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  1. hi, Sorry if this is a noob question, but I've been digging through the source trying to understand how things work, and I have a question about how monster movement is implemented: specifically, is it the true that monsters generally only actually move every 3 ticks?! (If so I'm a bit shocked, since monster movement doesn't look as step-y and un-smooth as I would assume it should if they're actually only animating at ~13hz (40hz/3)) From what I can see, P_MobjThinker() moves things according to their momentum, and then triggers state changes/actions. However, unless I'm mistaken, momentum is only used for missile movement, player movement, and to "shove" objects (ie moving things a bit when they take damage); regular locomotion of monsters through the world doesn't involve momx/momy. Instead, the actual walking movement of a monster through the world seems to be driven by A_Chase (which uses P_TryWalk, which uses P_Move, which uses P_TryMove, which actually changes the x,y values of the object using the vector movedir*speed.) But since, AFAICT, action functions are only triggered on the first tick of a given state, this means that monsters with A_Chase states every 3 ticks are stationary for 2/3 ticks... is that correct?? Anyway, sorry if this is a silly question, I'm just trying to figure out if I've misunderstood something or if movement really is only happening at 13hz. Cheers, Raigan
  2. raigan

    question about monster movement

    Thanks so much, that makes sense -- that's a pretty cool trick, do 1/3 of the work each frame. (For some reason I mis-remembered that Doom ran at 40hz, since it's actually 35hz that means movement only happens at less than 12hz!) I have a follow-up question about the randomness you mentioned: I can't actually find where that happens, could you point me towards it? In P_SpawnMobj I see this this code: mobj->lastlook = P_Random () % MAXPLAYERS; That seems to be the only invocation of P_Random(); however AFAICT this won't introduce a delay (since P_LookForPlayers() will scan across all players checking if lastlook is valid (and updating it if not)). Or am I mistaken?