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  1. Dasha W. Frost

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Just returned back to Code Vein in order to attempt the second playthrough together with my husband in co-op. And with DLCs this time. I like this take on "souls-like", although something feels quite hollow about it, just like it used to be on our first run... but at least in this game you can easily co-op with your SO uninterrupted and without annoying hacker invasions, LOL. However, before the latest updates I don't remember randomly teleporting bosses and other little glitches... Oh well. At least it's not Hellpoint! (don't get me wrong: I love Hellpoint very dearly, it was just... very, very broken in certain spots). The first time we played Code Vein, I created a female character from my own *still unfinished* graphic novel - that added some extra excitement to the game, and made her into a tank, which is what I always do in majority of the games I play. This time I'm going for an unusual build for myself: primarily a bayonet build but I switch to a fast one-handed sword every time I need to replenish my ichor. So far... it goes very well for me. Oh yeah, and I'm playing as a guy now - yet another one character from my graphic novel! One might even say, I'm role-playing, for the character is supposed to be a sniper rifle guru. I also installed a few cosmetic mods off Nexus Mods, to achieve better visual similarity to my original character. All in all, I consider Code Vein to be an easier version of Dark Souls with anime looks (which might or might not be to everybody's liking; even I myself - a rapid fan of Dragon Ball - whine about it at times and demand a "No anime faces" mod for this game, LOL, but that's simply a question of personal preferences). It's a very good, solid game, if you like the genre, and the NPC's stories are interesting, although we find them a bit hard to follow/care about due to the unusual depictions/narrative... But it's art, so we appreciate it.
  2. Dasha W. Frost

    Doomworld Members' Sketchbook

    It's been a while since I posted anything on here! And finally... this one is actually Doom related, haha! I made this poster for the upcoming Doom B-Day! Hope you like it! I'll also include a few outdated WIPs below, in case if somebody's curious:
  3. Dasha W. Frost

    Quake II Remastered

    Thank you for your reply, @Dweller! I did not even consider this location before! Although unfortunately it still doesn't work for me for some unknown reason... I guess Kex doesn't like me, lol
  4. Dasha W. Frost

    Quake II Remastered

    So, about the skins... Threw my *.pcx files into \baseq2\players\male and \female respectively - and they just won't show up on the list. Nada. I can only see the default skins. I also tried to put the skins directly into the rerelease's PAK file - and nothing has changed either. Very puzzled. Need help please! :) I'm obviously missing something simple...
  5. Dasha W. Frost

    How do you organize your wads collection?

    I discovered Doom Launcher and I love love looooove it! That's the only WADs organizer I use for now - with standalone ipk3's excluded: for those I have a separate folder. Inside Doom Launcher, I have a few tags for easy search. Most notable ones are "Cacoward WADs" (which includes everything that won Cacowards or was a runner-up), "Single Maps/New Stuffs", and, oddly, the tag called "Co-op! Don't play here", because I just like to write my own batch files once I play Doom co-op with my husband :) I also duplicate this structure just in my "Doom mods" folder that I used to have back in the day, when I was not aware of Doom Launcher existence.
  6. Dasha W. Frost

    Doomworld Members' Sketchbook

    This is the "snippet" of the main cover art of my first graphic novel "Time & Again" that, I believe, will finally get its long-awaited public release this March! Very soon! So excited!!! I've been working on it so hard for the last few years, I'm so curious to see what everybody says about my crazy story and these... weirdos on the picture. And also, to make all of ya doomers around here truly delighted: That's a part of a very fun frame from action-packed Chapter 2. It's gonna have quite a few Doom references in it. Precisely so far there are 4 (in first 3 chapters) - some are textual only, some are visual, like the one above. And I had a lot of fun and a good portion of laughs while drawing it! And I plan to add even more Doom references in the future chapters. I just can't go without Doom anyway, it's in my nature *shrugs*.
  7. Dasha W. Frost

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Finished Hellpoint in co-op not long ago. Yup... Just as I was afraid of... that game is truly a gem, but it's ferociously bug-ridden. That makes it even weirder to me, because normally we would've stopped playing a game that, say, just kills you once you try to do a jump attack (happened once to me), or has enormous number of T-pose enemies after death, or when most keyboard controls just refuse to work after you touch another player's message, therefore making the game unplayable until Alt+F4 and restarted... All of that, and numerous other bugs (nothing game-breaking though) - but we still enjoyed the game very, very much, and it's hard for me to imagine how awesome this game would've been without all these bugs! This is incredible. The architecture and environment designs are stunning, although there's slightly less variety in them that I prefer. There's enough weapon variety, although there was no particular weapon I would love to obtain, nothing to call my very own. It was not very clear to me what stats to level up once I hit certain point, so I just invested a lot into Load stat in the end so that I could wear super heavy armour and potentially use a giant heavy shield that provides complete immunity to 2 damage types... although in the end it didn't happen. Even considering all those little things that didn't really match our personal preferences... It was a unique experience, a very solid (yet buggy) game. I cannot tell you why exactly, because I am still not sure myself... And after that we decided to embark on Nioh 1 again... The game we sucked at so badly a few years back, even considering we had about 500 hours total of all Dark Souls games as an asset and completed Bloodborne, too. Returning back to Nioh is... not as scary, actually. In the latest update the rules of co-op play have been changed; you no longer have to complete a mission in single player to unlock it for co-op play, which is nice. So we're really enjoying it right now. This is a very good game, although some might find it quite challenging.
  8. Dasha W. Frost

    What's the meaning of life in your opinion?

    To me there are only 2 things - art and family. Family is pretty self-explanatory. And about art, I came to realization lately that the value of legacy of a particular individual is based on how many people have learnt something truly precious in life thanks to that particular individual. That would be remarkable and fulfilling to me if sometime in the future somebody just contacts me and says, "Hey, I learnt how to draw and found my own art style thanks to your artworks. You are my teacher!". I guess, then it would be pretty clear to me that my creative efforts have been acknowledged, that they were not in vain, and won't simply perish from this realm. Even if you make just one person happy - it's an accomplishment in life, because the act of good is the most precious thing in this world. ... And if that never happens, well... At least I tried my best :)
  9. Dasha W. Frost

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Finished Remnant: From The Ashes just a few days ago in co-op with my husband. That was an amazing game. Maybe not going to be one of the best games we've ever played, but it's definitely remarkable. It was surprisingly good, with variety of interesting colours and designs (places, landscapes, and enemies - even better than Code Vein, in my opinion), and a good pace to it. Not many amazing weapons to my taste though (just an opinion), and some levels were a little bit too - speaking Doom language - "slaughtermappy" to my taste, a bit too intense (and we played on 'Normal'... Tried 'Hard' once - gave up right away:)). But overall - it was a very good, solid game totally worth playing. Fluidity of combat and switching between melee weapons and guns was executed very well. Now we're definitely waiting for Remnant 2 that's been announced last year. Immediately after finishing Remnant, we decided to start playing Hellpoint, also co-op. What can I say so far, from the experience of one evening?.. This game's glitchy for sure (LOL)! Also has interesting to explore sci-fi art designs in it, it's definitely much more "soul-like" comparing to Remnant, so it's a bit more challenging in one-on-one combat. But I still sure want to return to it, so this is a good sign. I'm looking forward to see more artistic ideas in this game, hope it won't disappoint me in this respect. Also for a small note: happy that both these games have co-op that is very easy to start. No need for any ridiculous soapstones or rings with matching symbols, "finish 3/4 of the game before co-op unlocks" silliness, or dancing around totem poles on hot charcoal together with drunk elves, or anything like that that prevents you from enjoying the co-op experience. We appreciated it.
  10. Dasha W. Frost

    Protoslayer 3.1: Judecca (GZDoom exclusive)

    This indeed looks breathtaking just judging by screenies alone! I'd definitely like to play it once I have time. Already downloaded it, it's on my To-Play list for sure :)
  11. Dasha W. Frost

    What's your new years resolution for 2023?

    This is going to be an experimental (in terms of both storytelling and the visuals) graphic novel about contract killers who were separated back in the day but managed to see each other yet again. Somewhat action-packed, but also very thoughtful and psychological. Let's say it is going to be a story about how people change over time, how they lose their loved ones as well as their sanity, and how they (possibly) regain it all later, even in desperate and challenging times, and as the world slowly shatters around them. The art style is going to be more like something Disney/cartoony, but with a bit of darkness in it (to match the idea and the plot).
  12. Dasha W. Frost

    What's your new years resolution for 2023?

    I am very (I mean: VERY) determined to complete two more chapters of my graphic novel in 2023, and finally release this epic project online. Almost everything is set up for the official worldwide release, and I am planning on posting it for everybody to read next year, for sure. This is the biggest art project of my life so far, and it bears great significance to me as an artist and as a person. For total completion, it still has ways to go. But the start of great happiness should take place in 2023. I am looking forward to it.
  13. Dasha W. Frost

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Just finished Outward: Definitive Edition together with my husband in co-op (after previously putting a bit over 100 hours into the "non-definitive" edition). I love this game. It has a little bit of clunk to it and buggy at times, but it is soooo much fun to play, especially together! And that's one of the very few (if not the only) game that allows you to wear a bird mask. And a bird nerd like myself is furiously happy about. I also really like the fact that there are no level-ups. The skill comes to you as you keep playing, also with better gear and tactics you come up with. It has nice pace to it, and most certainly it has very, very nice landscapes, especially in Enmerkar Forest region. To me it's an eye candy. I've been taking screenshots featuring landscapes and colours of nature almost all the time, for potential artwork references. I do really recommend this game to everyone who likes so-called "souls-like" games (although I always frown and call them "blade-like" games instead, because, you know, Blade of Darkness).
  14. Dasha W. Frost

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Read your post and couldn't stop laughing. Because it's very true! I only played the demo so far, but it's most certainly one of the new games I'd like to play in the near future. It's just so... bizarre, in a good way. It teases my imagination.
  15. Dasha W. Frost

    Cries Of Doom

    This project looks very interesting to me, I'm gonna watch how exactly this mod dev story unfolds :) It gives me impression of Doom 64 and Chasm: The Rift colliding (minus super narrow corridors of the latter). The atmosphere looks great, it gives the proper spook. Music is also reminiscent of Chasm, which also contributes to the atmosphere, and I really appreciate it. Very excited to see the final release!