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  1. How can life be an more boring. Here I am in the middle of Florida, nothing to do, nowhere to go, and everyon else is sleeping through the day, and it's god damn new years.

    Humor me with insults, pweeze.

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    2. dsm


      DooMBoy said:

      You want insults? Take a look in the mirror, there's all the insult you'll ever need.

      Court martial! Prison! Fine! Decapitation! Firing squad! Execution at dawn!

      (insert more random bullshit here)

    3. Xenaero


      pritch said:

      Meh, there's only one way to insult DD.

      DD, you suck at skulltag :P

      :( You make me cry

    4. Zoost


      I pray for you being so alone, that you draw attention upon yourself, by asking people to insult you DN style. Now I Pray.