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  1. Got to the florida state highway patrol office or something earlier today for my appointment. Presented the 5 million documents needed etc. So then I took a 40 question test on road signs and road rules. Passed all except for a question on high beam and low beam headlights, of which I knew nothing about until then. But I passed regardless, because if you got more than 5 wrong you'd fail. It all went well to obtain my driver's permit.

    Then I went to the bank. Good god how many documents you have to sign to open up a new account and such. A few bits of it still are making my head spin, but otherwise, it went pretty smoothly. The lady apparently couldn't get her computer working so it probably took twice as long as it should have in the first place. At any rate, debit card coming in the mail sometime soon.

    Slowly branching out into the actual world!

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    2. Liam


      insertwackynamehere said:

      heh let me put it this way.. being at a public school with, I suppose one could say "real people" sure beats going to one of the private schools around me where you are brought up like a pseudo-liberal yuppie child who would be taught to love every race and that every race is equal, yet the parents would NEVER send them to a public school with *gasp* BLACK children!

      it's not an issue for me of public schools vs private schools or even vs homeschool. ignorant racist parents will tend towards raising ignorant racist children without having to put them in a 99% white school. i don't see where you're trying to go with this.

    3. Danarchy


      DOOMENSTEIN said:

      Did they have no social life because they were emo or were they emo cuz they had no social life?

      What I'm saying is that some people purposefully make things harder for themselves by thinking everyhting sucks instead of just enjoying what they's got. I spent most of high school just hanging out with friends and having a good time. Though this could explain why I had a D average in my classes.

    4. Xenaero


      deathz0r said:

      Social skills: something you'll never learn from being homeschooled!

      Anything's possible later in life, which is the point here, can't really go do things with people if I can't drive now can I? Though, not for CSonicGo, since he does drugs and has no social life either. (Edit: No to mention his only 'friends' slash rejects are transexual drama causers who got banned from pretty much every IRC channel i've been in with various doom users.)