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  1. For some obscure reason, UT2004 is locking up mid-game for me. How that is, I don't know, but what's really strange, is it seems to happen when I actually play, never when the bots go running around for even hours at a time. I've fully patched nortons, ut2004, windows, directx and shit. I highly doubt my CPU is overheating because it doesn't really seem to get that hot anyway (47 celcius).

    So I uninstalled and reinstalled the stupid thing, and my video drivers entirely. Still the same problem.

    One interesting note is it usually seems to happen when I jump, sometimes double jump. Hmm.

    Anyone have any suggestions before I reformat this piece of crap?

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    2. Xenaero


      Well, I figured it out. The video card is the error. It's not overheating, but somehow for it not to freeze, I have to underclock it by 20%. I don't know why, but doing that stopped the freezes as faras I know. I played a 10 minute game (Far longer than any i've been able to do before) on UT2004 without any problems. Thanks to Bloodshedder and Use3d for their help is figuring this out.

      Now all that remains to figure out is why it's not working on default settings, and what I can do about it.

    3. Bloodshedder


      One option is to use an aftermarket video card cooler.

    4. insertwackynamehere


      my old video card used to do that in games that were video rendered. everything would just freeze and the last few seconds of sound would loop over and over. when i'd restart my comp, it would say there was a serious system error windows recovered from. I tried reinstalling drivers and everything. Eventually it got so bad that i'd boot up my system and the screen would be scrambled or i wouldnt be able to see anything at all. Finally i took my card out, blew some dust out of the agp slot and firmly reseated it. It worked! Everything was fine. Of course a short bit later I got a new video card anyways but w/e my fix worked apparently.