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  1. Alright, so case one, I wake up bright and early and get a head start on the day. I start off by taking a shower and then making oatmeal in a fantastic mood (pretty rare for me) And then lo and behold I drop it flat on the kitchen tiled floor, making the china bowl break into billions of pieces and the hot oatmeal go everywhere, including on my foot. Ok so my foot was burned, not that bad, and luckily it broke on the tile than on the carpet, so I clean that up and then I hear that one of the parrots I own has gotton out and SHIT all over the room. So I go there and clean it up, about 30 minutes behind now.

    Case 2, I actually get done with my daily homeschooling work a tad late due to the inconvienence above, then I go outside for a walk and the ENTIRE yard is filled with holes from the multiple dogs I own. I don't even bother to fill them in because the case with these dogs is that if you fill them in, they notice their holes gone and dig em back up! I ignore the holes and not 5 mintues later when I get on IRC then my dad orders me to do it.

    Case 3! My website takes an absolute SHIT on the server it's on, causing everything to meltdown practically. So I begin pouring (sp?) through the database and of course then is when i'm distracted by my sister blowing up her computer and a lovely blue screen of death. I come back to my computer 5 minutes later and start working on it again, and finally fix the site, but then i'm nailed to the cross by my mom for having a bad attitude throughout the day. And here I am going 'HELLO, I was FINE this morning, doing EXCELLENT in fact, until all THIS SHIT happens.' But she doesn't care, and here I am awaiting final restriction from the computer for days, and all of THIS happens during my week to review wads.

    Isn't life just fucking lovely?

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    2. Xenaero


      Well my mom breeds dogs and raises pet birds and sells the babies and puppies, but I get paid for helping out, so whatever..

      Also, last sunday I actually WANTED to work on my website and then my mom restricts me from the computer. I don't think that's actually abd luck, more like a very inappropiate hinderence.

    3. dsm


      Sounds like your mom is rather stupid or at least inconsiderate. Back when I lived at my parents' home, they wouldn't have thrown me off the computer if I actually did some kind of work on it (even if it were hobby related stuff like maintaining a webpage), unless they needed to do some work on it themselves.

      Of course, they did impose limits to how long I'd be allowed to play games on it, but that's only fair.

    4. Silverwyvern


      I don't know any kind of parrot, macaws included, who can shit a mess overnight that takes that long to clean up... unless it's one of those ones who like to wag their tail and shake their vent around while shitting, just to be a dink.