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  1. Yeah, my parents said the exact thing when they first read my story, and instantly told me I had to be plagurizing. I was grounded for a day until I got ordered (and nearly forced) to get on the computer and take out parts of the story, essentially mutilating it. And on top of that I offered to write a brand new story for submitting it to the school board, and they refused, so I had absolutely no way of proving that I didnt plagurize my work. This also happened before when I had made another story a few years back and I was drilled into saying that I stole it from somewhere to get myself ungrounded.

    I think my choices from the 2nd time this has happened ARE:
    A) Regular school
    B) Find some kind of story/writing college thing
    C) Make low-level stories so they wont get on my ass again
    D) I need to see a counsoler

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    2. deathbringer


      I wonder if my mum would like my comic about a transexual serial killer mutilating people "for a laugh" in some shitty northern market town where its always either night or really foggy. (PS, you have permisson to write a novelisation of it if you really wanna scare them!)

      Then again, my teachers and parents where always proud of stuff i wrote and drew back when i did show them, incluing my 'modernised' 7 ages of man thing i did in English at school, they put me in the top group the year after, and the year after that i was taken down 3rd group (bottom being the 4th), heh.

    3. Xenaero


      Foofoo said:

      what are you, like 10 years old?

      why do you show your parents stuff anyway?

      It was for school stuff.

    4. Janderson


      Foofoo said:

      what are you, like 10 years old?

      why do you show your parents stuff anyway?

      I'm 18 and I do it for feedback and criticism.