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  1. astaroth

    ATi r8500 & Doom 3???

    Hi everybody!, i was reading a forum about the superiority of the r8500 over the gf3, and one guy said: "el doom3 por lo visto tambien va de fabula sobre r8500 palabra de carmack" in english: doom3 runs awesome over the r8500.Jhon Carmack's word. Did carmack actualy said that?? Dima, Zaldron, Flathead,???????
  2. astaroth

    exclusive: wolfenstein multiplayer test friday

    doom3 net code??, wtf do you mean?, is it true?
  3. astaroth


    i've increased the brightness of the last bathroom scene: http://www.geocities.com/astarothfromhell/qcdoom3_b4b.jpg the link may not work, sorry if it's so...
  4. astaroth


  5. astaroth

    it's the same demon!!

    from a diferent point of view.
  6. astaroth

    it's the same demon!!

    thanx for the link Tetzlaff. another pic of the monsterin another scene i think...
  7. astaroth

    it's the same demon!!

    anyone have noticed the demon in the bathroom scene and the one in the fire scene are the same? i'm sure they are the same. What do u think?, i don't know why the demon's face in the bathroom scene looks so, but in the fire one it looks very dangerous...
  8. astaroth

    havent seen the clip???

    hi guys, i've just started to download the vid from http://www.impulsenetwork.com/doom3vid.zip hope you can downlad it too!
  9. astaroth


    taken from http://www.corona.bc.ca/films/details/doom.html: August 11, 1999... We've gotten some reports from people who attended QuakeCon, a Quake playing tournament held in Dallas every year, that Quake and Doom co-creator John Carmack spoke about what was the latest with the proposed Doom movie in development hell. According to our scoopers Carmack said id software looked at the first Doom script and said it was horrible, and the second script was only called "pretty mediocre" by the id troops. According to Carmack, the rights expired and nothing further's been done with it. [Never run with a loaded railgun - just ask 'Vermilion', 'Bath' Matt Dive,'Pariah' and Jim.] ¿.....?
  10. astaroth

    I raise another question

    agreed, and i'd like a separate music cd.
  11. astaroth

    where was the screenshot

    why my avatar doesn't apear?
  12. astaroth

    where was the screenshot

    try in voodoo extreme's ftp, in a folder called new doom.