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  1. tednacho

    Classic Levels

    I really enjoyed excalibur (xcalib11.zip), it was quite large for its time.
  2. tednacho

    anyone interested in "vintage" wads?

    well, i meant more along the lines of obscure wads, but dwango5 certainly is a lot of fun.
  3. tednacho

    favorite music?

    PC speaker sounds definitely added a...uh...different dimension to the game. none of my PCs since have utilized the PC speaker, but i still remember lots of those quirky sounds. ive actually just gotten into metallica, and some of the early stuff sounds great with DOOM--kill 'em all, ride the lightning...
  4. tednacho

    favorite music?

    anyone have a favorite piece of music to listen to while playing DOOM? I had a 486/33 with the Microsoft Sound System card back in the early 90s and I wasn't able to play DOOM's mus files or digitized sound effects. so, i stuck with the PC speaker sounds and CDs like Pretty Hate Machine by Nine Inch Nails and Smash by the Offspring...of course, that also meant placing the boombox directly behind me for surround sound. =) any good stories out there?
  5. just curious to see if anyone still plays DM wads from between '95-97 and what their favorites are. I'm having a blast reliving the days of modem deathmatching (but obviously not over the modem) and was wondering what others are thinking. i just played through cathy.wed (DOOM), gangstar.wad (DOOM) and death1.wad (DOOM also). for some reason, ive always gravitated toward DOOM over DOOM2 (must be that first episode), but i havent seen too much activity on ZDaemon. anyone got a favorite, old DM wad?
  6. tednacho

    Bestmids.wad or Bestmid2.wad

    I found these wads on CDROM.com's website probably 7 years ago, and i was wondering if anyone has seen these around? They obviously are music wads for DOOM and DOOM2 and I just can't seem to find them anywhere. I'm surprised they have vanished because I remember really enjoying the music! Anyone have either of these or know where I can download them? thanks.