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  1. Hell Revealed, Map16 - The Path, UV max in 10:16 hr161016.zip
  2. On the IWADs, for me the most prestigious record is the Episode 1 UV speed run. I think because there are so few tricks for it and runners have to be good at monster slaughter and evasion to get a good time. That run is the closest we have to speedrunners vs the game id originally designed, as opposed to squeezing through 32-unit gaps and cutting out 90% of the level. On the PWAD side I always regard any new Scythe record very highly, as the wad is so well built for speedrunning and it's already seen an enormous amount of competition. Actually also I think the Doom2 30UV Max is a milestone run, there's nothing else really like it.
  3. So many fresh strategies in this run. I like that you attack the revenants by the red key using the left passage, when every previous demo in existence has approached them from the right.
  4. 3 new movie records in ten hours... this is just an embarrassment of riches.
  5. It would help if you also posted your config file (glboom-plus.cfg or prboom-plus.cfg). And maybe also the standard output file (stdout.txt?) From the logs the issue is with x264, it's expecting a file to encode but hasn't been given one. This is the default setting for video encoding in the cfg: cap_videocommand "x264 -o output.mp4 --crf 22 --muxer mp4 --demuxer raw --input-csp rgb --input-depth 8 --input-res %wx%h --fps 35 -" I suspect what might have happened is that you've lost the hyphen at the end. This option tells x264 that instead of encoding an existing video file, it should take its input from a stream (which is what prboom-plus is sending to it). So if that's missing x264 expects a filename somewhere on the command line and can't see one.
  6. Never mind Panter, I missed the "not recording Doom" part of your post. In that case prboom-plus isn't going to be of any use to you. In that case I'd stick with Fraps, and download a simple video encoder program like Handbrake. Let Fraps do its thing, chew up tens of gigs of HD space, and when you're done load the files into Handbrake. All you really need to do is set the quality (20 is good for HD video, 23 is fine if you want to save space), then let it run. Depending on quality settings it'll reduce file size by 20-30 times.
  7. Prboom-plus is probably the fastest way to get youtube-ready uploads these days: Download the latest version from here. Run it once and set up all the video options for how you want the actual video to look - for instance I upload in 1280x720 so I set the screen resolution to that. In the prboom-plus directory there's a text file, usage.txt. Open that and go to the VIDEO CAPTURE section. This gives examples of three utilities you need to encode the screen output to video. Download them and copy the files into the prboom-plus directory (you probably only need the .exe). You can also tinker with the options in prboom-plus.cfg (usage.txt lists how to do this) but the defaults are fine for encoding youtube video. Run prboom-plus from the command line with the -timedemo and -viddump commands. Eg prboom-plus -timedemo lv01-001 -viddump lv01-001.mkv prboom-plus will run through the demo at a slower than usual speed, which is because it's encoding the output in real time as well as capturing it. Don't worry, the final file will play at the correct speed. And that's it. Once the setup is done you only need the fourth step, so doing more videos becomes very straightforward. Fraps is much more work. When I was still using it the largest video I ever recorded ended up using 44 GB, which needed another encoding step before it became a more manageable 3 GB.
  8. Thanks for the detailed reply... so there's no certainty on this, which is pretty much what I thought.
  9. Personally I'm just amazed that carrying 16 health into map22 can now be considered a viable tactic for Nightmare... Also, hi Panter! Not sure how I never noticed you posting here before. Your 30nm4949 is literally the one reason I started speedrunning. So thanks for that, and also the huge work you did pushing the state of the art forward in 1997 and 1998. Also, since I know you were in touch with Steffen Winterfeldt, did he ever clarify the status of 30nm6520 with you? Always been curious about that...
  10. It's been quite a while since I watched a demo and thought, this is not on the level. Actually I'd say Twitch and the rise of speedrun broadcasting has alleviated some of this problem. If 20 people are watching a run attempted in real time you don't have to rely on trust anymore. Five years ago trust was all anyone had. A general purpose TAS detector is probably too hard to write, but looking for slowmotion in a demo is easier - you could extrapolate from the length of keypresses, and maybe modify a prboom-plus port so it was able to come up with a measure for reaction time, and see if it falls into an acceptable human range. Demos recorded with slowmotion have a particular distinct look to them so there must be some way to quantify that. In theory you could also come up with some kind of randomness test for demo connection. But in practice if a particular cheated demo has only 3-4 connection points amidst a 5 minute run in which the RNG is called tens of thousands of times there'd be no way to test for significance. As an aside I wonder if anyone has a copy of the old LMPCHECK program Adam Hegyi used to verify incoming Compet-N submissions. Would be interesting to see what it actually tested...
  11. CITYMAZE.WAD E1M2 UV-Max in 3:56 Strange wad I found in an old magazine coverdisc - it's unknown to Google or wad-archive.com, it's from mid 1994, and it's by Looking Glass Studios, i.e. the guys who did Ultima Underworld. ctym-356.zip
  12. Some excellent suggestions from 4shockblast there... I knew I should have remembered Hi Jango's e1m7 max. For Tyson demos maybe a Doom 2 map with a lot of monsters would make a good showcase. map16 has a speedy record, map08 if you want something more recent. map31 and map32 are both good fast demos. And a good example of a long tough Tyson grind would be Xit's t4m6, once called the "ultimate Tyson challenge". Sav88's AV20 is another good one, although if you want a more speedy example of his keyboard only running his latest ns10 record would be my choice. Another map for showing route analysis and changing tactics would be map07 speed. You've got the early maxkill runs grinding out a second here, a second there. Then Sedlo discovers the megasphere grab and rocket jump off the mancubus (lv07-006). Then Dashiva discovers it's possible to do the jump unassisted by any rocket boost (http://www.doom2.net/doom2/research/map7.html), and Vile does it pacifist but with a boost off the pillar (pa07-041). Finally Looper makes it a part of the standard movie run with a reliable setup (30uv2325) Also it might good to showcase TAS a bit, particularly competitive TAS, and how the various tools have improved. So for instance there's a progression from something done in TasDoom (eg ddq-1941, with an ep2 time of 5:05) to TasMBF (Yonatan's ep2x0429), then prboom-plus takes over (entryway's e2uv-342), then something like Doom Replay Editor (akse's e2dq-302). A good state of the art TAS is 38_ViTa_38's XDRE-built pl11xo039, or 10d2x246.zip (even though he didn't upload to DSDA!) And if you had the time might be good to show some of the early built demos from 1996, like bt24-034. Don't think you need to show any of my stuff - Sav's a better standard bearer for keyboarders. I think my nm movie for spit.wad isn't bad, and maybe also my nm100s movies for ep1 and ep2. But as far as 1994-era idgame exploration stuff goes, TGH's runs are usually more optimised anyway. That's probably enough from me, don't want to overwhelm the thread with suggestions...
  13. This is a really cool idea because there's just so much history to cover. One nice idea might be to showcase notable firsts, i.e. the first time a particular class of trick or demo was performed. Some that spring to mind: - first rocket jump (d1s-sw) (Steffen Winterfeldt DHT exam from Nov 95) - first wallgrab (e2m9-007) - first glide (lv16-021) - first guideless glide (pl19-021) - first void glide (e2m6test) (e2m6-057 - the first exit) - first switch trick (ep2-0615) - first published tas (0515uv01) (hrdq2843) On individual levels to showcase: - e4m2 max might be a good one, as there's such a massive time gain once some tricks are discovered. You can show the fastest non-trick run, the first trick run, and the current record - map24 speedrun would be another one. The first pacifist by Anthe was instrumental in getting the category looked at seriously by other runners, then the various small second by second grinding improvements showing improved straferunning, then the wallrun trick, plus ZeroMaster's innovations to systematise it and make it reliable, and even a "lost" pacifist run from nearly a year before Anthe (dm2_lmps) - Episode 2 UV speedrun is an excellent trick showcase Some notable demos: - Steffen's first set of UV movies for Doom (Ep1, Ep2, Ep4). A number of tricks were debuted here and they were usually faster than the IL times. - Panter's first Doom 2 NM movie - ZeroMaster's movie runs (but which to choose!) - One of j4rio's maxkill epics - av25 is a good one. That's all I can think of right now. Also, sent you a PM.
  14. I would have liked to record a few more, but the time just wasn't there. Fun event anyway though, I got to watch a bunch of runs I'd never seen before, and some very cool wads.
  15. Alice's (Amazing Agonizing) Restaurant (AAAR20.WAD) Map01 max in 5:56 aaar-556.zip