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  1. I tested the fights often and was aware that they are forcing the player to shotgun revenants which I thought was fine because I thought it was challenging and engaging, not boring as it would be if it wasn't threatening. And well, I thought it was fine but it seems like people generally dislike it, so may you please elaborate on why it's bad or bad in this specific case? I'm fine with the difficulty of the map on UV although I think my (small or not) mistake is that I don't tell about the difficulty properly, people wouldn't mind it if they just had the right expectation which they probably would have from a proper description? Before getting any feedback I wasn't sure what to call my maps but now I can be sure that "it's a hard map" suits them right. @FireWarden1000 @Delisk thanks for playing, especially because this thread didn't get replies for a whole month (.. and I can see why).
  2. This breaks doom 1 if added as a resource along with the IWAD in UDB but I can workaround it by checking "exlude this resource from testing parameters", going to f6 > testing > customize parameters and adding hamtex to the -file parameter after my map's wad. I wish I didn't have to do that, it doesn't happen with cc4-tex so is that something fixable? Thanks in advance
  3. I'm sorry for yet another bump of a month old first map and forgetting to send this earlier but here it is:
  4. After 24 days of only occasionally being able to draw something that I didn't want to erase immediately and leave the map in the same state as it was before I opened UDB, I'm back with my second map, stormhalls. It's a single vanilla doom 2 map, it's small and (painfully) linear, it was initially supposed to be loosely inspired by TNT's map 09 (Strongold) but ended up deviating from that pretty significantly so you would never guess without that knowledge, it became a map that just has a lot of hitscanners but with revenants for extra fun! Feedback on this one would be appreciated. For comparsion with the first map, I think it's straight up better in every way, not surprising considering 1 exp gained from the first is much more than 0.0001. This is still not great but it's an improvement. Download: strhls.zip Name: Stormhalls IWAD: Doom 2 Format: Doom 2 (vanilla compatible) Tested with: DSDA-Doom 0.25.1, Chocolate Doom 0.3.1, DOOM2.EXE (DosBox) Difficulty: On UV it's around the higher end of Plutonia difficulty or possibly higher. (HMP: like UV but less punishing. The difference isn't massive but it's definitely there. HNTR: Much easier than UV but not completely toothless) Skill levels: Yes Co-op / deathmatch: No and No Credits: Stuart Rynn (stewboy) for the very nice midi used. For advanced ports: Jumping: No Crouch: No Freelook: Optional
  5. Cilian

    What are you playing now?

    I missed my mini-grinds and practicing from when I was playing through rush (I didn't do map12 even with saves btw) so I started playing haste. If rush is the "slaughter for beginners" wad then haste with its smaller and relatively easier maps seems to be a pretty good continuation for trying to get into slaughter though I know that at some point it will get crazy difficult compared to rush. Playing on UV with pistol starts and no saves, so far I beat the first three maps of it. Map 01 took 6 attempts, map 02 took 3 and map 03 took 26 (that's a lot but at least the map is very short, you can get to the final fight in under 3 minutes)
  6. When you join two sectors you make the second sector part of the first, they become the same one sector so that's why they have the same properties. The first sector that you selected will be the one that absorbs all the next sectors you selected so order of selection is important By the way you explained your problem I think you selected the teleport closet's mini sector for sound propogation first and then a sector in your playing area and when you join them it messes up the playing area, to prevent that select the area that absorbs the other sectors before all other
  7. The question in the title, if my map runs perfectly in chocolate doom how sure can I be that it will also work perfectly with vanilla exes too? Can you get away with testing in choco only or you should test in vanilla before calling the map finished?
  8. Played on crispy doom, complevel 2: fda_e2m1act.zip Nice and easy, don't know what to say because I don't really have any problems with it.
  9. You could say rushed because I wanted to move on to a new and better map with a tiny bit of experience I gained so I just put an exit at the end of what I already have and began a new map and posted this one for feedback. Also since the post is already bumped again (surprised how many replies this got) I think I can use it to show a few screenshots of the new map (...really want to just show something because mapping in silence feels lonely)
  10. Cilian

    Slaughter wads for beginners

    I played rush (beat all maps but the final one) and can recommend it, it's very manageable if you are willing to practice, even for me when plutonia was the hardest thing I played at the time, and by the way it still is after rush. I started playing haste and I beat the first three maps and it's significantly harder than rush and I'm sure later levels will get even harder but it's doable so far (... third map took me 27 attempts but it was very short).
  11. Cilian

    HellBreak- My first doom level!

    I think you can simply turn the crusher line into a switch instead of a walkover and it would be impossible to miss but putting a tasty item behind the line may work. Yeah zero secrets found, I was in some "just exit, don't care about maxing" mood and even left the barons alive, but without the secrets the map is still nothing scary, it already gives you plenty of ammo and guns
  12. Cilian

    HellBreak- My first doom level!

    I played it before 1.1: fda-hellbreak.zip, played in dsda-doom with complevel 2 (should playback in any compatible port). Had one silly death but it isn't hard. Like sleepycat said there's some odd texturing, especially with misaligned or repeating doors that you fixed in 1.1
  13. Cilian

    (MBF21) Lario's Mansion

    Nice map, recorded an FDA of it: fda-lario.zip (played in DSDA-doom, complevel 21, managed to get it first try somehow so 11 minutes long). It's a fun map and it looks good. I already read that you said it's supposed to be tight on ammo so I played it already knowing to conserve ammo but it's more forgiving than I thought, like I just killed the two arachnotrons with the chaingun not knowing that there's a second switch that crushes them and I was fine on ammo (but the chaingun would find no use at all had I crushed them anyway but it's a good backup with over a hundred bullets saved). I didn't know about the crushers until I took another look at the map with TNTEM, only then I noticed that these two red skull switches are separate and do different things, that's probably the only tiny criticism I can give, they look like one wide switch with a repeated texture but possibly it's me being silly for leaving so soon after luckily pressing the right one first and seeing that it opens something up. So pam ecin
  14. Feel like I've done something wrong if people pistol the imps on the platform in the first fight, that's not how I intended the fight to be done but it seems way easier but annoying. Also you are doing the yellow key exactly how I did when playtesting it, I wanted the chaingunners to force the player to stay behind the mancubus pillar so that's how I always tested it after just one unsuccessful attempt to kill them before focusing on the imps. How you begin the chaingun fight (not the most well thought one, it's just teleport spam) looks pretty clean, quickly lure the imps away to one side and run into their closet from the other. How you did the ambush at the part with blood platforms mini-platforming is also similar to how I did it, took more damage than I thought is usual there but it was fine. The animations of these weapons look funny. Plays very differently with mods, brutal doom is the only mod I played and I think it would make the map impossible to beat because enemies there are much more dangerous and on this map I imagine that's unbearable