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  1. Ryback

    Pacifist Ruleset Reform Debate 2020

    As the hypocritical pacifist guy, I'll just chime in now and say I broadly agree with the proposed changes. Removing player intention from the pacifist criteria makes for a cleaner, more straightforward category. A run is not pacifist if you damage a monster by shooting, or if you shoot barrels that explode and damage a monster. That's it. Intention is a messy thing to judge anyway, as there's two kinds - the intention of the player and the intention of the Doomguy. The Doomguy doesn't have the level knowledge we have. He doesn't know that a particular teleporter on Perfect Hatred will make him telefrag a Cyberdemon - why charge him with that monster's death? I don't expect this will change pacifist running much except a few less edge case demos will be discarded. It's unlikely telefrag deaths will become a new pacifist tactic for clearing a path as it's tricky and takes too much time. Inevitably running tends toward faster, simpler routes.
  2. Ryback

    HR2 demos [-complevel 2]

    Great demo vdgg! That map is not exactly a friendly one for aggressive play.
  3. Ryback

    The DooMed Speed Demos Archive returns!

    Adding my voice to everyone else: thank you, Andy, for your long years in the Doom community, for not just curating a historical demo resource but making the effort to keep it live and active. We've been lucky to have you.
  4. Hell Revealed map16 -fast in 11:59 hf161159.zip Will this bring AdamW out of retirement? It's technically a 2017 demo, but if we're counting by upload dates my Compet-N career is at 20 years, 3 months, and 16 days.
  5. Don't post this one now I'll probably never get around to it. Hell Revealed map16 -fast in 11:59 (old time 17:08, 31% improvement) hf161159.zip
  6. Ryback

    Doom E1M1 Pacifist / UV-Speed in 0:08.97

    Congratulations on this milestone run! Another 'unbeatable' 90's run toppled.
  7. Ryback

    The DooMed Speed Demos Archive returns!

    Merry Christmas to our tireless DSDA admin!
  8. Ryback

    32 Hours In Pain demos [-complevel 4]

    I guess this gives me an excuse to post some really old demos: Map 02 UV-Max in 3:55 3202-355.zip Map 05 UV-Max in 3:12 3205-312.zip Map 09 UV-Max in 5:25 3209-525.zip
  9. Pretty late to this thread, but nothing in Ancalagon's speedrunning career to date, or this run in particular, makes me think there's cheating going on. Also I'd be sad if the standard for a verified run these days is if it came from a live broadcast on Twitch, but that feels like it might be the future we're headed towards.
  10. Ryback

    Beat/Fill '94 PWADs Month

    Warzone the Episode E1M1 UV Max - 8:58 E1M2 UV Max - 7:24 E1M3 UV Max - 5:21 E1M4 UV Max - 4:48 E1M5 UV Max - 3:07 E1M6 UV Max - 4:51 E1M7 UV Max - 4:27 war0-ryb.zip
  11. Ryback

    Beat/Fill '94 PWADs Month

    Meltdown.wad (MELTDOWN.zip) e1m1 - UV Max - 5:36 e1m2 - UV Max - 4:57 melt-ryb.zip
  12. Ryback

    Beat/Fill '94 PWADs Month

    Now this is my kind of demo month! Zzone UV Max in 0:40 It's an old run that was put on Youtube but I never published the lmp. zzone040.zip
  13. Hell Revealed, Map16 - The Path, UV max in 10:16 hr161016.zip
  14. Ryback

    The most prestigious records

    On the IWADs, for me the most prestigious record is the Episode 1 UV speed run. I think because there are so few tricks for it and runners have to be good at monster slaughter and evasion to get a good time. That run is the closest we have to speedrunners vs the game id originally designed, as opposed to squeezing through 32-unit gaps and cutting out 90% of the level. On the PWAD side I always regard any new Scythe record very highly, as the wad is so well built for speedrunning and it's already seen an enormous amount of competition. Actually also I think the Doom2 30UV Max is a milestone run, there's nothing else really like it.
  15. Ryback

    Hell Revealed demos [-complevel 2]

    So many fresh strategies in this run. I like that you attack the revenants by the red key using the left passage, when every previous demo in existence has approached them from the right.