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  1. Apparently, according to my homeschooling time schedule that delegates my days off and whatnot, I got winter break at the end last friday. Thing is, my mom wants me to go to college, so "You don't get a winter break because you need to work more to get into college". Im sitting there going "What?". She repeats, and I say "Well what if I don't want to go to college, and I think that many people who go to college get winter breaks as well.", so then she says "I'm going to make sure you're better than all the other retards who cheat their way to degrees.". Convo pretty much ends there since I decide to try to fathom what had just happened. But no, not having a winter break isn't good enough. I have to go clean the entire house, bake cookies (mm cookies), clean out the 1 bajillion bird cages, and then go to my workplace and organize the warehouse for the umpteenth time because my mom isn't happy with it, which will take at least a day to complete it the way SHE wants it (read: Practically inaccessable). I was told earlier we'd go and see The Chronicles of Narnia a couple weeks ago but now the chances of that happening are dim because my parents are leaving for Vegas after the 27th so I not only have school, but I must ALSO care for all the animals, my two younger siblings, and orders from customers to manage. Oh yeah, I forgot, and write a 15 chapter story before they get back.

    I shit you not. Another case where life stabs you both in the back and in the nuts.

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    2. pritch


      homeschooling = !fail it

    3. AndrewB


      pritch said:

      homeschooling = !fail it

      It != fail indeed.

    4. Xenaero


      AndrewB said:

      It != fail indeed.

      Yeah, aren't you a prime example?