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  1. And now I can say it from experience. Before I type the rest of this i'll say that I got my learners permit in late August, and have had no problems since. Anyway, I left the house at around 1 or so PM for Best Buy to go get a replacement for a broken joystick. Now, everything went smoothly until later on, on the way back home. I stopped at a red light at an intersection, and a police car is on my right (Thank god). I glance in the rear view mirror while waiting for the green light, and I see this red car zooming on the road behind me. I think he's going to slow down pretty quickly sometime but he didn't. He plowed right into my dad's car, which I happened to be driving. Air bags deployed, so at least I didn't break my face on the steering wheel.

    The entire thing seemed like slow motion. After the car stopped moving my dad pushed me, yelling get out of the car, and so I got the door open (I'm kinda surprised that with that speed, the door was still intact) and stumbled out, literally. After setting on the sidewalk, the policeman is already there in front of dad's wrecked car, and soon after the ambulance and fire truck arrives. We're totally fine, but the driver of the red car had to be taken to the hospital. I think he was totally unconcious. The policemen took us to the highway patrol station, and we were pretty much asked questions about different things that happened. We were found to be in completel compliance with the law and sent on our way. This was about an hour ago, and the entire ordeal took a lot longer than I thought it would have.

    My dad has warranty on his car, but i'm not sure if they replace entire vehicles, because i'm dumb and dunno how those car warranties work yet. I also don't think i'll be driving again anytime soon, despite that not being our only vehicle.


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    2. Ralphis


      If he didn't have insurance he'd be going straight to jail anyway and you'd be up the creek

    3. myk


      Not cool? You just didn't do it right. You should go watch Cronenberg's Crash.

    4. Captain Red

      Captain Red

      DD_133 said:
      I was whereing my seatbelt.

      It's good that you warez your seatbelt.