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  1. So late last night, after several days of being sick, and it getting progressively worse, my dad took mom to the hospital, where she was diagnosed with kidney failure. We're lucky we got her there when we did because her blood pressure was critically high, she could have had a stroke hours later if we didn't. I don't know many details, but she had a blood transfusion earlier today, and the doctor said a few hours ago that it might be TTP or HUS. I'm not really sure what that is though.

    Crap this sucks, but at least it's only one kidney. =/

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    2. Xenaero


      Bloodshedder said:

      Chances are you may have to give up a kidney.

      Well, in the case of a transplant the doctors will test everyone in her immideate family for the most compatability, and that person would end up giving one up. Might be me, but hopefully one of the kidneys will start up again, and all that will be bypassed.

    3. sgtcrispy


      Bummer man, good luck and chin up!

    4. pritch


      I wish her all the best, thank goodness these days we have options, even un-appetising ones, that can really help.

      /me crosses everything crossable