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  1. demonomania

    i need some idea's

  2. demonomania

    "Ice Base" Screenshots

    Let's see... Deathmatch, Skulltag, Ice themed... "Icetopia"! Yeah, that effort sucked, but at least it sounds slightly original.
  3. demonomania

    exit portal

    To add a little bit more to that, look for W1. It takes no less than a monkey to figure that one out!
  4. demonomania

    Doom Millenium

    A funny only furries laugh at.
  5. demonomania

    Edge Editor

    Notepad and a Boom config file for whatever editor you use.
  6. demonomania

    worst internet fad

  7. demonomania

    New Nvidia 56 drivers

    I just changed back to 29.42, as I was getting way too many texture errors (in Steam and Quake 3 particularly) with 53.03. Personally, every single driver I've used after 29.42 (all the WHQL certified drivers) have been nothing but unstable. The 29.42 drivers may only support 60hz refresh, but RivaTuner can easily fix that little problem.
  8. demonomania

    Calling All Wannabe Newstuffers

    Does it really matter who submits the reviews?
  9. demonomania

    jDoom Resource Pack v1.01 OUT NOW

    Definitely a great modeling job. My only complaint is the alignment of the chaingun. It feels a bit too "undoomish" for me.
  10. demonomania


    You can't change the names of the bots. You can change the difficulty by playing them on a different skill level.
  11. demonomania

    New Nvidia 56 drivers

    Yesterday I upgraded from 29.42 to 53.03. Personally I haven't had a need to upgrade NVIDIA drivers (since almost all of them above 29.42 suck) until I realised that you can overclock your video card in the more recent drivers.
  12. demonomania

    Favourite Map Music?

  13. demonomania


    Use a lump management program to extract the midis, if you have the IWADs on your computer.
  14. demonomania


    [incoherant bullshit]Everyone knows Tunnel Runner was the first true 3D engine.[/incoherant bullshit]
  15. demonomania

    best x-rated doom mod

    Nukage Arena (check the automap)