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  1. Sediment. Lots of it.
    Meaning, rock in the plumbing. So basically what we did to clear it out was attach a high pressure hose to the shower heads and blow it out through the faucets outside. It worked, but when we turned on the water valve for the house, the sediment came out, but apparently even more flooded IN.

    So what we think is happening after 4 consecutive hours is that the well is busted somehow and is pumping up rock. Ugh.

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    2. Xenaero


      deathz0r said:

      You're just pissed that you decided to pick random faction in that five-player FFA Wesnoth orgy, and that I'm currently kicking your ass in the 2-vs-2.


    3. TawmDee
    4. Technician


      We quite often have mineral sediment problems as well. My water is physically brown because of an iron experiment in my town. By the way my town used to be an industrial town at the turn of the century and there for the waters still effected. Hell we even have a lake officially called "Chemical Lake" We have to drag water bottles to the next town and use its public well for water. W e had to go through two hot water heaters because the water corroded the inside and left thick iron sediment in all the pipes. Come to think of it we can't do laundry on Monday nights because they flush the hundred year old pipes rotting underneath us. And to top it off my high school had a white shirt uniform. Thank god those days are over. They build a water purifier recently, but the water is still to gross tasting to drink.

      ....wish I had a well.