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  1. It kicked my ass. I'm still feeling tired after last night's incredible marathon of coolness. Wel eft the house at about 5 PM, and got there at 7, which was perfect timing as that's when the halloween even goes on and stuff. So we got those plastic armbands and stuff on entrance, and then took the Monorail to the Magic Kingdom park. It was pretty cool when we got off, weather wise. It definitely got down into the 50s later in the night, but otherwise it was pretty awesome. On arrival there was a mass exodus of people leaving, because the park was closing to all who didn't have a halloween pass kind of thing, and besides most of those people had been there like all day.

    Funny thing was, even though Main Street and the bit in front of the castle was crowded, all the branch-off areas were nearly devoid of people. Thing was, everyone was at those trick or treat places scattered throughout the park, so as a result, there was like 3 or 4 people per ride. It was really cool, no wait lines. Especally great because it wasn't in the middle of summer, and deathly hot. Everyone was pretty much dressed up, but there were a good amount of people like us who didn't bother. Our reason is that costumes were in fact a real pain in the ass to go trudging around it all night long.

    All throughout the park there were events going on like Villain's Mix and Mingle, where they all come out of the castle and stuff. Pretty neat, they were totally in character and everything. It was really amazing. They also had a few parades going as the night went on. That kinda stuff makes you think at how much they had to practice in order to get that entire elaborate dance routine down.

    As for the rides that we went on, it was pretty great all-around, as there were like no people whatsoever. Clockwise around the park, I think we went: Pirates of the Caribbean, which was updated to reflect the movies, so it kicked ass. Haunted Mansion, which I didn't get to go on several years ago, as we bypassed it. It was very neat, and it had a ghost rock band! Splash Mountain was closed, probably for good reason. Didn't want to get people soaking went in the current temps, I bet. That would suck. We also went to Small World, which gets totally stuck in your head for the rest of the night.

    There wasn't much else to speak of, at least I can't remember any other distinctive rides I went on, except for Space Mountain, which was THE best ride of the session. Not only is it very awesome and stuff, but as we approached the main area, the staff that were there were like "Do you want to see the control room?" Which was above our heads and before the actual ride. Inside, it was pretty cool. Had cameras and the like, and he said all the glowing switches actually worked, so no button pressing. Apparently, tracks A and B aren't actually different from each other, they just are mirrored. And get this: The top speed of Space Mountain is only 27 MPH, but it differs depending on which Space Mountain you go to, because there are others across the world. So ours is the second fastest in the world. I don't remember what the first was. And on top of all that, he led us around the back way to get in the front of the line (Which was the only significant line of all the rides we took). It was total celebrity treatment, and very cool.

    So after that, then we got the fireworks. At the current time we were wandering around the park and were behind the Carousel (sp?) when they started. It was the best fireworks show i've ever seen. Damn amazing. They fired off a huge amount of stuff all around us, and in the distance is where the big ones blew up. They were awhile away, because the light explosion was huge, but you couldn't HEAR it until like a second after it blew up in the sky. Those were some big fireworks. They had villian voiceovers and stuff too, timed in with the firework barrages, so it was pretty funny.

    After all that and the parades plus the fireworks, I picked up a cool Disney coffee mug and a Pirates of the Caribbean snowglobe, neither of which show up well in the crappy video i'm about to post a link to. But damn, good times to be had. A fantastic substitute for trick or treating here, anytime. No more moving Halloween bullshit like last year, where they pretty much moved Halloween to be held on the day before, because Halloween was originally on Sunday. Bloody christian controlled neighborhoods.

    Anyway, it was pretty much awesome all the way around. Here's my video documentary. Good luck understanding me or seeing anything useful, though. Webcams suck.

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    2. Bucket


      Downtown Disney rocks too... or at least it would if it had more stuff than just some gay clubs. Legoland is awesome.

    3. Quast


      Bucket said:

      Downtown Disney rocks too... or at least it would if it had more stuff than just some gay clubs.

      Huh? What?

      I don't know if you guys are talking about disney world or whatever, because that place is pretty much the last place i'd ever want to go to.

    4. Sharessa


      Bucket said:

      Downtown Disney rocks too... or at least it would if it had more stuff than just some gay clubs. Legoland is awesome.

      The fuck?