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  1. It sucks! First year you get to buy a 15" flat screen panel for like $1000, but today you can get it for about $100! Wtf is going on, people jacking up the highest prices unimaginable by man for a piece of stupid equipment. I mean really, who's bright idea is it to have software and anything computer related just so SKY HIGH in price and then 1 year later just drop it to like, 1/5th of the first price. And then you have the people that wait to get it for cheaper, because by then 4 months to 2 years have passed and when you get it it's already obsolete by the massive-bill-gates'-new-world-domination-mechanical-wondurbar thing out on the shelf this week, buy it for 200 less than 3000 in the first hour of the store opening on Xmas day! OH JOY!

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    2. Cyb


      Things cost whatever people are willing to pay. If you're not willing to pay, then don't and the prices will go down at some point. Nobody is holding a gun to your head, and there's little benefit to having the latest hardware right when it comes out unless you want to compensate for your tiny penis (or whatever other inadequecies one might have which I won't get into) or you enjoy wasting money.

      And if it's the latter, at least send some of it my way instead.

    3. DOOM Anomaly

      DOOM Anomaly

      Cyb said:

      And if it's the latter, at least send some of it my way instead.

      Address? :D

    4. Xenaero


      DOOM Anomaly said:

      Address? :D

      Letter bomb? :D