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  1. how can i change the mids that playing in my wad?

    1. Little Faith

      Little Faith

      Be more specific in wording your questions please.

      Are you asking about A command to select music ingame?

      In this case the code is idmus <map number> where the map number is the map you want to hear the music from. (IE you are bored with the background music of map 15 and you'd much rather listen to the background music of map07 so you change it by typing idmus07

      Or are you asking about ubstituting the music of Doom with something from an outside source?

      In that case the best thing will probably be a PWAD. A patch that will add or replace certain resources ingame such as textures, sprites, levels or.. ..music. Pwads are loaded by using a command line along this line.

      <Doom> -file <wad name>.wad where <Doom> is the executable you are using (Doom, Doom2, Zdoom etc.) and <wad name> is the name of the .wad file storing the custom music.

      To assemble such a program you will need a utility such as Wintex or XWE (Extendable Wad Editor) (scroll down the list till you find them) http://www.doomworld.com/classicdoom/utils/editors.php

      If you run the original Doom executable or Doom95 the music must come in the .mus format. This file format is very similar to .mid and a program like mid2mus can convert midis to mus files. Wintex does it for your automatically.

      If you run Doom with a source port they might accept a lot of other music files. This might be ordinary .mid files or even mods and mp3's.

    2. Hellbent


      genjuro said:

      how can i change the mids that playing in my wad?

      1. Remame your midi to D_RUNNIN.MID

      2. Download XWE.

      3. Open your wad in XWE under the File menu.

      4. Load the midi under the Entry menu.

      5. Cleanup your wad in the File menu.

      6. Close XWE.

      7. You're done. Load your wad to test it.

  2. i want to change the frames of the weapons by others made by me.

    First : How editor Can I Use To Change The Frames
    Second : How Editor Can I Use To Make My Own Frames?

    thnx,and sorry my bad english...

  3. genjuro


    Have a way to make a zoom effect (sniper)in the doom legacy,by console?
  4. genjuro

    just the chainsawer!

    i need somebody help.......can i make a level just whth the chainsawer,starts just with the fist and no pistols?i can it possible,how can i make it? thnx,and sorry my bad english..........
  5. genjuro

    Doom Connector gone for good now?

    when i start my doom conector,show a mesage saying: "Everything that has a beginning has an end" what'a hell are happening?!please,i need help....thnx,sorry my bad english
  6. genjuro


    How Can I Change The Configuration,like names and the dificulty level,in the ACBOT,i can't find a file in the doom2 legacy folder that i can edit this things........i need help......sorry my bad english....