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  1. Relica Religia

    [KDiZD] Community Information Thread

    Holy crap. Are you guys sure you know when to stop? :P
  2. Relica Religia

    Gear Stick Shifter

    I dunno, usually depends on how fast I'm going.
  3. Relica Religia

    LAN games

    Basically any Half-Life, Quake, Doom, or Unreal title available (including mods), Grand Theft Auto (the original), and so on. We used to play Halo 2, but then we realized Unreal Tournament 2004 blew that little game out of the water. You have no idea how many hours we've put into Assault, Onslaught, and Invasion.
  4. Relica Religia

    [KDiZD] Community Information Thread

    Is that the truth?
  5. Relica Religia

    Tookie Williams Put To Death

    Thanks for the intelligent retort, doofus. 1. Do you know the cost of one bullet? I'm sure a state can find all sorts of ways to cut down a sanctioned execution. 2. Look, if I was the government and I had nothing better to spend my money on, sure! I'd gladly torture and anguish every single person who committed a crime - but the government does have better things to spend taxes on than keeping people alive needlessly. It's not about better or worse fates than death, it's about justice - which is just another term for revenge, no matter how you look at it, death penalty or not. 3. Thanks for not even trying to understand what I said. Humans have never had a problem killing others - we can't ignore that ability, and taking out criminals who don't deserve to live is, in my opinion, the best way to curtail that part of our nature. 4. Once again, you fail at understanding completely. Congratulations! That's what criminals do - they prey on others and cause mass fear within their victims, unless they outright kill them (or both, like what Tookie did). I'm sure everyone who's lost someone they loved to a gang hit really appreciate your comments, though. 5. Oh, sorry for fessing up to reality. I've never killed a person, but I've sure been around death. My mother was killed by my uncle when I was a baby, and I've had to deal with that every day since it happened, so perhaps I have a better insight to things than you do. When you take the elevator down off your high horse, get back to me.
  6. Relica Religia

    The best midi player.....

    Hmm...I've never had that problem, outside of having to manually tell QT to work as a plugin for Mozilla.
  7. Relica Religia

    Tookie Williams Put To Death

    Thanks guys. I'm sorry if my wording wasn't in the right context, but I wasn't trying to call them stupid. I'm very passionate about the death penalty debate and I can't help but applaud those who support it moreso than those who are against, and I honestly can't give support to those who didn't want to see that bastard, or any other genuine scumbag, put to death. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, of course, but sometimes offense can't be avoided when passion comes into play. I'm sorry about that.
  8. Relica Religia

    Tookie Williams Put To Death

    Tookie Williams is dead and I'm happy with that. I'm amazed nobody had the balls to pull his plug two decades ago. The fact is, he never apologised to the families of the people he slaughtered and he made damn sure nobody could touch his little gang kingdom. All those pathetic acts of "redemption" just made me despise him more. He was the arch-type gang-banger, and I'm glad he'll rot in hell where he belongs. Congrats to Arnold for ignoring those bleeding-heart celebrity whiners and self-righteous "humanitarian" crusadists who think even the lowest of criminal scum deserve to live worthless lives inside of a prison. Anyone with half a brain knows that nothing Williams did came close to atonement for his deeds, just as they also know that the death penalty was, and always is, an excellent form of punishment for those who deserve it. Yes, I firmly believe in the death penalty. You know why I do? Because I'm sorry, but not everyone deserves to live. Honestly, if it's used as an effective form of getting scumbags off the earth and out of our hair, then I'm all for it. Each degenerate prisoner in our judicial systems costs about $3,000 out of our pockets per year to maintain, and if we can cull that number by getting a bunch of lowlife rapists, murderers, child molesters, drug lords, gang leaders, and the like sent to death and wiped off the face of the earth, then I think that it's for the best. What's the point of not killing them? I think it's less humane to keep them alive in small cells as they slowly rot away and suck up our tax dollars - that's just cruel and makes the rest of us look incompetent when delivering justice. Yes, the death penalty can be considered "killing," (boo-hoo) but who cares if it is? There's only so much space on this planet anyways, and bleeding-heart crybaby opposition to the term "kill" seems pretty damn hypocritical because we've never had a problem killing anyone else through history - so better to use our power to kill wisely, and get rid of the people who waste their lives violently preying on our fear. That's the only way to come to terms with that ability, because killing others isn't an action our species can ignore or walk away from - thinking that we can is just absurd.
  9. Relica Religia

    The best midi player.....

    I always found the Quicktime plugin to play the best-sounding MIDI player.
  10. Relica Religia

    Revenant is a resurrected what now?

    The Arch-Vile is the only other known Demon species that resembles the skeletal structure of the Revenant, so maybe Revenants who have died or been killed are refabricated with combat gear/launchers by their religious followers to honor the dead ones who lived only to resurrect other demons. Maybe it's like an honors system.
  11. Relica Religia

    Doom Turns 12

    All hail the King of FPS! Here's to 12 more!
  12. Relica Religia

    My new monsters preview - New monsters up!

    Sweet-ass sprites, man! The only thing I saw that you could fix was the missing horns on the Diabolist during its primary attack. Other than that, these are some of the best monsters I've seen. Great stuff!
  13. Relica Religia

    How long do you think Doom will survive?

    If I remember correctly, twenty years ago video game consumers first saw the appearance of Super Mario Bros. on the NES (pretty sure it was 1985) - and we can all remember SMB. It's almost Doom's twelfth anniversary, and I doubt it'll fade out in the eyes of its fans, thanks to its addictive gameplay and fun factor.
  14. Relica Religia

    Korn album preview

    There wasn't any Mall-Goth in their first album. It's by far my favorite album (Issues is a fairly close second, the rest of the albums sort of all fall into the "Yawn" category), because it wasn't boring to listen to, or watered-down angst. By the way, Fieldy's bass guitar work is stellar in the first album, and is why I think he's such a good bassist...I mean, he's always been good, but you know. Edit: Thanks, Zarky.
  15. Relica Religia

    doom3 monster hand to hand

    Trites are one of those things I wouldn't ever go near, let alone to punt. They bring up something in my brain that just disturbs me to no end. I'd say pitting a couple Cherubs against two Trites and a Tick would be a good battle. Hell Knights or Mancubii against a gaggle of Revenants would make for an interesting fight, or perhaps a swarm of Imps at long range rushing a pair of Arch-Viles. Oh yeah.