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  1. Not really. Yesterday evening lightning not only blasted the surge protector, but also the modem that was connected to it, rendering me to only use my satellite internet connection. Wanting to get my online gaming back, I took a trip to Best Buy and returned the modem that was covered in the 1 year warrenty thing by Dynex.

    Alright well, they didn't have any more internal ones, because all of the 20 they had in stock were all gone from the night before and this morning, apparently other people who use 56k for whatever has their modems busted as well. So, I got an external USB modem.

    Only problem is, when I try to connect, it would sometimes pause between sounds and no go any further for minutes at a time, and if somehow I did connect, the bit rate it'd show would be **********ly low, like 16.6 or 22.4 compared to my normal 48.0 or 50.2. To top that off, within 30 to 60 seconds, it'd disconnect because of a 'failed' connection. I used the cord and everything that came with it, and i'm guessing that the phone lines got fucked up somehow, because this happened the last time I got a modem and it blew due to lightning activity.

    But what I don't get is how it's giving me all these hassles through the phone lines. Is it the hardware that's bad? The fun never stops :/

    EDIT: Rofl why is r-i-d-i-c-u-l-o-u-s censored?

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    2. Sharessa


      If you mention Thailand one more time, I'm gonna reach through the Internet and stab you.

    3. Xenaero


      Holy shit this thread got completely off track. Anyway, technician's supposed to be out here tomorrow morning to take a look at the wires and figure out what's wrong.

    4. TawmDee


      I lost my connection because of some main cable troubles but it's fine now PENIS