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  1. Echarin

    One Step Closer to Hell

    I've lowered the platform so that if you run straight for it you'll be able to get to it. About the revenants... maybe if I put one revenant and one of something easier. I already have it so that on easy that instead of two revenants there's a revenant and an imp. Maybe on medium I could have a revenant and cacodemon, and on hard two revenants. I'm in the process of changing the empty, monster free ending of level 3. Rocket launcher.... look to the ledges.
  2. Echarin

    One Step Closer to Hell

    About the revenant trap I made them deaf because I felt it a bit unfair to lock the player in such a tight space with two revenants. The reason they're facing the opposite directions is so the player, when returning from the key room, sees that the way he came in is closed and the other two are guarded by revenants. I did not want the revenants to attack the player from behind, rather make the player see the trouble he was in and think about it.... or something like that. What do you suggest I do with this? Thanks for the suggestion for the final battle. I'll do something about it, though not exactly what you suggested. About the berserk in the 3rd map it's possible to get it if you run and then jump. Of course if you're playing it in original Doom 2 then you're not going to be able to get it, so maybe I should do something about that. I'll take a look at the maps and try making them prettier and more fun to play. What are the three difficulty settings for in Doom Builder? (easy, medium and hard) There are more than three difficulty settings in Doom so I'm not sure which changes which difficulty setting. Edit: Did you find the secret rocket launcher and rocket launcher ammo in map 3?
  3. Echarin

    One Step Closer to Hell

    I've nearly finished the third map and it's about the same size as the second map, or a little bit bigger. And what's a Doom level without a few nasty, nasty surprises? Was that a Baron of hell that's just teleported in front of me in this small corridor and did the floor just rise up behind me preventing escape? Enjoy. Download: http://www.freewebs.com/wadsofdoom/Nr3.zip (if what Little Faith said is true you're going to have to copy the address into the address-bar in your browser. You can also right-click on the link and click on Save As...) Screenshots: He'll bite if you try to take his gun.
  4. Echarin

    New project needed

    Not if he originally intended to write beh. :D *edit*(no smilies, eh?)*edit*
  5. Echarin

    Napalm 2.0 screenshots

    Actually that's not true. Anyone can draw, but those who don't have the eye for it need to practice harder than those who do.
  6. Echarin

    One Step Closer to Hell

    It's far more interesting than you might think from that shot, but you won't find out how interesting it is unless you play it. So go and download it now, play it and tell me what you thought of it........ please.
  7. Echarin

    One Step Closer to Hell

    Second level up for public testing (if you can download it, that is :D ) http://www.freewebs.com/wadsofdoom/war2.zip It's map02, so for your convenience I've added weapons and ammo at the beginning that, when the two are played consecutively, you should have already gotten. Images: Edit: Does the Freewebs link work?
  8. Echarin

    Linedef action: Is this possible?

    That's exactly what I'm trying to do. Player enters room, nothing happens. Player exits room, door opens behind player to reveal a monster. Now how exactly do I do that?
  9. I need to have a linedef with an action that opens a door. I need the door to open when the player walks over the line, but I also want the door to open when the player walks over the line with the back side of the linedef facing him. So the action only works if the player walks over the line from (example) the right, but not if he walks over it from the left.
  10. Echarin

    Deep Water Hom effect in vanilla!

    Hykkelbjerg? Hykkelbjerg's completely unreadable Notepad tutorials? Or were those by someone else?
  11. Echarin

    One Step Closer to Hell

    Is Freewebs any better? http://www.freewebs.com/wadsofdoom/OSCtH2.zip Edit: Fixed a flaw in the level and re-uploaded it.
  12. Echarin

    One Step Closer to Hell

    Yes, but I received it on my other PC, the one that hasn't got the map. And for some reason the file share only works one way between the two PCs and I can't move my map from this PC to the other. Could you e-mail me again, or PM me your e-mail address?
  13. Echarin

    One Step Closer to Hell

    I wasn't using Legacy for the screenshots just because it looks flashier. I'm using Legacy because otherwise Doom is unplayable. Playing Doom as it was released originally makes it slow as hell on my computer. People are impressed? Haven't noticed that in this thread. The replies here are mostly "Can't download it", or "Looks okay". I'm still working on the level. Edit: I hadn't noticed it before, but the link in my first post wasn't a proper link. I've fixed it now.
  14. Echarin

    One Step Closer to Hell

    I've been searching for hosting services, but I've had no luck. My old Tripod account was terminated. No matter how often I try Angelfire won't let me get past the registration. Anyone know of any good file hosts? Would anyone want me to e-mail the level to them?
  15. Echarin

    One Step Closer to Hell

    It can be accessed, just not by everyone. That's not good, though. Maybe I can find somewhere else to host..... Freeservers! I'll have the file up there as soon as I can.... Done: http://echoblast.freeservers.com/OSCtH.zip