PRIMEVAL: I discovered John S. Weekley with his work on Ashes 2063. The main theme is unmistakably reminscent of John Carpenter early compositions. A composer with great talent. Ex: 2063 from Ashes 2063 @stewboy: Stuart Rynn was already mentioned but I feel compelled to insist. His music is out of the ordinary, more often than not it keeps on lingering on the back of my mind for who knows long. Ex: Gold Rush from Ancient Aliens: this track is so energetic! When I discovered the wad I kept the track on repeat on my music player. @pagb (his channel): I mention Pedro Gómez for his quality longplays. And I’m not talking about doom wads only, he has streamed litterally a ton of longplays for worthy old shooters: Blood, Duke Nukem 3D, Disruptor (PlayStation 1, etc). If you’re stuck in a game or a doom wad then PAGB666 might save your beacon one day. @Suitepee (his channel): John Suitepee is a tireless streamer who makes longplays on Twitch then post them later on Youtube for the sake of preservation. Suitepee has a quality I regard very highly: He takes it slow. Not only will he play slowly but he will put the wad into perspective first; another thing I love about him. If you’re inexperienced with Doom, if you die a lot or are clueless then watch his streams. You might learn a lot. Like how to position yourself when facing enemies, how to use your shotguns efficiently or how not to die repeatedly while using the rocket launcher. You know, noob stuff that most of us experienced on their first time. When I watch his streams, I clearly see a doomer with decades of expertise under his belt, sharing his passion with the community. Underrated streamer? I feel so.
  5. CrocMagnum

    Why are water levels in games so bad?

    "Coral Capers" in Donkey Kong Country SNES was awesome. Some of the best water level I've played. Then the music turns it into a unique experience. Now let me tell you about one really bad water level, "Underwater" in: Chaser (Windows, Shooter 3D, 2003) This is by far the worst water level I've played (vid here). Map is extremely convoluted, drone enemies have tons of HP, the fied of view is confusing (this is specific to this particular level) and worst of all: a hunt for glowing beacons that you have to activate if you want to find your way out of this nightmare. Cherry on the cake: they are 2 sections, so when you see a loading screen and think it's over, you're actually in for another round that's even more painful than the first. Just to clarify: I actually adore Chaser, it's a wonderful 3D game that has a lot to offer to old-school 3D shooter aficionados. I felt the story à la Total Recall was gripping. Great graphics for it's time. A pity the Engine, the CloakNT, wasn't licenced much (shattering glass was well done for instance), tons of weapons and a unique power to slow down time; this game was released before F.E.A.R. (2005) so this feature was innovative somehow. Now if you don't like exploration don't touch this game, sometimes the level design doesn't flow like an ordinary shooter. Often you have to scrutinize your environment to progress. These devs were talented but devious. When I play Chaser, I do it regularly, I know I have to endure that dreadful level. note: I have saves to skip this part when I'm not in the mood, though. ^^
  6. @MrFlibble: I feel the same way. I'm also in line with Asmongold's more pragmatic stance on this issue: It's unreasonable to expect publishers to maintain a game indefinitely. From a corporate standpoint this is not sustainable. Now when a publishers drops a game which still has a community there comes a moral legitimacy to keep the game/the servers functional. Even more so when the publisher doesn't make money from the game or the publisher is defunct. That's what Asmongold expressed at 20:25 in the vid.
  7. The vid posted by Ross Scott on Youtube, see post 1 here, has gathered 36K Likes and 4900+ comments in just 10 days. People are reacting positively and even other streamers are commenting on the subject. Among which Asmongold. For those who don't know Asmongold was a legendary pillar of the World of Warcraft community. Today he has diversified and comments on many games/subjects related to gaming. One of his quirks are his "reaction vids" where he comments on other youtubers and gives his fair opinion. He's a bizarre kinda guy but his comments are often quite insightful. So this time Asmongold commented on Ross Scott's campaign to preserve videogames. It's worth a watch, if you have the time:
  8. This is a well argued rant trying to incite publishers to stop them from letting their games go extinct. It’s also an active campaign. To his credit, famous youtuber Ross Scott succeeds in putting the matter on the table.
  9. CrocMagnum

    Wizzards at Large!

    I like the variety in these tracks: /adv/: this acoustic song reminds me of "Goodbye" from the Vines. I like the melancholy here. Postcards From The Moon: the title track conjures memories of holidays, and it’s a love too. Sweet. Sincere Good Luck for the album, @Dusty_Rhodes.
  10. CrocMagnum

    What are the best lyrics you've ever heard?

    John Hiatt: Damn This Town. A bitter song kinda hard to forget:
  11. CrocMagnum

    What "Lost Media" are you interested in?

    BZPlasma, a youtuber, made a Demoness longplay for Portal of Praevus in which he says "sexy Demoness". So I suppose that's the one. I've put the timestamp when he says it (also it's not lost media ^^):
  12. CrocMagnum

    Doom 2 In City Only [Now on idgames]

    I've reached Map 4 but I can't help expressing my state of mind right now: these maps are immensely fun! They combine what I like most in wads: urban settings and exploration. And my God, these maps are huge. Monster count is crazy but manageable. ^^ Map 03: I fell in love with this one. There're a lot of things I like. The doomcute feels good, especially the vehicles. Some structures are original but still feel like they rightly belong there, the cemetery and the Fort in particular. Also "Waffle Town" reminds me of "Doxylamine Moon" map from Sacrament: huge city, lots of details and even a similar sidequest to find a dozen of Skulls to unlock a secret. Kudos. Map 04: that's where I am. The first thing that struck me is how the beginning reminded me of a souped-up version of Doom City by late Shamus Young. Really the scale of "CBM City" gives me a pause. I like it very much.
  13. CrocMagnum

    Emulator future

    Maybe I understand your concern but you should have given examples. There's one case when I missed physical copies. When the rights to some of the licensed music expire, the digital versions of these games are altered: - in GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition: 21 songs were missing, - The City of Lost Heaven: all the licensed music is gone, This is one of those rare cases where you can sorely miss your boxed copy. But no sane person can blame the Publishers for respecting the law.
  14. They are renowned artists who've been present in your life for so long you take them granted. It's a shock when they pass away. His works resonated with so many people during the 90s, then we got a revival around 2013. We got mangas, animes, videogames and more. I could go on about the different versions, the dubs, the remaster or the legendary It's Over 9000! Dragon Ball and sequels created a whole subculture. Rest in Peace Akira Toriyama.
  15. CrocMagnum

    Timesplitters 4 Tech Demo Found

    Free Radical Design studio was shut down last year due to the ongoing Embracers Group fiasco. Between July an December last year, Embracers have cancelled 29 games (source gamingbolt). Otherwise, the Castle music on post 1 is absolutely incredible. *sigh*