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  1. Get this. I've had braces for almost 3 years now, and after all that pain and agony of using like 2 different brushes and whatnot and my parents paying about 3K by my estimates, today was the day they were supposed to come off.

    I was excited, but we ran into construction on the way, and were just 10 minutes late, and it turns out that very day the schedule of the orthodontist (or whatever) was so tightly wrapped that we had to be there on time. So no, all the excitement washed away now, and although I can get them off on Thursday, all of the anticipation and everything is pretty much ruined. For just 10 minutes late.

    On TOP of the face that i've _never_ been late in 3 years. Pathetic. Doctors and Dentists can all just go ahead and have you wait for them but it's practically impossible for them to wait for you. 10 flipping minutes. So now, i'm waiting until thursday morning. Sure only little more than a day away, but all the excitement and anticipation = gone.