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  1. KermyDM

    Mod breaking scripts

    I have to try that, thanks for the info.
  2. KermyDM

    Mod breaking scripts

    I was investigating and yeah, its sort of a incompatibility issue when you use a lot of thing tags in your scripts. I guess u can't have everything in this life. xD
  3. KermyDM

    Unable to test maps in UDB

    I think that feature came with the latest UDB update. Now you must press the play button in order to test your map. First select the difficulty (or no monsters) and then click the play button.
  4. KermyDM

    Mod breaking scripts

    I wanna know if this is normal. I'm using some scripting in my map, testing without mods everything works perfectly fine, but using mods like brutal doom v21 just breaks the scripts. Its like that mod changes a lot of stuff in the vanilla things and that is causing the issue. I'm not a regular brutal doom player so for me is not a big deal, but you know, there are a lot of people out there who love that mod.
  5. KermyDM

    Doom the Way id Did

    I enjoyed a lot this megawad, as its name says the gameplay is like the original Doom, I felt I was playing some Romero levels here and that is a good sign. By the way, I think this is better than D2TWID.
  6. KermyDM

    Weird invisible wall...

    Yeah, one of the walls of my map has this weird invisible effect. It only happens from certain angles, can it be fixed?
  7. KermyDM

    About texture packs

    Yeah I know that and it's what I do, I was just testing outside UDB because I wanted to know how the texture pack works.
  8. KermyDM

    About texture packs

    Guys I have a question. I'm using a texture pack WAD together with the Doom 2 IWAD, the issue is that when I test my map outside Ultimate Doom Builder using GZdoom the textures of the pack aren't visible. I guess I need to "merge" that texture pack with my PWAD but I have no idea how to do that, a bit of help here please.
  9. KermyDM

    A noob question here...

    Yeah the trap is in the same place. It seems like I'll need ACS sooner or later, perhaps is a great idea to start learning a bit of scripting. Thanks people!
  10. KermyDM

    A noob question here...

    I'am using GZDoom D2: UDMF config.
  11. KermyDM

    A noob question here...

    Sorry, let me explain. I want that after getting a key card when the player "walks over" a linedef a certain event is triggered, for example a trap, but only after getting the key card, not before.
  12. KermyDM

    A noob question here...

    As the title says I'm new in this world of doom mapping, my only experience designing levels was with RPG Maker back in the day. I have learned a lot these days, however there is something that I have not been able to do, I want to know if it is possible to make a linedef active after getting a key card or something like that. I am using Ultimate Doom Builder by the way. Thanks and sorry for my broken english. its not my native language...