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  1. fai1025

    What is actually the "essence" of doom?

    What makes Doom Doom to me First Person Always about those god damn teleporters Demons of course Gore, Caroonish or not, whatever BFG whatever K included
  2. fai1025

    The Octagon

    give Ctrl + A a press, keep OCD ppl from suffering
  3. Is this supposed to be sarcastic? I think Doom 3 is great game, it's focusing on the horror aspect of Doom that is sort of established in Classic Doom but that doesn't age well because of the graphics and level design, I wouldn't say the combat is lame, it's just not in the style of what most die-hard Doom fan expected of fast-paced and explosive action or sort. But I would say the shotgun is pretty... 爛, I will give you that word. We can put basically put all Doom game in a line where we can put Eternal and Three at the both end as they are is sort an extreme, Eternal basically make you a Demigod as you mentioned, and for the later it's more of an Action-Horror and the sense of you actually just trying to survival and not jumping around guns blazing. I'm not sure if Doom gonna make Call of Duty or Halo shit their bottoms or not, but, tbh both title are in a sense an improvement over it, Halo fixes the lack-of-story aspect of Doom, and Call of Duty bring a more historical theme to FPS games and also build a balance of "tactical" combat that's not a combat simulator, it is the fact the reason why Call of Duty is being frowned upon is that they create a successful model, and all the game afterward imitate it's success without bringing something new, that's why "every year, same game, different cover" is the most common critism, because every game is CoD1 with different graphics and theme historical or not.
  4. fai1025

    Doom Year Zero coming from Bethesda

    I hope it's not a Cash-Grab since Eternal last DLC already end the story so if they intend to make a second sequels they shouldn't sealed doomguy or maybe it's a prequel since supposedly it's call Year Zero
  5. fai1025

    If you went inside the last doom mod you played how screwed are you

    I was playing MyHouse.wad I'm fucked
  6. fai1025

    ALLDOOM: Ultimate IWAD

    ah yes, Beginner Ego. Didn't we all have it at some point in the begining.
  7. fai1025

    What keeps Doom modding alive?

    Wolfenstein is too simple Quake is too complicated Doom is the perfect medium
  8. fai1025

    is there any 30 map megawads with giant ass maps?

    Eviternity? I mean pretty much all the maps have massive structure I mean just look at snow episode and heaven episode, they are... big
  9. fai1025

    Pendulum WIP (11/32 maps) [Boom Compatible]

    As a person that understand Japanese, that word on the ground is... em... definitly not something weird :)
  10. fai1025

    WHY putting custom Flat texture doesn't work

    Never mind, I restart Slade, and it fixed perhaps this is Slade's problem
  11. so what happen is I try to inport an all black texture for flat I didn't even make a new lump, I just replace the exist flat of Doom2 with the one I want the image size is 64x64, yes, I did convert it to Flat everything set, until this pops out I've been struggle a lot with all the Flat texture every time I deal with them It always has problem, either doesn't even appear, or something like this. I try to not make new lump for Flat, which is where the problem came from usually, but seem like replacing also cause problem
  12. fai1025

    React To The Custom Title Above You

    I mean yes, I speak Mandarin, I'm from Taiwan, wdym "very based, UNLESS..." On Topic: I like Spam
  13. fai1025

    Can create own wad yes or no

  14. fai1025

    React To The Custom Title Above You

    I hate math and demon