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  1. Casual Doomer

    Heavenly Rock - a "fun", chaotic map [Boom CP]

    Dunn! I had been looking for the author of this map. I enjoyed this so much I recorded a play thorough. If you're interested, check it out. I love how tight the combat is and the enemy placement. (This is ver. 1 by the way. I hadn't realized that you had made a ver. 2)
  2. Casual Doomer

    Heavenly Rock WAD

    Thank you so much!
  3. Casual Doomer

    Heavenly Rock WAD

    Does anyone know who the author is to Heavenly Rock? I found it on wad-archive but cant find the creator.
  4. Thanks! That really means a lot. Music for map 3 was Welcome to Violence by John 5. Putting the playthroughs to music is almost as fun as playing the map. I've been trying to get better at editing the music to fit the visuals. How do I find more of your maps?
  5. MidnightMage, I would love to have your opinion on my take of your wad.