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  1. I already know how to map in Vanilla. I'm not the best at detail, but the basics of Vanilla is what I already know. I'll try my best.
  2. Yes, but on eye-candy it's better to use ZDoom features rather than Doom2.exe ones. If that's something.
  3. I'm not too used to the doom2.exe mapping.
  4. Well, I have to say it. Thanks for the review. The map is still playable as I may think, heh. This kind of things cheer me up to make some more maps. But I may concentrate on this one to tweak it better. Like some eye-candy edition for some reason, like, glows, GLDEFs and such. But I'm actually banned in ZDoom for being an ass, so, I don't know what you would think about this. EDIT: I should concentrate in the gameplay though.
  5. I lol'd.
  6. Speaking of Winamp, it crashes when I plug in my MP4 player, until I did remove some Winamp plugin.
  7. I wonder if those are for sale in Spain...
  8. I found it on idgames passing by the /newstuff centre. :P
  9. Oh, you mean the church? Well, maybe there would be a second edition for the eyecandy delights with some tweaks on the map. So, yes, that would be nice to have the church as the Antichristian Michaelangelo's masterpiece.
  10. Yahoo is just a bunch of kids who ask questions about penis enlargement and free porn downloads. That's all I can say. None of these games were too bad. They're simply referenced by Yahoo because Yahoo is an attention whore.
  11. At least the purpose of my JtRLimbo 2's mp3/ogg music was ideal for the map. Too bad it's too compressed as I remember, sounds like ass.
  12. From my next review you'll see I'm quite a noob about Terry, because you know, I wasn't much on Doomworld as you do.
  13. Nice job, man. That's a nice looking Icon of Sin right there.
  14. Wh... what?
  15. Don't even try to complicate myself into aligning crap. I've already had aligning issues with the front gate in Screen 1.