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  1. Korni27

    Oficial nickname list for Doom monsters

    Zombieman - Zombieman Shotgunner - Shotgunner Chaingunner - Chaingunner, oh God oh fuck (only if in a monster closet) Imp - Imp Hellknight - Hellknight Baron of Hell - Baron Lost Soul - Lost Soul, Little Fucker Mancubus - Mancubus Cacodemon - Caco, Tomato Arachnotron - Arachnotron Pinkie/Spectre - Pinkie/Spectre Pain Elemental - Pain Elemental, Meatball Archvile - Archie, Cunt Revenant - Revenant, Skelington Cyberdemon - Cyberdemon, Cyby, Cyber Spider Mastermind - Spider Mastermind, Mastermind, Oh first one, glad someone remembered about her, it's only been 28 maps SS Guards - SS That's my list of how I nickname the demons in doom
  2. Korni27

    What's your opinion on TikTok?

    Brain rot for the masses
  3. me and @Raith138 have done MAP30 i think
  4. I could help if neccessary
  5. only if I got no chaingun, or clip ammo, for sniping
  6. Korni27

    How do i use Slade?

    I suggest, if you want to work a bit harder, after creating a new wad file, click this green file to create some code, name the file "DECORATE" to learn how to use decorate, look at the examples given here https://zdoom.org/wiki/Classes:Doom this has all the doom weapons rewritten in Decorate, you can dissect the code and learn from it or go onto Realm 667 and get assets there that's for custom weapons 'n enemies, of course, Slade has a map editor, and you can use it to create vanilla maps, or maps in the UDMF format going into how to create a map here is going to take too long, so you can search tutorials for yourself. I can give you some shortcuts that can help. Space to draw lines S for sector mode T for Things mode L for Line mode V for Vertex Mode (For me at least) Slade is self-explanatory, and even when I started with it, I didn't have much trouble navigating around it
  7. Korni27

    How do i use Slade?

    Well, this depends on what exactly you want to do.
  8. I was, more inspired, than I edited your part, btw I needed to regenerate the prompt cuz u couldnt find the original one on chat gpt, so I rolled a new one
  9. MAP29: The Living End Made from scratch, but inspired by what @Raith138 has started Tested on ZDoom (Comp: Doom - Strict) but I didn't use anything advanced so PRBoom+, and basically anything that could run WADs will play it Custom MIDI: Chemlab Explosion (Custom made by me) Notify me if you want me to do any changes, or if you find any bugs. +Updated MAP12 with a different soundtrack and a small tweak to the gameplay New Track: Neato by Jeremy Doyle, from TNT: Revilution MAP12.zip MAP29.zip
  10. Speaking of, here is a teaser
  11. You can grab map08 if you want
  12. Like it much better, Tho I would give those monsters here the ambush flag as the monsters go into the hallway in the room before, and i had to force the fight outside Nice :) I would put a berserker pack here on easier difficulties, or on co-op This archvile becomes very easy to avoid if you open the door, go back into the hallway you just were in and paking him with the plasma I think them being on the sides would be better. overall good, I like it